“What the doctor say?” Cass asked when she saw her mother and Jesse walk into the waiting room.

Jesse waited until he helped Angie into a seat and he went to the front desk to make another appointment for her before he answered Cass’s question. “She’s doing good. Peanut’s doing good. But she’s still on bed rest. Just partial though.”

Cassandra nodded. That was good. Better than the news they received the first time. So… “Why does she look sad?”

Jesse looked back at Angie. “They didn’t approve her for travel and she’s not to happy about that… Said she was hoping that they would because we’ve overstayed our welcome with you and Zia.

“Nonsense! You guys can stay with us for as long as you need. Besides I told mommy before she came down I was hoping she would stay with us longer than a week like she wanted.”

“Are you sure? I mean I kind of agree with her. We don’t want to impose on you girls any longer than we’ve already done. I told her I would check out a few hotels for us to stay in until she was approved.”

Cass shook her head. “A hotel… Why spend money by the night to stay in a hotel when you can stay for free at your daughters home that’s equipped with everything you guys need and want. Seriously, you can stay. You guys are really no bother to us at all.”

Jesse stared at her for a little while before smiling and opening his arms to her. “Thank you Cassandra. And to show you just how much we thank you and appreciate you girls for everything, I’m making us a big dinner with your choice of desert.”

“As oppose to any other night,” she hinted. “Jesse, since you’ve been here you’ve been cooking. Take a break, let me do it. Let me and Zia show you how much we appreciate you guys sticking around longer.”


“Nonsense. We’ll cook. You and mommy can pick a movie for us to enjoy while we’re eating.”


Angie, for the fourth time since sitting down, moved around in the hard seat to get comfortable. She never understood why hospital had hard chairs. Especially for pregnant women. Anyway, as she moved to adjust again and again and again she thought about what the doctor said and sighed. She had pretty much put in her head that today the doctor would approve her of travel. Tell her it was okay for her to head back home. It wasn’t because she didn’t love her daughter for everything she did. She loved her daughter and her best friend more than they would ever know. Appreciated them opening their home to she and Jesse, but she was ready to go back to her home and she just felt they overstayed their welcome. The girls were grown, had a life of their own and she and Jesse sticking around any longer would only bring their lives down and she didn’t want to do that. She didn’t want the girls to feel like they couldn’t do their thing because they had old people in their home. Parents or not.

“Angela Hubbard?” Somebody called.

Angie raised her head. “Ye… Yes?”

“It’s me, Samuel Morrison, from the plane.” He took her hand into his, to let her know he was directly in front of her.

“Oh my goodness!” She’d been thinking about him. Wondering how he was doing after the whole plane incident. “Sam, how are you?”

Sam took a seat next to her. “I’m doing good. But I really should be asking you that. How are you and the baby? After the other day I just couldn’t get you off my mind.”

Angie smiled. “Me and my little one doing good. I was on bed rest for the previous two weeks and today the doctor just put me on partial bed rest. Like that’s any different right,” she said with a laugh. “Thanks for asking.”

“Oh please… When they rushed you away from the scene I tried to get some information so I could see you, check in on you but I failed… Miserably.” He failed getting info from that tramp of a doctor, all she could provide was a cell phone number, the address was nowhere in the file. Had it not been for kicking him and running out of the office, he would have done a hell of a lot more than choked her.

“You’re so sweet. But again I’m fine. Uh… If you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing here? I thought you came to San Francisco for vacation.”

“I did, I did… My sister had an appointment and while they took her off to get some X-rays done, I decided to walk around a bit, get something to drink. Funny thing is on my way back I made the wrong turn and got lost. This place is nothing like my stomping grounds.”

Angie started laughing. “Poor thing.”


Angie raised her head in the direction of her husband’s voice and smiled. “Honey, this is Dr. Morrison. The man from the plane I was telling you about. Sam this is my wonderful husband Jesse.”

Sam looked up and resisted the urge to frown. Bastard! “Nice to meet you Jesse. Angie told me a little about you on the plane ride here.” He extended his hand.

“Oh?” Jesse looked at him and eyed him closely. “Nice to meet you.” He didn’t even make an attempt to shake his hand.

Sam pulled his rejected hand back and gave him a nod. “Right…Well I was just telling you beautiful wife here, that I’ve been thinking about her these past few days. I was wondering if she and the baby were alright.”

Jesse gave him a firm nod. “I’m here. They’re more than alright, they’re great.”

“Jesse,” Angie scolded. “Be nice… Sorry about that Sam, this is my rottweiler of a husband.”

“Oh it’s more than okay. I know I would be the same way if I had somebody this special to take care of,” he said. Making sure Jesse caught the way he emphasized special.

Jesse gave him a disgusted look, it was the only thing he could do with his wife in his presences. Had she been pregnant and blind he probably would have threw a punch and knocked him against the wall. “Angela, Cass is waiting for us downstairs. We should go.” He took her hands, pulled her to her feet and wrapped a arm firmly around her waist. He also kept his eyes on this fellow. His gut was beginning to act up again and that could only mean one thing… Something was up with this character and he shouldn’t be trusted.

“He’s right, we should get out of here. Listen, I do hope everyhting with your sister comes back clear.”

“I’m praying it does as well.”

“Okay. Bye Sam.”

“Bye hon. And you and that little one get back on your feet real soon. Oh! And see you later… Jesse.”


Sam watched until the elevator doors closed before he turned and went to the emergency staircase. He made sure he was alone before he pulled out his cell, dialed a number and waited for the person to answer. “Her husband’s here. Call off everything and wait for my call… Don’t ask no stupid questions! Just wait!” He growled. And with that he hung up. He was suppose to get his woman and baby today, he had it all planned out to a T. He would follow Cass and Angie out to the parking garage and wait until Angie was in the car before knocking Cass out. He would then put Cass’s body in the trunk, give Angie a little something to knock her out as well and take off like nothing happened. With Jesse now in the picture his plan was shot to hell and he hated that. He hated not getting his way!

As he exited the hospital, he left eye began to twitch then the right one joined in. “Looks like I’m going to have to get rid of you Jesse Darnell Hubbard… Once and for all.”


Later on that night, Angie and Jesse laid in the bed, in each other’s arms. They were silent up until… “Angie, I don’t feel that dude you were talking to early is all that clean. You know?”

“What are you talking about?”

“That Sam guy. My gut is telling me something isn’t right about him.”

“That’s gas.” Angie giggled turning over to her side and pulling Jesse’s arms over and placing his hand on her stomach. “He’s a good guy. Like I told you, he helped me out when were on the plane.”

“That doesn’t make him a saint. Seriously Angie… My gut is telling me he’s not to be trusted and it ain’t gas. And I have to agree with my gut. It has never stirred me wrong before and it ain’t gone start now.”

Angie sighed and turned over onto her back. “Kiss me.”

“Angela, this is a very serious m–”

“Kiss me.”


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  1. Angie you better listen to her husband he is a cop and knows when something is not right and especially when it comes to her. I don’t like this Dr. Morrison dude what does he want with angie anyways, what is their connection to each other or shall I say his connection and obession with angie.

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