For the next two weeks, just as Jesse promised he never left Angie’s side. When she had to use the bathroom Jesse guided her in and later guided her out. When she got a shower he was in there with her, kissing her, holding her, bathing her, whatever she wanted and needed he was the man to do it. When she got hungry he would bring the food to her in bed or he would carry her to the living room and they would eat together at the table or on the couch. Table when Cass and Zia were home from work.

Because Jesse had come down, Cass decided she would do half-days until her mother went back just incase they needed her help getting around the city. The classes she took was online so she could handle that before she went to bed. Besides she liked hanging with her momma and step father. Every time they would get into a little argument, more like playful banter she would be on the couch cracking up. They were more entertaining than her favorite show and that was saying a lot!

Anyway, now, two weeks later, the day of Angie’s big doctor’s appointment. Jesse eased up behind Angie in the bed and kissed her bare shoulder. Angie giggled and tried to move away from him. “Jesse, you’re suppose to be helping me into my clothes, not out of the little bit I have on.” Jesse dragged his tongue along the side of her neck and bit into it. “Jesse,” she whimpered reaching back and cupping the back of his head. She knew Jesse wanted her in the worst way! When they were in the shower she could feel him on her back or rubbing against her thigh. When they were in bed and she was suppose to be sleep, she would feel him spring to life. If it meant anything she wanted him just as bad, but she couldn’t. Even though her hormones were raging out of control, she couldn’t. And that was definitely killing her. “Baby, you know we can’t.”

“mhmm… I know. I just feel like kissing you.”

Angie finally pulled away. “Jesse, you know what just kissing leads to.” She then placed her hand on her extra swollen midsection. “Especially your kisses.”

Jesse pulled back. “Especially mine? Woman, who else you been kissing?”

“Nobody!” She laughed out loud and laid back. “You know you’re the only man I want to kiss. The only man I want kissing me.”

“I better be,” Jesse smirked as he kissed her lips and then helped her up. He kissed the center of her back before he hooked her bra. “Since we can’t have any fun let me help you finish get ready. Don’t want to be late for your appointment with Dr. Clark.”

“Dr. Who?”

“Dr. Clark. Your doctor who called to confirm your appointment for today.”

Angie frowned. “No, Dr. Kelly Owens is my doctor. She was the one to check me out the other day and she was the same one that I made an appointment to see again before I left.”

“Well… Are you sure?”

“Of course,” Angie replied softly. “Are you dressed?”

“Yea, what’s up?”

“Cassandra!” Angie called as she slid her hands down her shirt and began to button it up. After a few moments Cassandra walked in and she went through the same thing she just went through with Jesse. And for sure Dr. Kelly Owens was suppose to see Angie today.

“Maybe something came up. We’ll check it out when we get there. Come on.”


“Relax for me Angie,” Dr. Clark said in a polite tone… … … … “Well, from what Dr. Owens left in your file and from my exam,” Dr. Clark started once he finished going through the necessary stuff. “you are doing really good. Your screen came back clean. Dr. Owens had me thinking, from the note she left, the next time you came in you would be ready to deliver. Why would she say something like that?”

Jesse chuckled. See he wasn’t the only one who knew Angie like a book. “Had I not come down when I did then Dr. Owens would have been right on the money. My angel here has a problem with taking orders even if it’s for her own good.”

“Whatever,” Angie sighed rolling her eyes. Did her old friend believe she wouldn’t listen to her? Oh god! Who else did she have going against her? She wondered this and so much more before she asked. “What happened to Dr. Owens? I was hoping she would be here so she could meet my Jesse. I’ve talked her ear off about him long enough and since he’s in town might as well show him off.”

“Dr. Owens actually took off the day after you came in.”


“We were suppose to keep it between the staff, but since I know you gals are good pals… The night you were released, she was attacked in her office.”

“Oh my god! Is she… Is she okay? I mean… Why would somebody do something like that? How is she? Oh my goodness.” She covered her mouth and shook her head.

Dr. Clark looked from Jesse to Angie and shrugged. “Something about her having some info he needed. All we know is the day after the plane incident her husband called in and said he was taking her away for awhile and to be on standby. Cops were coming to question to see if we knew anything. He said if it hadn’t been for the purple ring around her neck, he wouldn’t have even known about it. And neither would have we. She was going to stay quiet.”

“Was she…” Jesse trailed off and gave him a knowing look.

“No, thank god…. He just choked her a bit and let her go. What the report says anyway,” the much older Caucasian male doctor concluded before making a note on Angie’s file and closing it. “Well… I’m taking you off of complete bed rest, but you are on partial bed rest.”

Jesse chimed in, “What is it she can and can’t do?”

“She’ll be able to get out of the house now. Take a trip to the mailbox, walk around your home, but only for a short period of time. She doesn’t need to be on her feet for too long. She can’t do any heavy lifting , no sex… I know around now you probably have those raging hormones but none of that. Any stimulation of any kind could bring on labor and right now we want to keep this baby in as long as we can. Her lungs are somewhat developed but just barely. I would like for them to develop fully,” he explained. “Keep the salt intake at a minimum. Plenty of water. Plenty of rest.”

((Two Parts of this one. I couldn’t shorten it. Sowwy!))


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