“Hey baby! How ya doing? How’s San Francisco treating ya?” Jesse asked in one breath, not even trying to mask his excitement of finally hearing her voice.

Angie began to walk alongside the bed. “Actually, not so great,” she sighs.

“What’s wrong?” Jesse sounded cool. Looked cool. But on the inside he was a ball of nerves. Had he not been in a public place he would have been pacing like a fool.

“Listen I don’t want you to panic,” she started. “I just got back from the doctor and she said it’s nothing to be overly concerned about.”

Jesse’s eyes damn near came from their sockets. “Doctors?!”

“Uh… Yea there was a little scare with the baby.” Angie tried to sound as convincing as possible. Not give away too much. “But um… she’s– she’s okay. I promise you.”

Breathe Jesse, breathe, he had to remind himself. “What happened?”

“I had some cramping. But I-I-I saw a very good OBGYN here and I know her reputation and I agree with her diagnosis.” As soon as that last word slipped from her lips she flinched. Wrong word!

“A diagnos–” Jesse couldn’t even finish the word as he quickly scanned the area for his jacket and then grabbed it. A diagnosis!? He was no doctor but he knew enough. “A diagnosis, are you kidding me! I’m getting on a plane, I’m coming out there and I’m bringing you home!” He fussed.

“No you can’t!” Angie cried quickly. Probably a bit to quickly.

“Whatta ya mean I– Are you in the hospital?” It was a bad idea! Bad idea to let her board that damn plane he thought stopping cold. If his wife and child were in the hospital, if something was wrong with them he would never be able to live with himself.

“No, I’m not in the hospital,” she clarified. Ready to say or do whatever just to make sure he stayed home. “Look, I just can’t travel. Kay? All I need is rest. And Cassandra is going to wait on me hand and foot. Her words, believe it or not,” she chuckled.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Guilt weighing heavily on her heart, Angie sighed and placed the phone down beside her. Before Jesse had answered the phone she had her mind made up. She was going to forget all that crap about keeping the whole story from him and just be honest, but after hearing the worry in his voice and the desperation to be near her she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. And now she felt horribly guilty for keeping her mouth shut. “Damn,” she sighed as she massage the bridge of her nose.

“What he say?”

Angie flinched and placed her hand over her racing heart. “You startled me.”

Cass leaned against the doorjamb with her arms crossed and her head tilted to the side. She had been coming to check on her when she heard her mother mention Jesse’s name. Her mother told her on the way from the hospital, after getting some not so great news, that she was going to call and tell him. Cass figured that was what she was doing. Oh how very wrong she’d been. “What happened?”

“I told him I experienced some cramping but everything was fine,” Angie sighed. “I was going to tell him. Really I was, but I… I couldn’t do it.”

“Why not?”

She explained to her daughter how worried Jesse sounded over the phone just after hearing that she went to the doctor. “Cass, you just don’t understand. If I’d told him everything that really happened and everything the doctor said he was going to worry himself into a heart attack… I just didn’t want to do that to him. He doesn’t need that to happen and neither do I. Besides he has so much to do back at home I don’t want to get in the way of that.”

Cass eased onto the edge of the bed and sighed. “Mommy, Jesse isn’t going to–”

“Not right now. Okay?” Angie turned her head in the direction of her daughter. “He’ll find out.”

When? When you and my sister are barely hanging on to your life?  Cassandra gnawed on her bottom lip she and Jesse were on good terms and he didn’t deserve not to know about his wife and child. She didn’t feel he deserved to not be in the know about the whole thing. BUT if it would make her mother rest easy she would do whatever. “Alright,” she mumbled. “I’ll drop it for now. But I swear if anything happens, if you disobey those doctors orders I’m calling him myself and I’m telling him everything. You got that?”

“When did you turn into such a bossy one?” Angie teased reaching out and feeling for her daughter’s face. When her hand connected with her cheek she began to caress it. “Thank you. I owe you.”

“Yea, well…” Cass blushed as she reached up and touched her mothers hand. “Alright, come on. The doctor said you need rest.” Cass kissed her mother’s hand before coming to her feet and moving around the room. She put her mother’s things away, turned down the bed, did everything she had to do to make sure her mother was comfortable. “You need help getting out of your clothes? Or need help with anything?” Cass was still learning how to handle this without getting on her mother’s bad side.

It took Angie a full ten minutes to stand up. She was out of breath! “Could you run me some bath water and guide me to it. I can do the rest myself.”

“Oh okay. Um…Well I… Wait you expect me to let you do all of that on your own.”

“You want to see me naked?” Angie asked, she could just imagine her daughter’s facial expression.

Cass took a minute. No she didn’t want to see that! But her mother was dealing with water and she was pregnant and she was blind. It would have been totally different if she could see. “I’ll live… Come on. I’ll help you in and when you’re done you call me and I’ll help you out. You can undress and dress yourself. I’ll just turn my back or close my eyes. How’s that?”

After helping her mother into the tub and making sure she was comfortable, Cass left to get a start on dinner.

“How is she?” Zia asked, her head buried in some law book she bought just days before.

“Stubborn as ever,” Cass scoffed, going to the fridge and pulling out a pack of ground beef and a few other things. Suddenly, Cass stopped and turned to her roommate and her best friend in the whole wide world. “She didn’t tell him.”

Zia lowered her book and removed her glasses. “You’re kidding me. Please tell me you’re kidding.”

“I wish. She only told him she experienced some cramping but everything was fine.” Cass leaned against the counter. “Zia, what would you do if this was your mother? If you were in the position I’m in now?”

Zia was now sliding onto one of the barstools that was placed in front of the island. Well… if I was you, I would call my father or step father and snitch. I mean, Cass this is serious! What happened on that plane earlier was no play thing! What the doctor said is no play thing! Your mother and sister could die if this get’s to bad.”

“I know,” Cass sighed. “But I told her I wouldn’t say anything. I would let her do it.”

“Hey! You asked what I would do and I’m telling. Listen, I get you don’t want to go against your word, but if something happens and it’s something that ends badly this is going to end up on your shoulders. Your heart. You don’t want that. You don’t want Jesse hating you for not talking and possibly being able to save their lives.”

“No I don’t. But Zia my word to my mother is—”

“Is more serious than your conscience? Your mother’s and baby sister’s health?” Zia asked giving her a look. “Cass, call him and tell him and deal with your mother’s attitude later.”

Cass just stood there and thought about what her friend said plus what she promised her mother. Keeping her word to her mother was not as important as her and that’s baby’s health. If something ever happened to them, God forbid, it would kill her. And all because I kept my mouth shut, she thought rubbing her arms.

A/N: What oh what will Cass do???


4 responses to “Part.5

  1. Call Jesse girl and sing like a canary, Angie will thank you in the end Cass. don’t listen to Zia when she told you to call your dad or stepdad just only call Jesse your stepdad this has nothing to do with Jacob this is not his baby. and girl what is it that is with angie anyway is it preeclapsia,placenta previa,placenta abruptio,or something else. girl your are scaring me here I hope lil peanut hubbard is ok.

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