Update! Update!! Update!!!

Hello, my lovelies!!! 

I have posted some new chapters of Love and War! Chapters 2-5 are available for your viewing pleasure!

I have a funeral to attend today and right after we are traveling out of town for Easter as well as to take care of some family issues. We will be back before you know it though, because I have to get some iron treatments among other things I need to get done. But anyway, because I will be away for a few days I decided to leave you all with something I certainly hope you all will enjoy! I will not be available on Facebook, I need to unplug for a little while, so if you all want to reach me, it can be done through here as anything posted will be emailed to me. Thank you, I love you, Enjoy!!!

Happy Easter Folks!!!

It Has Arrived!!!!

The new story has been posted!!!! I see that some have already found it. I tried to schedule it for today at this time, but I obviously set it wrong and “The Beginning” was posted sooner. Either way “LOVE and WAR” has arrived and parts are up for your viewing pleasure. I can’t post them all at once, I need you all to not become spoiled just yet! LOL

Let me know what you think! 

Chapter 1— You have been warned!!!!


So obviously the site is not going to happen anytime soon. When I did have the time for it, things kept going wrong, but now I don’t have the time to get up and running the way I want it too. If it ain’t one thing it’s another. Anyway, I’ve decided to do a lot this year and the year to follow which is why the time is not allowed for the site to open. But instead, I’ve decided to keep on with the blog in the hopes you all will continue to bear with me while I get things done.

It’s easier to post to the blog because on a daily basis I use a live writer, which is that’s connected to the blog as well as Twitter and my homework site. I do homework on it, I edit and write current stories on it, the works, so this would not be a problem. I have been writing this AnJ story I wanted to be the very first story you all read on the site, that I’ve been wanting to share for the longest, but due to the mix-ups and what-not, I have been unsuccessful. Anyway, I will continue to share my stories here with you all and as time continues I will enlighten you on more things I have planned for my future or more so our future. I will give you all a one word hint!…… Publishing! Shhhh!

Anyway, let me know you all are still out there I will unlock the story for your viewing pleasure!