LaChambre De Passion

Hola, all!

I have not forgotten about you all, I have been busy with family issues and some other stuff I will explain below, but I have managed to work on the site and stories when I had some down time. Anyway, I hope you all are doing well, I am making it as always. I just celebrated my 25th birthday and planning for my baby girl’s 1st birthday this coming September! I am also helping my 1st Lady get ready for the church’s first Women’s Conference on August 1st, so I have been busy and tired. So I have been quite busy and along with that I am still looking for a job, as you all know I haven’t worked since April 2014 and it is high time I get back into the groove, praying to God something comes my way soon!

So about the site, I have decided to go ahead and reopen at the proboard, they have assured me they will from now check the sites themselves before doing a mass deletion. Along with that (and I wish somebody would have told me) I have discovered that I can create my own group and there is a option to post documents from my laptop without doing anything extra. So with this being discovered, I am now in a state of confusion. Should I trust the forum site again or should I go ahead and create the group on FB, which will be invite only, post there and when I am able to afford my own site and domain, where I am the boss over everything, post there. With FB you all will already be logged in and etc… But you all help me decide! Comment or vote on the poll below.

3 responses to “LaChambre De Passion

  1. You should do the proboard again.I think they made a dumb mistake but I say try again, they assured you they would check next time. Im sorry to hear about your family issues. I know we don’t know eachother but I pray your family is doing better and you get that job youre looking for.

    • Thank you so much… There more prayer we get the better things turn out and I find it funny because a group of doctors said there was no chance, but then another group say there is no such thing as no chance. Girl, that just warmed my heart like no other! Again, thank you so much for your prayers… Also, I am thinking of doing both, maybe just have the FB group page as another hangout and another way to draw in more people. What you think?

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