That Should Be Me

Alrighty then! “That Should Be Me” is the first story here at All My Hubbard’s blog site. This is a 2-in-1 story, so this will be going on for sometime. But I promise to keep it good!

A good friend of mine gave me two good ideas and while at first I had decided that I would write on them during another time, I later decided to go ahead and combine her and her son’s ideas with my own.

While Angie being blind, pregnant and in San Francisco is not my work, all of that belongs to ABC, AMC, the rest of this is.

Excerpt: He stood near the light pole with his arms crossed over his chest. His heart pounding against his chest as he watched a couple get out of a car and rush inside the building, trying to get out of the snow. The man held the woman at her waist. “That should be me,” he sighed, wiping a tear before it was able to freeze from the harsh wind. He turned to walk away, the sight of her being happy with that man broke his heart, but something stopped him. Old memories of everything they shared flashed in his mind and froze him in his spot. All the time she use to laugh at his corny jokes, the way she use to walk up and down the hospital halls and give him a little wink or a smile. He remembered the way she gave orders, saw patients and even talked to them like they were her friends. He remembered how they use to go out for lunch and talk about their future. A future that included him and her together, until that rat bastard came into the picture and took her from him. He looked back, “You are mine, Angela… Only mine,” he whispered.

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