Hours later, the plane landed in San Francisco and everybody with the exception of Angie was free to get off. A flight attendant was to come to her aid once the plane was cleared. “Somebody is meeting you here, right?” Samuel asked as he stood and reached out to help Angie come to her feet as she had been saying she needed to get up and stretch her legs.

“Actually, my daughter is–”

Before Angie could even attempt to finish her reply, the plane began to shake. The force was enough to make her grab onto the back of a seat and keep herself steady. “What… What was that?” Angie asked turning her head in every direction.

Samuel who stood behind her answered, with his hands gripping her waist. “I haven’t the slightest clue. Are you okay?”

“Yea, just a little… a little shaken up.” Angie’s hand went to her stomach and began to move around in nice slow circles, trying to calm down her baby girl who began doing somersaults. “It’s okay, peanut… Every– Everything’s okay.”

“Is everybody alright?” The stewardess called from the pit.

“What the hell was that?” Somebody behind Angie and Sam yelled.

“We’re not su—”

Once again, the plane began to shake. Only this time the plane shook so hard people started falling back into the seats and or onto the floor. Bags from the overhead compartments began to fall onto people!

“Oh god!”
“We’re going to die!”
“Somebody help!”
“What the hell is that!?”

All of this and so much more came flying from the lips of the passengers and stewardesses. Even the pilots who could be heard over the speaker asked questions everybody obviously wanted answers to.



Inside the airport all hell had broken loose as well. The impact knocked just about everybody down onto the floor or into the wall or seats. It was just complete chaos! Cassandra and her best friend Zia Myers got up from the floor and looked around. Both just as shocked as everybody else about what just happened. “Wh… What was that?” Cass asked.

Zia looked at her. She was no know it all or anything, but she had a feeling it was a… “Earthquake.”

“A what?! No… Maybe it was something else. I mean San Francisco hasn‘t been hit in years!” Cass fussed as she continued to look around. She didn’t know what that something else could have been but she didn’t want to believe it was a earthquake. She knew California was a place known to have earthquakes but San Francisco hadn’t been hit in quite sometime. Her mother told… “Oh god,” she mumbled, turning around and first took baby steps and then making a mad dash to her mother’s flight gate.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry but nobody is allowed on or off.”

“No, you need to let me on. Please.”



“Is everybody alright?”

Samuel who fell back into his seat groaned and rubbed the back of his neck. The impact knocked him so hard his neck jerked back and forth harshly. “Ahhhh shiiii,” he hissed as he finally opened his eyes and started looking around. It took a minute for him to get his bearings but when he did he noticed Angela was no longer with him. “Angela!” He yelped and despite the pain and wooziness he jumped to his feet. He could have sworn when the plane began to shake again he wrapped his arms tightly around her. Protecting her and their unborn child.

“Is she breathing?” Somebody behind him asked.

Sam turned and looked down to the floor, when he saw his Angie laying in a fetal position cradling her stomach, his heart fell into his stomach. He dropped down beside her. “Angie… Come on.” He started checking her pulse. It was rapid. “Get us some help! Angela, come on honey say something for me.”

“My baby,” she finally whispered. It was so low he had to strain just to hear her.

“Damnit! Get us some help, now!”



It was a risk considering nobody knew what it looked like outside but one of the male passengers pushed his way out and ran down the jet way. Moving past the people that had been on beforehand. “We need an ambulance. A pregnant woman was knocked down from the impact.”

When Cass heard him she turned around and went closer. There could have been a number of pregnant women on that flight but her instincts kicked it. She just knew! Before the man could run off she reached out and grabbed his arm. “Is the woman you’re talking about… blind?”

“Yea… I think she is. Why?”

“That’s my mother.” Cass looked from him to lady who declined her entrance and began to beg. “Please… Please! You have to let me on.”

“Ma’am the manager said—”

The man that requested the ambulance waved the lady off, took Cass and her friend’s hands and began pulling them back down. “How many months is she?”

Pumping her arms and legs as fast as she could Cass tried to remember. “Uh… Going on… on… eight.”

Within minutes they were boarding the plane and Cass was pushing her way through the crowd. “Step back!” Some man who kneeled down by her mother yelled. She didn’t know who the hell the man was but it would be a cold day in hell before she left her mother’s side. Dropping to her knees she took her mother’s trembling hand into hers. “Ma… It’s me. I’m here… I’m here.”

Angie turned her head in the direction of her daughter’s voice. “Ca… Cass.”

“It’s going to be okay. I promise… Just hang tight.”

Samuel looked up and when he saw it was not so little Cassandra Renee Patricia Foster he began to sweat. He wasn’t sure if she would recognize him seeing as she’d been nine or ten when they last saw each other, but just incase he knew sticking around any longer would indeed put his cover being blown at high risk. She would more than likely out him as his given name Dr. Kevin Stark and not the name he’d been going as since he arrived in PV, Samuel Morrison.

And if that happened there’s no chance you’re getting Angela the clean way.


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  1. Girl this story is getting good I can’t wait til you post more I have gots to find out who this Dr.Kevin Starks aka Samuel Morrison person and why is he so disperate to have angie.

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