The Good, The Bad and The Great!!!! @debbimorgan

Hey lovelies!!! It’s moi! I’m just rolling through to post a little something and then roll back out. As many of you know I’m working again! It’s temporary, but I’m crossing my fingers and legs that it becomes more permanent. I’m not taking X-Rays, but I’m cool with that, I had already said I wanted to learn more when it comes to the medical field as far as the office aspects goes, so this is great for me! I want to be the jack of all trades! Watch out now! LOL! Also, as many of you know about 3weeks ago now, I had a mini accident and broke my little toe, I’m healing, slowly, but nevertheless surely. Because it’s the foot I drive with, it’s going to take some more time, but I’m alright. It’s not like I have anything else to do.*insert sarcasm* LOL!

And I know you all are wondering when I’m going to update and I will be back around to do that soon. Part of last week and this week I had to dedicate to learning the system at work and how things happen. I will start working on my updates this weekend, I’m dedicating my days to the stories just for you all! So be on the look out. I’m not 100% sure if they will be up by the end of the weekend, but who knows. I may do magic! *Channeling Charlie Wilson.*

Okay, now for the big news! I mean huge news! I’m late on it because I’m barely on, but heck better late than never! If you have not yet read, the wonderful Debbi Morgan has released an excerpt of her personal memoir “The Monkey On My Back.” And you all know I am a woman of many words the good, the bad and the in-between, but as I read this for the 10th time today (Maybe more.) I have to honestly say I am utterly and completely speechless! All I can say is I am thoroughly looking forward to the release as well as her show that’s coming to Dallas, TX in March!

If you have not checked out it please head on to this site – subscribe and check it out!


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