AMC Season 1 Finale Scenario 2

This is going to be in written in a script format or similar to one.

Jesse’s at the hospital waiting on Angie. He’s pacing up and down the corridor.

Angie’s outside of the hospital. She removes her phone as it begins to ring.

Angie: Yes.

Caller: Long time no talk too. How are you?”

Angie: I’ll be better once everything is over. Have you found him?

Caller: Looking at him now.

Camera pans to a guy staring into a crowd. Only thing you can see is the back of his head.

Caller: Are you sure you want me to do this?

Angie looks around and sighs.

Angie: Yes, I’m sure. But just… *seconds of silence ticks by* Never mind. Just do it. And afterwards… Get in touch with your sources and see what Papal has found out about Uri

Caller: Alright. I’ll be in touch.

The call ends and the guy slides his hands into his pockets and walks over to the crowd of people who are awaiting to be spoken to. They start to fuss when he walks past them and heads to the front of the table.

“No cutting.”

Guy: It’s about Cassandra.

The camera pans to the guy sitting at the table as he removes his glasses. *Dramatic pause* Jacob appears!

Jacob: Excuse me

Jacob stands and comes toe to toe with the guy who looked familiar to him, but he can’t be sure of. His face is full of confusion.

Jacob: What about my daughter?

The camera pans back to the tall person in front of Jacob. *Another dramatic pause* Tad appears!

Tad: Angie’s asking that you come to Pine Valley.

Jacob: What’s going on? What is this about?

Tad: I can’t tell you everything. Just that Cass needs you. Angie needs you.


Why does Jesse always have to be the sneaky, hard one. Why can’t Angie be the one with some secrets? Why can’t she be the one with more edge than most of the people on the story?

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