This Is Forever to the 3rd Power! (3 Updates!)

After a long, long, long wait… 

Has it really been that long???

I come bearing updates!!!!!! Yes, I’ve finally updated “TIF” and not only that but I’ve uploaded three parts. I had to break one part down into two sections because it was long and I didn’t want to bore you all so quickly. I’m still rusty, so be nice. LOL! No, I’m kidding, please be honest. It’s not what I’m use to doing, but I’m slowly coming around the bend. Hopefully soon I’ll be popping out great updates and great new stories left and right!

As you all know “TSBM” has ended, but there will be sequel. Working on that now, so again, bear with me.

Anyway, without further wait, please go, go, go, go! Parts 16(1 and 2) and 17 are posted. Let me know what you think!

Enjoy Loves!

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