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Just recently I was told that somebody has shared my blog with the wonderful people that follow them and I want to send a special shout out to KDennice! Thank you so much for sending the love(Yes, I read what you wrote about the blog.) and the readers, it is greatly appreciated!!! I do apologize it has taken me this long to acknowledge, like I said it was just brought to my attention.

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“This Is Forever” has been………

UPDATED!!!! Yes you read it right, “TIF” has been updated! There are two new chapters/parts of the story. This is not all I have, but the others are still being worked on. Gotta make sure everything is just right for all of my wonderful readers! Anywho, please check out the most recent updates “Part 18 & 19” and let me know what you all think! Enjoy dah’lings!!! Back to writing I go! 
P.S. I’m going to start replying to all comments left. In the past I would do it every so often, but now that’s about to change. I love you all and I want you all know it and I want you all to know how much I value the time you take out of your busy days to visit, read and comment. Sorry, talking to much, go read… NOW!!! LOL! XOXO

AMC Happenings!!!

So I haven’t did an update in some days, weeks! And as many of you know I had to retake my test and my time was mostly spent preparing for it. I took it on the 26th, and like before we will have to wait another month or so before the results come in. So everybody keep your fingers, toes, everything crossed!

Anyway, let’s talk about what’s been happening with AMC.

So the last time we talked, AMC and OLTL were having Union issues. There was a planned hiatus, talks of a move, so on and so forth. Well as many of you know all of that has been handled. The hiatus will not happen and the wonderful people of AMC will return on the date that was initially planned August 12th to start taping more episodes… THANK GOD! I’m so happy they got all of that straightened out! Are they still talking about making a move? Not really sure, but I really hope not. All of the people involved seemed to be okay with it. Unless of cross they move it back to where they were born to began with! New York, New York, New YORK!!!

What else???

Oh! AMC’s first 10 episodes(I think it’s 10) will be aired on… THE OWN CHANNEL (Oprah Winfrey’s Network)… While I am super happy that the soap will be returning to television, if only for a short time, I’m pissed! Now you all remember during the process of the cancellation and during the time Oprah was getting her stuff off the ground, we the fans begged her to put the soap on her station. At least to keep it going until somebody could pick them up and do something and she said, what? NO! She told everybody that she wasn’t going to do it. I can’t remember the exact reason why, but she was very much so against AMC and OLTL being brought to her station. Now all of a sudden she’s all for it! Her ratings suck, because all she does is talk about the same damn thing she talked about on her show for so many years. Everything she does has become a routine and because of that her network has been failing! After she picked up Tyler Perry two new shows, it picked up, but not enough. So now that AMC and OLTL are doing oh so well, she wants to put her greedy little hands into their cookie jar. Ugh! I don’t like her! I don’t like the idea! Because before you know it AMC and OLTL will start to crisscross with Tyler Perry’s shows or Oprah will want to put her own twist to it and ruin everything. She’s sneaky like that! Anything to get the big bucks. I’m not knocking her hustle, but go hustle something that won’t get you hurt. Because I have this eerie feeling that if she screws up with our soaps, people will treat her worse than they did Pratt and that is pretty bad. Hate her and treat her worse than Angie and Jesse fans wanted to do with Rebecca and Natalia. LOL! I still remember when they came into the picture, people were ready to stab her! (Myself being one of them.)

I can hear it now… “Why you hating?” “Oprah got money and you don’t.” “Stop being a hater.” As I have stated once before in another post, I have nothing against her, she is who she is and she do what she do, I just don’t like her. She got money and I don’t, but you don’t hear me complaining about it. I have happiness, my self-worth, my life and that’s a hell of a lot more than money can and will ever be able to buy. So no, I’m not a hater, nor have I ever been. Just like people don’t like our POTUS, I don’t like Oprah, I’m entitled to it. I’m my own person, with my own mind and feelings. So yea! Anyway, I just hope she don’t screw anything up!

Also, it has been reported that AMC and OLTL will have binge Mondays starting July 1st. Meaning: All new episodes of both soaps will be available on Mondays and you can choose when you would like to watch them. Not sure how I feel about this. I mean me, I’ll watch all in one day because I have the choice, forget about pacing myself for the rest of the week and then guess what, the next day and the day after that, while I will have the choice to rewatch and more than likely will, it wouldn’t be the same because I’ve already seen it. It just messes up the whole thing. Many would not agree, but hey, that’s how I feel, that’s me.

What’s up with all of these changes, though? AMC and OLTL has been on what 2months, going into 3 and so much has happened in such a short amount of time. What’s up with that Prospect Park?

Is there anything else…. *thinking*

Oh yea! They said they were going to stop cursing on AMC… WHAT THE HELL!?!? Who did this? Whose the reason for this change?

