A/N: Forgive me readers, I wasn’t going to go into the real juicy stuff until later on but as always my stories have a way of getting away with me and I just can’t stop. I learned long ago that sometimes letting the story make it’s own path can be a good thing or a bad thing. Anyway with the swift change I have concluded that this is a good change and I do hope you all feel the same way. Anyway… Update! Update! Enjoy!

Later on that night, as Angie laid in the bed reading to her peanut, thanks to the Braille book of rhymes her best friend in Illinois sent her, Cass stood in the doorway and watched. Even though her mother should be looking like crap she looked as if she just stepped out of a magazine shoot, her face was clear of makeup but she still had a glow. Her hair, which she was rocking the natural do, still looked cute. You would think after the day they had she would be looking down in the dumps or better yet knocked out sleep, but she was neither.

Biting her bottom lip Cass rested her head against the door jamb and thought about earlier. She’d been so tempted to tell Jesse everything she even went as far as to dial his number but just as she was about to press talk her word to her mother replayed in her mind. Her mother long ago instilled in her that you should never break a promise. You said you were going to do something then you should keep your word, no matter what. Needless to say Cass exited out of the caller tab and went about making dinner. She just couldn’t do it.

“Cass, I maybe blind but I can still smell. You still wear that fruity perfume.” Angie spoke. “You’ve been wearing it since you graduated from high school.”

Cass chuckled. She had been wearing it she graduated because it was the last thing her boyfriend bought her before he was killed just a week after their big graduation in a car accident. Every time Cass went to the store she had to get it, she just couldn’t part with it. “Right. Uh… I was just checking on you before I went to bed. Is there anything you need or want?”

Angie moved the book from her lap. “To talk.”

“I didn’t call Jesse,” Cass assured, having an inkling feeling that this was where it was headed.

“I know, but… you wanted too. Didn’t you?”


“Huh means you can hear, chile. Come here.”

Cass slowly walked over to the bed and eased into the spot next to her. “Yes I wanted to.”

“What stopped you?” Angie asked.

“You’ve always taught me to never go back on my word,” Cass explained as she laid her head on her shoulder. “But I don’t like it!” She made sure her mother was well aware of that. “And a part of me still has faith that you will put on your big girl panties and go ahead and tell him.”

“Hey! Was that one of your little digs?”

“Figure of speech, ma.”

Angie snorted. “Right. Figure my hand to that hinny. You maybe grown but you’re not to old for me to spank.”


Samuel Morrison or his given name Kevin Stark walked into the hospital like he belonged and made his way down the hall. Dr. Kelly had been the one to check Angie out and he knew for sure she had some information he desperately needed. Like where little Cass took her. Where they were staying? In a hotel? In a home? Whatever and wherever Dr. Kelly knew.

Earlier, after watching from the sideline to make sure both Angie and their unborn child as well as Cass were safe in the ambulance and hearing where they were taking her he got ghost. He checked into his hotel room and did a few things, like make sure he had the means to get out of LA when the time came for him to take Angie. Make sure he had all the necessary things just incase she decided to put up a fight. He basically went through his checklist. After about three hours of that he went to the hospital to check on her and once he saw she was still there and saw the she was not alone he once again made himself invisible.

Sam or Kevin eased up to Dr. Kelly’s office door and removed his credit car from his back pocket to open the door, only to find out it was already unlocked. “Bad idea doc,” he mumbled glancing around and then finally entering.

Not wanting to get caught because more than likely it wouldn’t end nicely, he moved around quickly. He may have been a doc or use to be a doc, but he desperately hated getting his hands dirty.

Using his the light illuminating from his cell he searched the top of her desk and then the draws. “Where the hell is it?” he grumbled moving toward the file cabinet.

“Let me get my purse.”

Sam looked up from his post and cursed under his breath. “B*tch!” He hissed quickly moving to hide under her desk.

“Wait for me in the lobby, honey!” She called to somebody as she flipped on her light and finally closed the door. Humming she walked to and then around her desk. “I could have sworn I have everything put up,” she sighed, sitting her purse down in the chair and moving to re-fix the distraught files.

Just as she went to step back she heard heavy breathing down by her legs. She stiffened! “O… Oh… oh god,” she breathed, trying to stay calm and back away.

Sam slid from under the desk and she fell back into the chair. She went to scream but he quickly put his hand over her mouth and slowly shook his head. “Shhh, sweetheart. You do best to be quiet,” he warned giving her a evil glare. “I’d hate to see such a sexy woman become unrecognizable.” He nodded. “We wouldn’t want that. Now would we?”

Dr. Kelly whimpered.

Sam leaned in and gently kissed her ear. “Good girl. Now that I have your undivided attention.” He laughed. It was a menacing thing. One that would put fear into anybody! “Where is Angela Hubbard’s file? Now before I uncover your pretty little mouth remember you make a sound I will kill you. I promise I will make you unrecognizable.” He kissed her forehead. “Got that Kelly Owens?”

Her whole body shaking with fear. Her heart pounding against her chest. Tears pouring from her eyes she once again vigorously nodded her head. She’d probably give up her pin number if he asked! Anything to get away from him.


“Psst!…. Psst!”

Cass stirred and then fell back to sleep. Zia groaned and tipped all the way into Mrs. Hubbard’s room, where Cass had fallen asleep and began to shake her friend. “Wake up,” she hissed.

Cass groaned and turned the other way. Zia rolled her eyes. She didn’t want to disturb Mrs. Hubbard who seemed to be sleeping peacefully but how else was she going to get Cass to wake her ass up and come to the phone. Sighing she went down to her ear and whispered, “Jesse’s calling for you.”

It was the feeling of somebody’s breathing onto her ear and the name that broke into her hazy brain. She slightly opened her eyes.

“Cass, Jesse’s been calling you and your mother for the past thirty minutes. He wants to talk with you.”

“Who?” She asked, just to be sure she heard right.

“Jesse. Your step dad.”

Cass’s eyes flew open and she quickly got out of the bed. “Why hadn’t he called my cell?” She asked rushing out the room and to the front.

“He did. He called you more times than he could count, but you didn’t answer and then he finally called me. Cass he’s worried. Like out of his mind worried.”

“Ab… About what?”

“I don’t know how, but he found out about the plane incident.”

“Damn!” She snatched the phone from the counter and just before she spoke to him she took deep, calming breaths. “Hello.”

“Cassandra, where’s your mother?”

Cass gulped. “She’s sleeping. Jesse you have know it’s pretty late here.”

“Where are you guys?”

“At home.”

“Don’t lie to me,” he growled. “San Francisco was just on the news talking about ‘Airway Airlines’ shutting down after an incident earlier today,” he fussed. It was obvious he was in no mood to be lied to. “Cass, I’m going to ask again. Where are you? Where’s your mother?”

Cass sighed. She promised her mother she wouldn’t call Jesse and tell him, but she never said she wouldn’t tell him if he just so happened to call her. “We’re really at home and she’s really in the guestroom sleeping.”

A sigh of relief passed Jesse’s lips. “So she’s fine? She wasn’t involved in that, right?”


“Cassandra?” Fear engulfed him again.

“Jesse,” she started softly… … … … …


3 responses to “Part.6

  1. DAYUM this story is getting good cass needs to tell jesse what happen before he bust a blood vessal in his brain. he going to straight loose his dayum mind right about now. and what is up with this kevin starks person

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