Chapter 2 #AMC- Hubbard’s Review!

Second week of AMC, what did you all think?

Me, I think it’s getting better and better each day! At least the Hubbard’s are.

So at the beginning of the week we see Angie chatting with Cara and the little heffa had the nerve to get loud with Angie! The nerve of this woman! If it wasn’t for Angie you wouldn’t have a job! Hell had you been friends with Angie in the beginning you wouldn’t have opened your legs up to Hayward in the first place. Like I said before, she didn’t lie to you and she didn’t hurt you! So I’m going to need her to bring it down a little. Just a little bit. If there’s anybody she need to be getting loud with it’s herself and David. And then Dixie had the nerve to go off and then snitch to Jesse like he could do something. Really Dixie, what is Jesse going to do? Angie is the reason David is out, Jesse isn’t foolish enough to go against that woman’s word after that move she pulled. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Any who, so during the little argument between Angie, David, Dixie and Jesse, there was a moment when Angie shut poor Jesse up. I mean one minute he was talking and then the next he was slinking back like a little kid who’d just got in trouble. I mean that mouth closed so quick! LMBO! Dang it, Angie is the shero! And then David had the nerve to smirk. I’m not going to lie I smirked to and did a little “Na-na-na boo-boo” tune. It was too funny. I don’t want to say that Angie had him trained or anything, but let’s just say he picks up quick.

Okay, so Jesse continued to keep the whereabouts or the lack there of from Angie even longer. For what reasons, I really-really don’t know and at this point I no longer care. Angie needs to know. She needed to know this like last week if you ask me. I believe Jesse is going to need a new one by the end of the next week, because Angie is about to go all kinds of crazy on him. I feel like she’s going to go off on him the way she did when Les was killed back in the day.

What else?? Oh! So we see Cass yet again (This is girl is amazing, might I add yet again) It turns out she was supposed to be shipped out earlier, but because the Vlad guy beat on her and she’s no longer cute enough, they can’t send her anywhere. Then the boss, I assume, goes to her “rescue” (Bullcrap!) and gives her a pill. Something to “help” her with the pain. Now I thought Cass was going to say no, but she took it and actually swallowed the pill. All I could think was, what the hell girl!? Like, I know Angie told her to never take anything from strangers, even if they call themselves being nice, never do it! I get it she was scared and more than likely really hurting, but bull, I’ll just be hurt because if isn’t coming from the hands of my momma I don’t want it! I’m just saying.

I truly believe Cass would have known the old pill under the tongue trick had she spent more time with Jesse. Not cracking on Jacob or anything, I’m just saying. Even though Natalia was a brat and a tomboy, I guarantee she know the trick. But I have really have to give it to Cass, she has her mother’s feistiness, though she would be just perfect had she had that and Jesse’s sneakiness. (Pun intended)

Finally on Thursday, Jesse had no choice but to clue Angie in. Why? One, because he and Zach found a young girl in a dumpster behind a nail shop, where they tracked the Koslovs, but couldn’t find any leads as to where Cass was. At least Jesse doesn’t know as of yet. Secondly, Angie became worried because as they mentioned earlier in the week she hadn’t heard back from her daughter. She decided to call Cass’s roommate back in Paris and found out that she’d been gone for 3 days now and Jesse was the reason of it. Jesse shows up at the hospital just in the nick of time and she wants to know what’s going on, wants to know where her daughter is. “I don’t know,” Jesse tells her. All I can say is it’s about time, I was beginning to think it would be another week before Angie was clued in on what was going on, even though she confronted Jesse in the beginning that something was bothering him. Actually that would have been the perfect time to open up his mouth and say something, but I ain’t saying. I’m just glad that now we don’t have to wait another week for her to find out and wait another week for Jesse to do this alone. I mean wasn’t the whole Ellie story enough?

But before this… We see Cass and there are 2 girls in the room with her. One is in the need of a fix and the other is just there. Let me tell ya, Cass had me scared during those scenes and it only intensified when the guy came in and said that it was time for her to earn her stay. Bam!

Come on now! Don’t y’all let our girl have to go through this! I think she’s been through enough. Now let Jesse and Zach find her and bring her home safe and sound and let Angie take care of her baby girl.

Question for you all…

Who thinks they have recast-ed Frankie and that he’s going to be brought in soon?

Second week, going into the third, one scale of 1-10 (10 being the best/highest) what are you truly feelings about AMC now? Better than before or waaaaay better than before?

And what are you expecting to see during this week?

2 responses to “Chapter 2 #AMC- Hubbard’s Review!

  1. If you won’t say it I will angie has got jesse trained and quite well may i add. I don’t think they recast frankie well i hope they didn’t. I give it a 100 cuz it is better than it was when it was on tv

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