#AMC Hiatus, Dispute, Fight with the Union… WTF!?!?!

So by now I am sure everybody has heard about the long hiatus that AMC and OLTL will be going on, starting tomorrow! Like really!?! Why because they’re having some problems with the union and then they’re talking about relocating the soaps home from Connecticut to only God knows where…

Now first they cut the shows from 4 a week to 2 a week for each soap, then barely two weeks later, they’re going on a hiatus. I should have known something was up, because why would you change up something that is good.

They said because they wanted people to be able to catch up on the stories, not leave anybody behind, that’s almost worse than ABC saying that the Robert. N or something or another ratings showed that nobody was watching anymore. When said rating thingy doesn’t even exist, or at least some actors and actresses have yet to see it. Like I said before, a load of crap! They should have just came out and told us the truth. Said something along the lines of… “We’re having some problems and that in the near future AMC and OLTL might be going on a hiatus.While we are confident that everything will work its own way out, we are taking some extra precautions as well. Unfortunately, those precautions involve us taking a step back to reroute everything and having to drop the shows from 4 to 2 a week. While dropping the shows isn’t something we really want to do, it is a sacrifice we have to make. We are also doing this because we want you all to still be able to enjoy your beloved soaps without any further interruptions or downtime and without the worry that we’re giving up on these shows. We’ve worked to hard to bring them back and we’re going to do everything in our power to keep them going..”

Something to this effect instead of taking us on the big ole pointless rollercoaster. It just makes people feel they aren’t for real, they aren’t going to keep their word, and when you’re reaching out to a huge fan base that is the very last thing you need to do!

Anyway, I really do hope they work this out and soon because I don’t think I or any other fan of these wonderful soaps can take another loss.

Article below…


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