JnA08 Has Never Stopped!!!!

Hiya…… I know a lot of you are wondering what happened to me and most of you have given up on me and for all of that I am sorry! This time last year everything with the blog just seemingly came to a complete halt. So much has happened, so much has changed and if you follow me on Twitter or friended me on Facebook, you will know exactly what. If not I will happily tell you, 4months ago I became a mother to a beautiful baby girl and almost 2months ago I became an aunt to a beautiful baby girl. (No it wasn’t planned! It was a blessing that we both needed.) I went through and I’m still going through some struggles trying to be a good mother and a better woman. Anyway, for my absence and for my lack of communication I apologize. I apologize for not updating my stories or just updating you all on what’s happening in general.

I have said several times that I was entering my writers cave and I did, but I had problems with my Angie and Jesse stories. I still love them, still a die-hard fan even though they are no longer on our screens but I started losing my muse, my inspiration. Even a trip into AMC history wasn’t making it happen for me. And in a way I am still struggling with it. Please don’t think I have left you all for good or that I have given up on Angie and Jesse stories, because I haven’t. They were the reasons I started getting serious about writing in the first place. I had dibbled and dabbled before, but I hadn’t gotten serious about it until they returned and I also wasn’t serious about it until I found a place where I could share my love of AnJ with other fans.

Anyway, enough rambling on, I just wanted you all to know that I am still around and I am still writing and I’m still a huge fan of Angie and Jesse and that in time I will have more stories coming for you all. In the meantime I have something for you all, in hope you all will bear with me a little while longer.


This is the new site I have been promising… Will be out of maintenance mode as soon as I have finished transferring my stories.