Maybe, Maybe Not? Let Me Know

Hello! Hello!! Helllllllllloooooooo!!!!!

Hope everybody is doing well! I know everyone is excited about the big event this coming Monday. I have a feeling it’s going to be better. Better stories, well written. Don’t have to worry about the deliverance because DnD always deliver even when the story sucks!

I gotta sat it again, I am soooooo excited about Monday. And let me tell you, somebody asked me to go with them somewhere. Now being the nice person that I am(sometimes too nice) I agreed and then belatedly I asked when they needed me. They said Monday, next Monday. I instantly got quiet and had already started coming up with excuses, but then I was like is it really that important that I stay home. I mean wouldn’t it be wrong to stay and not help out a friend… So needless to say I told her I would still go, but under one condition we are not to leave until after AMC and OLTL goes off, like a good hour after because you know a sistah chat about it. But is it wrong of me? I mean I jump up at any given moment and do for others. Whether I’m sick, tired, just annoyed or whatever, I jump. So is it wrong for me to, for this one time, to ask for my moment with my show. I mean come on this is a huge event and I just can’t miss it. We’ve been waiting for this since they announced that the show was cancelled. We’ve been waiting for somebody to ride in on a white horse full of armor and save our show. Give it back to us. Now that its happening, I don’t want to miss it. At least not the first eppy! LOL!

Anyway, enough about that, I came to post about something that involves appreciating DnD. I was thinking about sending them a thank you, welcome back, housewarming type gift. And I wanted to bring it to you all to see if anybody is interested in doing it as well.

I found this cute postcard type thing and I think it would be perfect, unless of course you all have other ideas. I’d be more than happy to consider anything you all have to say. But in the meantime, this is what I’m leaning towards and I want to know what you all think about it. If this is the winning prize, per say, then what should the plaques say. Because this isn’t just from me, it’s from all of us. So let me know what everybody thinks and once everything is figured out, we’ll take the next step into getting this for them.

4 responses to “Maybe, Maybe Not? Let Me Know

  1. No I don’t this is history in the making, and a chance to make oprah eat her words when she said nobody watches daytime tv anymore. we the fan protest and fought for our beloved stories, so no I do not think you are wrong or asking to much to watch your stories before you help your friend.

    Now about the appreciation thing I think its a good idea, bur

      • I completely understand, but with that situation you would have to take it up with the other site, as I did not participate in it during that time. As far as the job thing goes, I have yet to decide what to do.

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