Chapter 5

“Funny seeing you here,” Tad greeted, stepping up on the side of Jesse as he sat at the bar at Confusion. When Jesse turned and scoffed, Tad pulled his head back in shock. “What’s eating at you, old man?”

“We’re the same age,” Jesse huffed.

Easing onto the barstool, Tad ordered a drink before turning to his best friend. “So, you’re still old… Anyway, what’s going on with you?”

“Nothing… No, no, not nothing, it’s Angela,” he spat before explaining everything that happened from the moment he got the job opportunity to when he walked out on Angie. “She actually said, she didn’t give me permission… Tad, I didn’t have her permission!” He barked. “Where in the hell did that come from?” Picking up his drink, Jesse knocked it back and gestured for the bartender to give him another.

“Jesse, now you know she didn’t mean that. Angie isn’t like that,” Tad defended. “From what you just shared with me, you were both in the heat of the moment. And you know how passionate she gets when the talk of guns, badges and criminals are involved, especially when it comes you and Frankie.”

Shaking his head, Jesse continued drinking. He couldn’t believe he was suddenly the bad guy in all of this. “I don’t get how you’re on her side,” he scoffed.

“Now, look Jesse, I’m not taking sides. I see where you are coming from and I see where she’s coming from,” Tad quickly quipped. “If you ask me I think you both need to come to an understanding. If what you’re saying is true, that it is desk work, then you need to make her see that. And she needs to at least give you an opportunity to try something new.”

“She won’t listen to me! She didn’t give me a chance to explain to her all of what I’ll be doing. I said it was desk work and she all but laughed it off, said I told her that was what I would be doing when I took the chief job and that I’m out in the field more than I am behind the desk.”

“Well, is she lying?” Tad asked, looking at him out the corner of his eye as he took a gulp of his own drink. “I’ve learned to not even go to the station anymore, because you’ll never be there. You made some promises to her about being at the station always and you’ve broken them and she surprisingly hasn’t said anything… Until now that is.”

“Man,” Jesse sighed, looking up toward the bar’s TV but not paying even the smallest attention to what was on as his mind was on what Angie had said to him and what Tad just said. Maybe to some extent both of them were right! He did tell Angie it was mostly a desk job, but most of the time when she dropped by the station he was out in the field. But how could she fault him for that? She knew long before then that he was a man of action, he didn’t like to just sit idle and twiddle his thumbs. His love for action and his constant running the streets was the reason PV’s crime rate was so low. Then again the crime rate being so low, did come with a big prices. He was more hands on with the criminals and on the front line when the shooting began. “But it’s not that serious here.”

“Come again,” Tad replied, looking from his phone and back at his friend who had been in deep thought for the past 15mins.

“I said, it’s not that serious here. We’ve had shootings and I’ve been on the front line for most of them but, it’s not that serious. I mean guns are very serious, but it never gets to the point where we need to call in extras.”

“You’re just not getting it, you were shot in the line of duty, and Frankie was in the war zone, no matter what you do or say that’s all she’s going to see… Can you honestly say you are willing to just sit behind a desk forever? Shuffling paperwork and paperclips? Can you honestly say you’ll sit there and just pretend you don’t really-really want to be out the field instead?”

“Tad, you know I can.”

Rolling his eyes, Tad pulled a couple of bucks out his pocket and stood to leave. “Before you can convince Angie of anything, you’re going to need to convince yourself, because right now it just sounds like a load of bull.”


“Okay, baby girl, you have 30mins before it’s time for bed,” Angie announced as she stood and started picking up their plates. “Go ahead and finish watching your movie.”

“Okay! Thanks for dinner!” Ellie called running out the kitchen and jumping onto the couch to continue watching Frozen.

Back in the kitchen Angie just shook her head, she lost count of how many times she had seen that movie in the theater and at home. Just like all the other little girls it had quickly become her favorite Disney movie of all times. “Poor thing,” she chuckled, running water and starting to wash the dishes.

