When it comes to Love Scenes……

So my friends, I am posting again. Ha! Not stories though, those are coming soon! Anyway, yesterday I created a poll in regards to where we should post and have our chats, if you have not yet voted, please do so by this coming Sunday… 

Okay, so this post is about love scenes! When it comes to love scenes, how far does the writer have to go before you are uncomfortable? I don’t use the words that explain the female and male body parts, so that’s out of the question, but in general. I want you all to give me an example of how far you are willing to read before things become to much for you.I ask because of my own writing, can be a bit far off and I also ask for site purposes. I am going to have a section that will give tips to beginning writers and I know like me, some of them have question regarding love scenes. So please, comment below and tell me what’s too much and what’s not enough…

I will be replying to all comments as well as quoting, if you all are okay with it…

2 responses to “When it comes to Love Scenes……

  1. I love this chat! When it comes to love scenes, I can’t imagine a limit. As a matter of fact, I’m writing a few short stories online and I’m trying to figure out how I can push the limit a little further. I’m a visual person, so when I read something, I read it as if its an actual movie that I’m watching.

    My short stories that I’m currently writing have a love/romance theme, but I don’t want to sound redundant with my love scenes. What would you suggest, how graphic or detailed should I be? Thank you so much advance!

    • You and I are alike. I’m a visual person as well and just like I want my readers to feel my characters sadness, happiness and grief, I also want them to feel their passion. So when I write I find myself going all in(with the exception of saying the body parts). Some of the stuff I post for you all are edited/toned down, mainly because I am not sure how comfortable everybody is. Ex: Turning her over, Jesse kissed the small of her back and smiling when she shuddered. All while teasing her with his lips, Jesse snaked his free arm around her waist and further parted her legs…. Now, I am 100% everybody knows what’s getting ready to happen, but because I’m visual I tend to go into further explanation and then I have to stop myself because I don’t want to displease anybody…. I guess I should ask, if people are fans of Zane’s writing and go from there, because there is certainly no holding back there. LOL… BTW: I would definitely love to read your short stories! And please believe once the site is open I will be posting helpful hints for writers

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