He stood near the light pole with his arms crossed over his chest. His heart pounding against his chest as he watched a couple get out of a car and rush inside the building, trying to get out of the snow. The man held the woman at her waist. “That should be me,” he sighed, wiping a tear before it was able to freeze from the harsh wind. He turned to walk away, the sight of her being happy with that man broke his heart, but something stopped him. Old memories of everything they shared flashed in his mind and froze him in his spot. All the time she use to laugh at his corny jokes, the way she use to walk up and down the hospital halls and give him a little wink or a smile. He remembered the way she gave orders, saw patients and even talked to them like they were her friends. He remembered how they use to go out for lunch and talk about their future. A future that included him and her together, until that rat bastard came into the picture and took her from him. He looked back, “You are mine, Angela… Only mine,” he whispered.

Despite the horrible weather he sat on the bench across from the complex and watched. Just being this close to her was deadly but he didn’t care, he needed this. He needed this like a fat kid needed cake.

Sometime later the couple popped up in the upstairs window, which he found out a few weeks ago was their bedroom. He’d been staking out the place for quite sometime and knew the couple lived in apartment 5F… He stood! Anger written all over his face as he watched the two bodies move closer to each other, the light went off and their shadow could be seen falling. “You’ll be mine… Even if I have to kill him. You’ll be mine,” he promised, pulling the collar of his coat up around his neck and disappearing into the darkness… … … …

Sometime into the night

Angie turned over and tried to lay her head against Jesse’s chest, only he wasn’t there. Her head popped up and she began to call for him “Jesse. Jesse…” She didn’t feel a presence in the room leading her to get up and feel her way out of the room and search for her husband. When she came to the wall that divided the back from the front, she stopped and felt for the light switch. “Jesse?” As she began to walk the counter she felt a breeze and a shiver ran up her spine, keeping her in that spot. “Jesse!” She called again.

Jesse who was sitting out on the fire escape heard his name and looked inside to see his wife standing in the kitchen. “Angela?” He crawled back inside and went to her side. “What’s wrong? Are you alright? Is it the baby?” He asked placing a cold hand over her growing midsection.

She sighed with relief, despite the chill and shook her head no. Right after she tensed back up and threw her hand forward, surprisingly hitting his shoulder. “You scared me!”

“Ouch!” he flinched.

“That didn’t hurt,” she huffed, crossing her arms. “Is something wrong?” She asked, wishing she could look into his eyes. Jesse chuckled, no that didn’t hurt him one bit.

“No, baby, nothing’s wrong. I just needed some fresh air.”

“Jesse it’s 40 degree’s. Are you trying to catch your death by being out there?”

“I have on a coat.”

“Do you have on a shirt? Socks?” Jesse didn’t answer her and that’s how she knew he didn’t. “When are you going to learn?” She asked shaking her head. “Are you really alright?”

“Yea, I was just trying to wrap my head around the fact that you’re leaving me in a few hours.”

Angie reached up and caressed his cold cheek. “I won’t be gone long, baby. You know that. I’m just going to relax, hang out with my sweet girl for a little while. That’s it. I’ll be back before you know it.”

“Yea, well I’m still not okay with you going by yourself. I mean what if something ha–”

Angie covered his mouth and smiled. “Nothing’s going to happen. Me and the baby are going to make it to San Francisco in one piece, safe and sound and we are going to return to big poppa the very same. You have to trust me on that.”

Jesse sighed. He trusted her, but he didn’t not trust the world with her and his precious baby girl. “I trust you Angie it’s–”

“Again, we’ll be fine.” She got on her tippy toes and gave him a peck on the lips. “Now, come on. We both have a busy day ahead of us. I have a long flight and you have to go to work. I need my man in the best shape ever before he goes out and try and save the world.”

Jesse eased his arms around her waist. “Well, in order for me to get back to sleep. I’m going to need a very special woman to uh…” He lowered and whispered the rest in ear. Angie giggled and slapped his chest. “Huh? Well, I think mama can handle that.”


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