Goodnight Ms. Jeanne Cooper…

Not pertaining to AMC, but because she is a soap legend and she was a wonderful woman, I’ve made an exception.

Today we lost a legend, Ms. Jeanne Cooper. Her son Corbin informed the world of the news earlier on today and it has rocked the soap world like no other. Ms. Cooper was one feisty woman and she will forever be missed, not only as Mrs. Chancellor to us, but most important as a mother and a friend to her family and friends. Everybody, please keep the family and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this time.

I also caught wind that Ms. Cooper’s last episode was already aired, though it was not intended.

Not sure how many of you watched Y&R, but for years it was a good show. I was not addicted to it like I am with AMC, but my big sister was. Every time she was down here with us or we were out of town with her, we had to shut up because her soap was on. (Sounds familiar to anybody? LOL!) Anyway, I would indeed shut up but walk out the room, at least until the storyline where Katherine lost her memory came up. That is when I started picking up an interest in Y&R, again. I remember sitting there saying who is this woman and is she always this fiery!? She had me laughing at her antics so many times it was crazy. And the looks she would give, I loved them.

Katherine Chancellor… Ms. Jeanne Cooper, you will surely be missed. You will never be forgotten.

She’s An Angel… Rest In Peace



Her Last Scene

Goodnight Ms. Jeanne Cooper

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