Turns out it wasn’t an earthquake that caused hell. Once approval to clear the plane was given and everybody was on safe ground they saw that another plane that had been getting inspected nearby and ran into the plane that held Angie as well as many others. The plane that’d been hit was knocked against the airport, knocking all of those who were in that particular area down.

The airport officials claimed that nothing like that had ever happened before. But a flight attendant who’d been working for that airline said it’d happened quite a few times. Cass who’d been furious to hear that they let that crap go on for so long threatened to sue the pants off of them and even went as far as to point out that god mother was the best lawyer the USA had ever seen.

Had it not been for Angie who’d been hurt and Zia pushing her to get in the ambulance with her, she would have still been there! Now, five hours later, they sat in the best hospital in San Francisco.

“I’m ready to go,” Angie complained as she gripped the sheets of the hospital bed and tried to pull herself up.

Cass moved from the window to her bedside and gently took her shoulders. “Ma, you know you can’t leave until the doctor say otherwise. Now lie back and relax.”

“Cass, I’m not cramping, the baby isn’t as active as it was before. I’m fine!”

“So you say. But until Dr. Owens walk in here and say otherwise you need to lie back and relax.”

Angie groaned before lying back and crossing her arms. “Last time I checked I was your mother,” she fussed.

“And the last time I checked I have mine and your cell phone, therefore I have the power to call Jesse this instant,” Cass snapped, knowing Jesse would come down and fuss until he was purple in the face to get Angie to do as the doctor say. “Is that what you want me to do?”

If Cass was anybody else other than her daughter she would have chunked something at her. “Alright, fine!” She huffed, closing her eyes. Right after they got her to the hospital and situated in a room Angie all but got on her knees and begged Cass to not call Jesse and tell him what happened. And that was the only person she had to worry about telling him because since there’d been no fatalities and no life threatening injuries no reporters had been called in. Plus the airport didn’t want to bring any attention like such to itself because of their recklessness.

Anyway, she was alive and fine and so was their baby girl. So why worry him? And she told this Cass beforehand. Why worry him when there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Why worry Jesse anymore than she already done so by even boarding the plane alone in the first place. She didn’t need or want Jesse to start blaming himself for not being there with her, blaming himself for something he had absolutely no control over.

“I still think you should tell him.”

“Cassandra please,” Angie sighed. “Let’s not go there right now. Okay?”

“Ma, you could have be–”

“Key words, could have! But I didn’t and the baby didn’t either.”

And with that conversation ceased. Cass kissed her mother’s forehead and went back to the window. She couldn’t believe she actually promised her mother she would keep mum about the incident. Why worry him? Her mother asked her before. She could think of a number of reasons to worry him. Bug him to death even!

“Cass,” Angie called softly sometime later. “Come here.”

Cass looked over her shoulder before she walked over and sat down. “Yes ma’am?”

“I’m sorry. Okay? I didn’t mean to fuss at you. I know you’re worried and scared and you have every right to be.” Angie raised her hand and found her daughter’s warm, tear stained cheek. “But I promise you I am fine. Your little sister is fine.”

“Sister?” Cass asked.

Angie stiffened. That wasn’t how she wanted her sweet girl to find out. She had a little game planned out for her and.. “Yes… Sister.”

“Omg! How’d you know? I thought you and Jesse wanted it to be a surprise? How long have you known?”

“Calm down and that was the initial plan but Jesse found out by accident. And just so happen so did I. We were talking a few days ago and he let it slip.” She giggled at the memory. “He felt so bad for knowing but I told him it was alright. It was great that he knew. And I was more than happy that he told me. Because I secretly wanted to know anyway.”

“Yay!” Cass playfully cheered as she placed a hand on her mother’s midsection. “I saw some of the cutest baby outfits. Now that I know you’re having a girl I can go back and get them. Whoo! And I have to go and get her this…”

Angie laughed. “Alright motor mouth. Calm down.”

“Oh! Sorry. What were we talking about?”

“You know,” Angie said knowingly.

Cass sighed and went to speak but Dr. Kelly Owens walked into the room unknowingly interrupting them. “Sorry about the wait. How are you feeling Mrs. Hubbard?”

Angie turned her head in the direction of the doctor’s voice and put a smile on her face. “I’m good. But I’ll be even better if you tell me my baby is fine.”

A/N: Thank you all for reading and commenting. Love them!


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  1. Girl this story is getting good please don’t let lil princess hubbard be hurt. cuz you know how jesse will get. he will hurt somebody over angie and lil peanut hubbard.

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