Chapter 1 #AMC- Hubbards Review!

I’m so in love with AMC right now!!! I mean honestly! I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about the WHOLE show and not just bits and pieces of it. Before hand I would watch AMC and would honestly only watch for Angie and Jesse because they were the only ones I could stand behind. No matter how bad the storyline was, they were all I cared to watch. But now I look forward to watching it all and for everybody!

I won’t explain about the other people because once again this is a AnJ, Hubbard’s blog and I’m dedicated to only them, not into making any exception with anybody unless they are some kind of way mixed up with them.

Anyway… Last week was the first week of AMC’s awaited return and Prospect Park and the staff of the show did not disappoint. They brought it back and brought it back with a vengeance. I’m loving this same yet different Angie! I mean I loved her before, but now she’s this more outspoken, foot down and stay down, don’t hold anything back, stand up for what she believes in woman. I’ve always known she had it in her, but like the amazing Debbi told me the other day,

Glad you’re feelin’ her! People grow, change & hopefully become a lot more secure in their own skin!

Angela just needed to grow, needed to become more secure about herself. And boy is she ever grown and secure. She and Jesse have worked through their problems and are happy together. Of course they are going to have their problems and moments of what happened five years ago, but what matters more is that they are working through it. They’re working together period, or more like they were working together.

I say that because now Cass has been kidnapped and Jesse has not yet told Angie anything at all! Now the sudden appearance of Cass was supposed to be a surprise for his wife and I thought it was a great idea. I mean what do you give a woman who has it all, the one thing she wants more than anything, the one person she hasn’t seen in sometime, her daughter! Anyway, now she doesn’t have that and doesn’t even know it because Jesse is keeping it to himself. His excuse, Angie has been through enough and this is the very last thing she needs on her plate. While I do agree with Jesse, I also disagree with him. That is her daughter! The only one she has and the last thing she needs to be worrying about is possibly losing another child, but at the same time she doesn’t need to possibly lose this child and then find out that the whole time Jesse was smiling and telling her everything was alright, it really wasn’t. This whole time Jesse knew she’d been kidnapped and was keeping it from her to “protect” her. That didn’t fly the first couple of times and I highly doubt it will work this go round. I just wish Jesse would think, I mean really-really-really think about this. Think it through. Think about what happened the last time he kept something from her and think about what this woman can and will possibly do this go round. I’m just saying.

I’m loving the relationships between Angie and David and Jesse and Zach. I’ve always wanted Zach and Jesse to do something together. If not go into some sort of business together, at least work together on a case. They are both bad-asses and two bad asses working together, makes for some great watching!

Angie and David, while many think I’m crazy, I truly love their relationship. Yea, he still hurt her and her family so many times, but frankly in my eyes when he gave Angie her sight back, when he clearly didn’t have to give a damn about her, he did it. He put up with her mouth and her family’s mouth just to give her the opportunity to see again, to have that life she wanted back so badly. So yea, David’s redeemed in my eyes.

Now onto the newest member of the Hubbard Crew… Sal Stowers. OMG is she amazing or what?! Even though she was on for only a few seconds at a time during last week, she delivered so much. I was actually on the edge of my seat and was like “Oh crap! Oh crap! Oooooh crap! I love this girl!” When it comes to acting you have to make sure people can feel the character’s pain, their joy, their love and I can honestly say I felt Cass’s pain and so much more. Not saying that Yaya wasn’t a great actress, because in her own way she was, but Sal nailed it and in just a couple of shots. I can’t wait to see more of her, more of her storyline.

Welcome to AMC Sal Stowers!!!

Welcome to the Hubbard Family!!!

Welcome Back AMC!!! Welcome Back!!!!

10 responses to “Chapter 1 #AMC- Hubbards Review!

  1. Girl I totally agree with you about the new amc and to me Sal Stowers is playing the hell out this role and is a better actress than yaya, I hope we gets to see more of her story this week and I hope that Jesse has the common sense to tell her what happen to cass sooner rather than later meaning this week and not three weeks from now.

  2. I’m sooo totally loving the new AMC as well, I like the fast pace of it and we get a little of everyone everyday. Loving the Hubbards story, Jesse is Jesse and once again keeping the truth from his wife, will he ever learn, I sure hope, Angie might not be so forgiving this go round. (IJS) Great first week looking forward to this week being just as great!!!

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