Chapter 9

The very next morning Jesse was awaken by a hard and persistent knock at his hotel door. Raising the pillow from his head he glanced at the clock and groaned. “What the hell,” he growled, getting up and putting on his robe. “Just a minute,” he called gruffly, when the person knocked again. When he swung it open he snarled. This guy was beginning to become a huge pain in his butt. “Do you know what time it is? What the hell you want?”

“Look man, I ain’t feeling it either,” Cedrick barked. “Listen, Isaac wants us to come in for a case.”

“What? Why? I don’t even work with the FBI at the moment, I shouldn’t be wanted for anything.”

“Well, that’s not what he said. He told me to get up and bring you with me.”

Groaning for seemed like the 100th time since the first, Jesse let Ced in and went to get a quick shower and throw on some clothes. After getting back to the room a little after 3 and talking to his wife until 4, the last thing Jesse wanted to be doing was getting up for a damn case at no damn 9 in the morning! About 30mins after being rudely awaken, Jesse followed Ced out and texted his wife letting her know what was going on. Of course she didn’t reply right off because like a normal person, she was still tucked away in her warm bed.

“Hey Cedrick, got coffee and doughnuts in the break room, pack it in and be in that room in the next 10mins,” Isaac ordered when they finally arrived. “Hey, Jesse. How you holding up this morning? Hungover?” Isaac greeted, handing Jesse a cup of coffee of his own.

“Thank you, No, I know how to hold my liquor, just still sleepy,” he replied, taking a sip of the good stuff and then fixing him with a questioning look. “Not that I’m not happy you all want me to see what’s going on here, I can’t help but wonder why you wanted me here today? It seems like what you have going on is pretty serious and I know the last thing you need riding your tail is a newbie.”

“True,” Isaac replied, before looking around to make sure they were alone. “You may be a newbie to the bureau, but you’re not a newbie to this case,” he hinted. “Does Papel ring a bell?”


Back in Pine Valley, Angie looked over the paperwork Ellie had in regards to her project and tried to explain to her what it was the teacher needed from each of them. “But why?” Ellie asked, dropping her head. “This is hard.”

“No, it’s not. You’re not focusing,” Angie told her. “Look, your part is to create a poster board and provide her with an explanation,” she explained.

“Ugh,” she sighed.

“Try it again.”


Angie stood from the table and went to finish preparing lunch. “Ellie, I know you get it. You explained it to us last night. Remember?”

The night before, during their little sleepover, Kathy brought up the fact that she had a project of her own, but they didn’t have partners, in turn Ellie brought up her project and for a good solid hour they were both going back and forth. Kathy even gave her some ideas, as she had done the same one several years ago. Angie had managed to write it down, but of course Ellie had picked up and now she didn’t know where she put it. “Ellie?” Angie reminded, looking over her shoulder. She remembered everything Kathy said, but she wasn’t going to make it that easy for Ellie.

“Can I go upstairs and look for my tablet?” She asked softly.

“Go ahead,” Angie replied, at the same time the doorbell rung several times. Wondering who was playing at her door, she quickly washed her hands and went to the front. Upon looking out the peephole, Angie smiled and opened the door. “Tad!” She greeted happily. “What are you doing here? You scared me half to death, come in,” she rambled, completely missing the look on his face. “You want some hot cocoa or a cup of coffee.”

“Angie, we need to talk,” he said instead.

The tone he used made her turn and finally take notice of her disheveled looking friend. “Tad, what’s going on?”

“Have you spoken to Jesse today?”

“He texted me and said he was still in some kind of meeting, said he would call me later. Why?”

“You need to get in touch with him and as soon as possible,” he rambled.

Angie took a step back and after looking back to make sure Ellie was still out of earshot. “Tad, what’s going on? Is Jesse in some kind of trouble?”

“It’s Papel… He’s out.”

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