~*~Little Ole Me Update and Little Ole Hint~*~

Hello my loves!

Long, long, long time no talk to, no update! I can’t tell you how much I am sorry for not being around and for not updating on the regular. If you’ve been on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll know the beginning of the year has not been a good one for me.

To start off, my god father/uncle fell ill with what we thought was pneumonia, but turned out to be the doctors pumping him with to much of the medication to attack the infection. When we found out he was in the hospital and they were not sure of the outcome we rushed down to be with the him and the rest of the family. After about a week he finally woke up and was able to breathe and do stuff on his own.

We came on back home with the promise that we would be checking in on Sunday, that week I went back to work and that Thursday night I fell ill.  Friday night I was taken to the ER, I had a touch of pneumonia and was severely dehydrated, so for a week and a half I had to rely on my mother and friend to take care of me. I couldn’t get up on my own and could barely eat. Half the time I didn’t want to eat, but I had too. While I was on the mend, taking antibiotics (not the shot, I had pills) I started getting sick again, turns out I had a stomach infection. I have been dealing with this since. I’ve since returned to work, but only because I had too and because right now it’s up to another medication to get rid of the infection.

As many of you know the minute I get in from work I’m on the laptop, but for the past couple of weeks I have not had the energy nor the drive to get on. All I ever want to do is sleep and pray I get rid of this sickness. I seem to be on the mend with my stomach but only time will tell. I have a visit with the doctor on Tuesday for a check-up, I’m hoping she give me some good news regarding this because I am so sick of not being able to or being afraid to eat or drink anything. Anyway, that is what’s been going on with me. I don’t want you all to think I left you all hanging or just abandoned my passion, I couldn’t do that if I tried. So you all please forgive me and bear with me a little while longer while I continue getting myself back on the right track. Crossing my fingers that my year only get’s better from here on out!

Also, I mentioned on Twitter that I had an idea and I do. I have finally decided on what direction I wanted to go with AnJ regarding another serious story that will carry on in a way I think you all will enjoy. I won’t give away anything until I am able to pour “concrete” on these ideas. I would like to give you all a little project tied in with a little hint… I need a good theme song! Know how on the soaps you have the opening montage type deal? Well I want to have one and I need you all to give me some good theme songs for AnJ.