Long after Jesse stormed out of the house, Frankie brought Ellie home from her afterschool program they had started and finished up her homework, talked about their day and had dinner. During this time Jesse had yet to come back home or call, only sent a measly text saying he was alright and to not wait up. When Angie read it she scoffed and rolled her eyes, he didn’t tell her what to do! “And you don’t tell him what to do,” her inner self scoffed back before giving her swift kick in the behind and making her feel more and more guilty about their fight.

She hated to have to expound on her feelings regarding Jesse’s career choices, because it was same. It would always be the same. But just like her feelings would be the same, his choices would be the same. From the moment she and Jesse met she knew he was not the type to just say back and watch the action happen, he had to be in the middle of it. It was one of the reasons she fell so in love with him. He was not a man who backed down for anybody, he was not a man who would not follow his dream or do whatever he wanted. “He was a grown man before he was 18,” she sighed, putting the last of the dishes up and drying her hands.


Carefully locking the door, Jesse quietly took his shoes off and placed his keys on the foyer table. Long after Tad left, Jesse sat at the bar chatting it up with one of his officers and lost track of time. The moment he realized it was after 10 he threw cash onto the bar top and dashed out. The whole way home, doing 70, he began to curse himself. He had come up with a whole convincing conversation for Angie about how he wouldn’t make any decision regarding the job without consulting her first, if he did just so happen to take a field case then he wouldn’t enter one with high stakes, he would stay close to home and he would be home every night in time for dinner. He had it all planned out to a T and was sure it was going to work, up until now. There was no way in hell his plan was going to work when he couldn’t even be home in time for dinner and he wasn’t even working. “Great job, Jesse Hubbard, great job,” he ad mumbled.

Now as he climbed the stairs to their room, he began to think of something to say to Angie when he walked into the room. He just knew deep down in his heart that she would be up and waiting for him, she always did it. “Angie, first let me just say I…” He started, but suddenly stopped when he saw the bed was empty and untouched. “Angela?” He called, walking through the room in search of her only to come up empty. “Angela!” He continued, walking out the room and checking the rest of the house. “Ellie!”

When he discovered he was the only one home, Jesse stomped his foot. “It’s not that serious, Angie,” he grumbled, going back into the kitchen and finally setting the note on the fridge.

“Short staffed tonight, got called in. Ellie’s with Frankie and Madison. Love, Angie,” he read. “P.S. Your dinner is wrapped in foil in the microwave.”

No longer feeling panicked, Jesse grabbed his phone off the counter and called Frankie who told him Ellie was knocked out like a light and that Madison would drop her off at school. “Thank you, son.”

“Did y’all catch the guy?” Frankie asked, before he could hang up.

“Say what?”

“When Ma dropped Ellie off, she said you were in the middle of an important interrogation and y’all needed to get him in before the night was out,” he explained.

“Oh!” Jesse replied, wondering why Angie hadn’t told him the truth. She always told him when they were fighting. “I left Perry to handle it. I had already had enough and I needed to come home to the girls.”

“Oh, well she’s good for the night. I’ll tell her in the morning you called.” And after a few more words, the phone call ended.

Jesse sat down long enough to eat before he was heading back out the door and on his way to the hospital to see his wife. The fact that it was going on midnight and he had to be to work for 7 in the morning, did nothing to deter Jesse from his journey.


“Dr. Hubbard!” An intern called.

“Why are you running in the halls?” She lightly fussed. “What’s the problem?”

“Your patient, something’s wrong,” he panted, “C’mon!”

Taking off behind the young man, Angie began to pray to God it was nothing serious. Prayed that this intern was just overwhelmed by the grave yard shift. “What? What happened?” She too panted, just as they entered the room and the man, from the car wreck over the weekend, was fighting and fussing. “What happened?” She asked, running to his side. “Sir… Sir! I’m going to need you to calm down!” She called out, reaching for his flailing arms. “Sir!”

“No! Get me out of here! Get me the hell out of here! Get your damn hands off of me!” He yelled, still fighting. “Get the hell off me!”

“Sir! It’s me, Angela, let me take care of you, please,” she begged.

“No, damnit!” He fussed, managing to snake from their release. “Move!”

Before anybody could think about what just happened, his large arms began to swing wildly and his balled up fist connected with Angie’s face!

“Oh god!” A nurse yelped, as Angie flew back onto the floor. “Dr. Hubbard!”

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