TIF Update!!!! Round 1

Hi-yo everybody!!! I have put up a part of “This Is Forever”!!! No it is not the only update I have, it’s just the only one I have finished editing. As I go though and edit I will post. I have had you all waiting a long time already and felt I probably shouldn’t let it wait any longer.

I would also like to send a special shout out to Ms. Kendra who helped me out with these updates. If you all are following me on twitter you all know that I had it typed out and ready to put up but later realized it was a part that you all were not ready for! A part Angie and Jesse had not yet reached! I was getting ready to ruin it. LOL! Anyway, Ms. Kendra stepped in and helped me out and I must she did a wonderful job. So what you all are about to read is her idea, I just put a little twist on it. Kendra I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me and if there was anything I could repay you with I would do it without a doubt! But until I can figure something out I hope for the moment Thank You will be enough! Again,




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