The Return of #AMC

Okay, today was the big return of our beloved show!!!! I saw my mama off to work and after locking back up, something told me to check online. So I snatched my laptop from my secret spot and booted that baby up and not even 2mins later I had a big pop up saying there was new video added to my queue. Y’all I couldn’t wait any longer! Now I hadn’t gotten enough sleep and I knew I had a lot to do today, so the last thing I should have been doing was staying up and watching AMC. WRONG! I was going to bite the bullet and get that extra hour or two after. Like I said before, we’ve been waiting forever for this to come back to us. Whether it was on the TV or Online we have been waiting.

Anyway, my first thoughts of the show is I know it’s going to be the best. Some people may knock the first eppy, but come on y’all it’s been awhile since they’ve been on screen and it’s ONLY the FIRST one. So calm down, give them a chance. We gave AMC a chance when they first started out, why not do it now? Right? So yea, I know deep down this is going to be the best. Better than what it was when it was on TV? After sometime yes, but never better than what it was during the 70’s and 80’s. I’m young I know, I was born in the 90’s but I know my history, I know my stories. (Thank you grandmother and aunts!)

The opening is weird, I’m use to the old one I really don’t know why we can’t have that one back. ABC does not own the rights to it anymore. Hell I don’t think they ever have. But I feel you’ve already changing it a lot, why not leave the opening alone. That’s AMC’s thing. That’s their theme song. It’s a memory a lot of people don’t want to let go of.

Second, the new faces are going to take some getting use to. I know they are Miranda, AJ and all them, but still I see them as babies, children and seeing them around the same age as Cass almost is just going throw me off a little. That’s going to take sometime to get use to.

I love the vet’s. There is nothing bad to be said about the vets, nothing to get use to with them because we grew up with them. We know them. So yea, they are just great! And speaking of VETS! What in the world Angie and Jesse? Debbi and Darnell?

Strawberries, whip cream!? What the what?! I felt like I was in the cabin back at AnJNation website. I kind of have a feeling somebody got on and took some of the material, because I just don’t think anybody would do Angie and Jesse that way, but us. Or more like nobody else would be bold and fire driven, with them like we were and still are. But yea, that hottness between them was amazing! Almost too much for me to be handling so early in the morning. Then Jesse was shirtless! He doesn’t have a six pack, but who gives a fart! He still hot to me! And then did you all hear Angie talking “She can’t take anymore big stuff.” OMG! I literally screamed! I know they said it wasn’t going to be the same AMC from ABC, but that was the last thing I expected to hear, especially from Angie. But I loved it! She was real boo and that’s what I love.

And I don’t know how many people caught the mistake, I know for me and another individual did. When Angie and Jesse were talking about Lucy and she mentioned them moving and then getting a job? She said Lucy got a job but she was really trying to say that Maya has a job. Lucy is still a toddler. Remember Maya is the baby mama. LOL! But anyway, the line was delivered with such ease it almost slipped right past me. But nevertheless Debbi was amazing! Darnell was amazing! Everybody was amazing! And I cannot wait to see more. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us. And y’all know it’s coming and coming soon because ole girl, Angie’s big surprise is missing. Oh no ma’am!

4 responses to “The Return of #AMC

    • I thought she made a mistake too. Irene, I think you are right cuz nobody gave Angie a middle name except the nation writers so I think you all need to get some of the credit don’t you think.

      • That was the only mistake made. And the middle name, nobody on the show really has or had a middle name. Middle names come a dime in a doze on soaps. It’s not as important as the first and last name.

  1. Loved the first episode, Angie and Jesse were amazing as to be expected, and I too felt like I was reading a AnJNation story, just beautiful, and they both looked good, Darnell (speechless). I too noticed Angie’s mistake, it was almost believable if you didn’t know the story line. Looking forward to more Hubbards and seeing where their story is going. Wonderful great two episodes.

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