While I will admit they did get out of hand a little bit, but it wasn’t that serious for you all to have them cut it off completely! Hell even when it was on TV there was cursing. Often times! B-word, damn, s-word, whore, bastard… So why the big change now!?! And especially now that it’s on the net! Like really come on! If you can’t handle a little bit of cursing, then soaps you shouldn’t be watching, TV you shouldn’t be watching unless it’s TBN or PBS. Next thing you know people will start complaining about it having to much sexual tension… *Rolling Eyes* I really didn’t mind the cursing. Hell, piss me off real good and I’m a drunken sailor. I don’t hold nothing back!

And if it’s Pastors and First Lady’s complaining, you’re not supposed to be watching in the first place. I’m just telling you what my old Pastor use to tell me. “Soaps are the devil.” Yet, be able to tell you after the service what happened last week and what’s going to happen next week. WHATEVER! I can’t deal with people like that. But yea, anyway, Jesse can’t curse anymore, can’t express his anger and frustration because a 13year old told her mama what they said on the show. pffffttt! Well guess what!?!? Cursing is not banned from my blog. It won’t be down and dirty, but I will not be holding back 100%. I’m just saying.

……… I think that was all at the moment. Anyway, need to vent, want to say something, hit up the comment area below!

#AMC Hiatus, Dispute, Fight with the Union… WTF!?!?!

So by now I am sure everybody has heard about the long hiatus that AMC and OLTL will be going on, starting tomorrow! Like really!?! Why because they’re having some problems with the union and then they’re talking about relocating the soaps home from Connecticut to only God knows where…

Now first they cut the shows from 4 a week to 2 a week for each soap, then barely two weeks later, they’re going on a hiatus. I should have known something was up, because why would you change up something that is good.

They said because they wanted people to be able to catch up on the stories, not leave anybody behind, that’s almost worse than ABC saying that the Robert. N or something or another ratings showed that nobody was watching anymore. When said rating thingy doesn’t even exist, or at least some actors and actresses have yet to see it. Like I said before, a load of crap! They should have just came out and told us the truth. Said something along the lines of… “We’re having some problems and that in the near future AMC and OLTL might be going on a hiatus.While we are confident that everything will work its own way out, we are taking some extra precautions as well. Unfortunately, those precautions involve us taking a step back to reroute everything and having to drop the shows from 4 to 2 a week. While dropping the shows isn’t something we really want to do, it is a sacrifice we have to make. We are also doing this because we want you all to still be able to enjoy your beloved soaps without any further interruptions or downtime and without the worry that we’re giving up on these shows. We’ve worked to hard to bring them back and we’re going to do everything in our power to keep them going..”

Something to this effect instead of taking us on the big ole pointless rollercoaster. It just makes people feel they aren’t for real, they aren’t going to keep their word, and when you’re reaching out to a huge fan base that is the very last thing you need to do!

Anyway, I really do hope they work this out and soon because I don’t think I or any other fan of these wonderful soaps can take another loss.

Article below…


Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6 #AMC–Hubbard’s Review!

Whoooo-we! I am 4weeks behind on my AMC Hubbard Review. Seeing as everybody already knows what happened and doesn’t need to be caught up on anything, this won’t be long.


Because my thoughts I’ve shared with you all for the first two weeks of AMC has not changed. I am thoroughly enjoying the show, even things that are not about Angie and Jesse. The show has changed dramatically and while some things are a bit over the top(the teens! Lawd, I don’t recall teen life being that bad and dramatic. Maybe because I didn’t give a good two cents of what happened to others because I was trying to live long enough to finish school. Neighborhood wasn’t cool and school was just as bad.)

Back to the people that this blog is angled towards… Debbi, Darnell, and Sal are all killing their scenes! While I didn’t have any doubt about DnD, I will admit I had some worry about Sal, mostly because her scenes were pretty much wordless and I wondered if she could deliver the script just as well as she could with emotions. When she was just curled up in the bed crying, or taking beatings, I was taken back with her performance because she knocked it out the ball-park and without saying anything at all! It takes a true talent to make that happen. But we finally got to hear her, see her deliver lines and just like her soap parents, she killed it! I love the fight and determination in her and I can’t wait until she’s out of this situation so we can see more of it. The fight and determination to not let this define her or change her from the person she really is. It’s going to be a battle, having to deal with it all(Trust me), but to see her deliver will be amazing. I’m claiming it for the trio right now! Best Actress, Actor and Younger Actress in a Soap Series goes to the amazing Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams and Sal Stowers!

Debbi Morgan’s One Woman Show!!! @debbimorgan #AMC

Alright! The wonderful Debbi Morgan a.k.a. Angela Hubbard has posted information regarding her one woman show, “The Monkey on My Back!”

It’s a view of her personal life and legacy of fear and abuse that has spread through out 3 generations of women in her family, including herself. It is promised to be an intense, emotional, with a touch of humor rollercoaster ride for all who attends.

The show will be held in New York, NY on July 19th, 2013, follow the link below to purchase your tickets and support our leading lady!