Chapters 3, 4, 5, 6 #AMC–Hubbard’s Review!

Whoooo-we! I am 4weeks behind on my AMC Hubbard Review. Seeing as everybody already knows what happened and doesn’t need to be caught up on anything, this won’t be long.


Because my thoughts I’ve shared with you all for the first two weeks of AMC has not changed. I am thoroughly enjoying the show, even things that are not about Angie and Jesse. The show has changed dramatically and while some things are a bit over the top(the teens! Lawd, I don’t recall teen life being that bad and dramatic. Maybe because I didn’t give a good two cents of what happened to others because I was trying to live long enough to finish school. Neighborhood wasn’t cool and school was just as bad.)

Back to the people that this blog is angled towards… Debbi, Darnell, and Sal are all killing their scenes! While I didn’t have any doubt about DnD, I will admit I had some worry about Sal, mostly because her scenes were pretty much wordless and I wondered if she could deliver the script just as well as she could with emotions. When she was just curled up in the bed crying, or taking beatings, I was taken back with her performance because she knocked it out the ball-park and without saying anything at all! It takes a true talent to make that happen. But we finally got to hear her, see her deliver lines and just like her soap parents, she killed it! I love the fight and determination in her and I can’t wait until she’s out of this situation so we can see more of it. The fight and determination to not let this define her or change her from the person she really is. It’s going to be a battle, having to deal with it all(Trust me), but to see her deliver will be amazing. I’m claiming it for the trio right now! Best Actress, Actor and Younger Actress in a Soap Series goes to the amazing Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams and Sal Stowers!

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