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New Section. Possible New Story…………

I revamped last night. I didn’t mean to, but I did. Anyway a new section has been added and it’s called “In The Making” Meaning there is where I will post ideas I have or little excerpts from stories I’m working on, etc… Anyway, I was up working on another story and the one I have posted under this new tab kept bothering me. It was an idea I have been playing around with for a long time, but I had not yet figured out who I was going to use, Angie and Jesse or some of my own characters and I realized only AnJ can do this particular story justice. The story is still in the works, I haven’t even came up with a title, but I do know where this is going and I do know what’s going to happen. This is a part I just had to write and couldn’t wait to share. Check it out and let me know what you think. Are you excited about it? Has it caught you attention? So on and so forth. Anywho, check it out and I’ll get back to you later on. The tab works the same as the story tabs. Just hover the mouse over it and there will be a drop down menu.

AMC Season 1 Finale Scenario 2

This is going to be in written in a script format or similar to one.

Jesse’s at the hospital waiting on Angie. He’s pacing up and down the corridor.

Angie’s outside of the hospital. She removes her phone as it begins to ring.

Angie: Yes.

Caller: Long time no talk too. How are you?”

Angie: I’ll be better once everything is over. Have you found him?

Caller: Looking at him now.

Camera pans to a guy staring into a crowd. Only thing you can see is the back of his head.

Caller: Are you sure you want me to do this?

Angie looks around and sighs.

Angie: Yes, I’m sure. But just… *seconds of silence ticks by* Never mind. Just do it. And afterwards… Get in touch with your sources and see what Papal has found out about Uri

Caller: Alright. I’ll be in touch.

The call ends and the guy slides his hands into his pockets and walks over to the crowd of people who are awaiting to be spoken to. They start to fuss when he walks past them and heads to the front of the table.

“No cutting.”

Guy: It’s about Cassandra.

The camera pans to the guy sitting at the table as he removes his glasses. *Dramatic pause* Jacob appears!

Jacob: Excuse me

Jacob stands and comes toe to toe with the guy who looked familiar to him, but he can’t be sure of. His face is full of confusion.

Jacob: What about my daughter?

The camera pans back to the tall person in front of Jacob. *Another dramatic pause* Tad appears!

Tad: Angie’s asking that you come to Pine Valley.

Jacob: What’s going on? What is this about?

Tad: I can’t tell you everything. Just that Cass needs you. Angie needs you.


Why does Jesse always have to be the sneaky, hard one. Why can’t Angie be the one with some secrets? Why can’t she be the one with more edge than most of the people on the story?

AMC Season 1

Okay… Not entirely unhappy about it but not entirely happy either. I expected a lot more. I expected it to be more ‘umph’! It wasn’t Cliffhanger-ish because they gave it away. There are a lot of things they could have done differently!

Before I say what first let me just say I didn’t expect AMC to be like this. Season 1 and 2 and 3 and so on and so forth. Not only am I still trying to get use to the 2eppy’s a week thing, I’m still off by the Monday only thing. For years Monday thru Friday consisted of a full hour of AMC! 5 episodes! 5hours! Yea, while I’m happy to have the show back this is something that I’m never going to get use to. Anyway, this season, wow that’s not something you say about a soap, we saw a lot of things happen. We met new characters. We saw old characters grow up. We laughed, we cried (Thanks to the wonderfully talented Debbi Morgan, Sal Stowers and Darnell Williams) and we were left in awe. The stories were wonderfully written (Some) and the acting was on point. At times we had to cringe because somebody could have done something a bit different but we still watched.

Anyway, the end of Season 1 was a one episode thing. (That sucks) and it didn’t end in that “Season Finale’ way! If you watch those primetime shows you know exactly what I’m talking about. The season finale is supposed to be like a Friday Cliffhanger eppy times 20! It’s supposed to leave the people on the edge and just awaiting the next season. And while I am awaiting the next season I feel AMC could have done this another way.

(This is my idea of a season finale!)

Sliding the phone his left pocket, Jesse looks around quickly before reaching into his right pocket and pulling out another phone. A smaller phone that didn’t bring any him attention and one he always kept hidden. One he also always kept on silent for he knew if Angie heard it or saw it she would start asking questions. Questions he couldn’t yet answer. Questions he didn’t quite know how to answer. She would jump to conclusions. Accuse him of lying, cheating and hiding things for her. And while two of the three were true he couldn’t deal with the fact that Angie would think he would cheat on her. A woman so lovely, a woman so forgiving, never in a lifetime would he give himself to another woman. Not when the woman he had was the moon, the stars, the world! No woman could ever hold a candle to her.

“Please, tell me you got something.” He texted before raising his head and after making sure nobody was watching him slid it back into his pocket and went about his way.


He sat at the computer with his devilish blue eyes squinting as he stared at the ultra-bright screen. “Come on. Come on,” he mumbled, angrily clicking a link. “There has to be something here,” he said to no one in particular. For hours he’d been sitting here, researching and making calls. Hoping to come across something that would give him the information he need. Give him the answers he and his friend been hopelessly searching for.


Picking up his head, he looked over at his office phone. “The hell,” he mumbled, snatching it up. “Yea?” He asked, just as his cell phone began to vibrate indicating he had a text message. Before he could reach for it the caller told him something that sent a shiver down his spine and made the hairs on the back of his neck stand at attention. “Are you sure? 100% sure?” He asked, sitting up. “Damnit! Thank you,” he yelped, ending the first call while simultaneously switching the lines.

“Jesse?” He said after the second ring.

“What do you have? Please, tell me it’s something good,” Jesse pleaded.

Coming to his feet, he walks over to the window. “My sources are telling me that Uri… Is about to resurface.”

Jesse looked up to the heavens and sighs. Finally! “I need you,” Jesse replies.

“And you’ve got me. I’m on the next flight home.”

“Thank you.”

As he turns around and crosses his arm, a knowing smile tugs at the corners of his lips. “Anytime man,” Tad replies. “Anytime.”