The Next Morning


“Now you promise to call me every night or at least answer the phone when I call. Right?” Jesse asked as he escorted his wife through the jet way. It wasn’t something they would normally allow, but after explaining his wife’s condition and that he was only a worried husband and father and flashing his badge, he was allowed to go through. Angie told him he didn’t have to do all of that, but Jesse just ignored her. He didn’t care about all the stops he had to pull out just to make sure his wife and unborn child was safe and comfortable.

Angie sighed and rolled her eyes. “Jesse.”

“Don’t Jesse,” he mocked her, “me. And don’t roll your eyes either. Baby I’m serious. I need to know how my girls are doing. Otherwise I won’t be able to sleep or even get through the day,” Jesse explained. He still wasn’t comfortable with his wife traveling all the way to San Francisco, CA by herself but all his begging did nothing to change that fact. The point of begging now was moot.

“Alright. I will try and call every evening to let you know how we’re doing. And when you call I promise to not ignore it.”

Jesse smirked before he bit his lip. “Better not. Might just have to uh…” He whispered in her ear just what he was going to do if she disobeyed his orders. Angie gasped and giggled. “You’re so bad!” She hit his shoulder and they continued their journey. “You ain’t seen bad yet.”

Once they made it onto the plane and to the first class section, nothing was too much for his girls, Jesse found Angie’s seat, he helped her down and got everything situated for her. He gave her her brail book, gave her the little MP3 he bought for her a few days ago and the bag of chips she so desperately wanted at that very moment.

“Sir, it’s time,” a flight attendant reported.

Jesse turned to look at the woman who he was putting in charge of watching over his wife and nodded. “Alright,” he sighed, before turning back to Angie and leaning over. “I love you, baby.”

Angie smiled. “I love you more. You be good and please don’t burn the place down and please eat and take your medication and get some sleep and—” Jesse leaned in and cut her off by pressing his lips against hers. She gasped, giving Jesse the chance to slip his tongue inside and stroke the insides of her mouth. His wife was leaving him for two whole weeks he needed something to help him survive. Though last night and that morning should have been enough, but then again when it came to Angie enough was never actually enough.

Angie sighed with pleasure as she caressed his face. She wished that Jesse could join her in San Francisco, but like she told him it was to risky. Mean one day he could have his job and then the next it was somebody else’s. Not only did somebody in the household have to work, because babies were expensive, Jesse loved his job! And she didn’t want to be the cause of him losing it.

Moments later, Jesse and Angie parted with smiles on their faces. “Come back to me, okay?” He stroked her warm cheek.

“There’s no place we rather be.”

Jesse kissed Angie’s protruding belly. “You watch her alright… If she does something she ain’t got no business doing you can tell me, I promise she won’t do anything to you,” he whispered before giving Angie one last kiss and vacating the seat and then finally the plane.

“First baby?” Angie heard somebody asked. The voice was manly deep so… The man asked.

Angie smiled as she proudly ran her small hand over her stomach. “No, it’s our fourth.” Yes she considered Natalia as her own and would always do so.

“Whoa! Congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

My pleasure, Angela Marie Baxter Hubbard Harrison Foster Hubbard. My pleasure!



Jesse stayed around long enough to make sure Angie‘s plane was up in the air. Afterward he walked off. How in the hell was he going to get through two weeks without his girls home? “Maybe I can go ahead and finish up that room.” He nodded and continued walking through the airport. Maybe Angie being away wasn’t so bad after all, there was still a lot he needed to get done before the arrival of Ms. Peanut Hubbard. Crib still needed to be put up and clothes still needed to be hung. He still had to figure out how to put the car seat in. “And I think I’m going to start on that tonight,” he said to himself as he hopped in his truck.



Any other time a flight like such wouldn’t have bothered Angie. She would have read her journals or slept the hours away, but now she couldn’t do either. She couldn’t sleep, the baby kept kicking her. Doing her brail was pointless because she couldn’t concentrate. The damn MP3 didn’t bring her pleasure it only gave her a damn stupid headache and that was the very last thing she needed at the moment.

“Is everything alright?”

Angie turned her head in the direction of the voice and nodded. “Y… Yes… I’m sorry my constant moving around is bothering you. I just can’t seem to get comfortable,” she grunted,  gripping the sides of her chair and situating herself.

“Oh no, you’re not bothering me one bit.” The man answered. “Maybe a nice pillow at your lower back would help. You think?”

“I… I… I don’t know.”

He chuckled. “Let’s just try it out and see,” he insisted signaling for one of the attendants attention. Once she came to him and he told her what he needed she went off and returned quickly. “Sit up a bit for me,” he instructed.

Angie did as she was told and soon she was resting back against the pillow.

“How does that feel?”

“Let’s give it a minute.”

“Ah… Sorry, the name is Samuel Morrison.”

There was a man sitting next to her, tending to her needs like he was her husband and she didn’t even know his name. Until that moment. Angie extended her hand. “Angela Hubbard.”

Up until Angie found herself nodding off, which was about an hour or two later, she and Mr. Morrison or rather Dr. Morrison, talked like they’d known each other for years. Angie was never the one to engage in conversations with strangers, especially when alone and especially now that she couldn’t see, but this man really didn’t feel like a stranger. To her it was like sitting next to Jake or Thaddeus. Though he wasn’t as crazy as the Martin brothers, he had an aurora about him that seemed to comfort her.

Unbeknownst to Angie, long after she’d fallen asleep, Dr. Morrison watched her. Watched as her chest heaved with each breath she took and released. Watched as her left hand stroked her pregnancy for a few seconds and then stop right at the very top of her stomach.

Samuel glanced around the first class section before leaning over in his seat and dropping his head down by her stomach. “Don’t worry. We’ll be a happy family… In due time.”

7 responses to “Part.2

  1. girl this getting good I am loving this story btw who is harrison foster hubbard and who is this samuel morrison person and how do he know angie and do he know jesse has angie ever worked with dr morrison before

  2. girl this getting good I am loving this story btw who is harrison foster hubbard and who is this samuel morrison person and how do he know angie and do he know jesse has angie ever worked with dr morrison before

    sorry if my post comes up twice i am having problems with my computer

  3. @Littletiger…. those are Angie’s last names.

    Angie was married to Jesse twice, Charles Harrison, Jacob Foster, and then again to Jesse Hubbard. Keep up girl LOL

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