The next morning or rather afternoon when Angie was finally able to stir from a very, deep, peaceful sleep, she woke up to the smell of something cooking. Smiling brightly she opened her eyes and did her morning routine, tried to look around. Every since the doctor told her that the blindness was permanent and there was nothing else left to do, she never gave up hope that one morning she would open her eyes and see the sun peaking through the blinds. She would see her husband either staring at her with that sexy smile pulling at those heart-shaped lips or him laying next to her sleeping like a baby with his mouth open just a tad bit… Anyway, she’d always become disappointed when neither of those sights greeted her. Disappointed when only darkness welcomed her.

“Stop it Angie,” she mumbled to herself feeling herself getting choked up.


Angie turned her head toward the sound as she struggled to pull herself up. “uh… Yes, come in,” she called, now slowly moving her legs to the edge of the bed.

The person who she assumed was Cass came in and she heard her smack her lips. “Cassandra, would have a fit if she saw you trying to disobey doctors orders,” Zia scolded walking over to her.

Angie chuckled. It wasn’t Cass but that didn’t make the smile on her face dwindle. Zia was a sweetheart and for as long as she could remember she’d been like a daughter to her. “I wonder if she would say the same if I wet her sheets,” Angie teased. “It feels like peanut is bouncing on my bladder.”

“Okay, let me help you out,” Zia offered as she pulled Mrs. Hubbard to her feet and guided her to the adjoining bathroom. “Don’t try anything crazy. I’m going to be right outside the door.”

“I won’t, dear.” Angie waited until she heard the door close before she turned to do her business. Whereas Zia gave Angie her privacy, Cass was stand in the bathroom but only turn her back. Angie managed to do it alone the first time but after that Cass gotten over the fact of seeing her mother’s behind and stayed in there to help her. Even though Angie told her more times than she cared to count that she was very well capable of going on her own.

Once Angie finished doing everything, Zia came back in to help her out with her other morning routine and then back to bed. “Since the doctor said you need to lay off the salty foods, I made you a nice healthy lunch.”

“Healthy?” Angie asked, probably sounding more like her pork loving husband than the health conscious Dr. Hubbard. “Honey, I’m –”

“Under strict orders by the doctor. Now either you do as they say or I will have to snitch and Mama A, I hate snitching.”

Angie laughed as she felt herself being lowered onto the bed. “Alright, alright… What did you make?”

After helping Angie get comfortably propped up, Zia went to the front to get lunch which she prepared with her own two hands, chicken alfredo and instead of adding salt she added a little something else. Something that would not endanger mother and child in no way. Before she returned to Angie’s side she fixed Angie a glass of ice cold water.

“Ahh… Here we go Mama A.”

“Smells like chicken.” Angie sniffed again. Smells very appetizing.”

“Trust me you’re going to love it,” Zia promised setting the tray down.

Zia popped in a movie Angie was familiar with, fixed her own plate and joined her.

“Zia, honey, where’s Cassandra? I was sure she would have stepped in to make sure I was being a good girl.”

Zia cleared her throat. “Uh… She had to go check up on something at a gallery downtown. You know the one she told you about last night over dinner. Yea, they called her in earlier.”

Angie nodded. “I hope everything’s okay. I know she’s been on cloud nine since they called her about showcasing some of her art and I was definitely hate for something to happen.”

Something’s going to happen, but it certainly has nothing to do with Cass’s art. “Yea me too,” she simply replied, returning her attention back to her food as well as the movie.


Elsewhere, Cass walked alongside of Jesse listening to him ramble on about how pissed his was at the airline he’d just taken. Something was happening with the engine and because of it they had to make an unscheduled stop. Delaying his arrival to be with his wife and unborn child by two or three hours. To say he was pissed was an understatement. Pissed was what he was before he got on the plane to be exact!

“Does your mother know where you are?” Jesse asked after he and Cass got in the car and she pulled off.

Cass shook her and gave him a sideways glance. “I told Zia to tell her I had to handle some business at a gallery.”

“Oh okay…” He sighed and laid his head back. Among the things he had to deal with, a headache was the last thing he really needed but that didn’t stop that sucker from coming.

When Cass came to a stop light she looked over at Jesse. “Are you alright?”

Jesse just gave her a nod. “Yea, just trying to figure out what I’m going to say to your mother.” It wasn’t a total lie. He knew yelling at her would be wrong and cause his wife more stress than needed. Talking to her nicely would only get him ignored and probably more lies.


Zia was putting the last coat of polish on Angie’s baby toe when she heard the front door open. Because she knew it wouldn’t just be Cass she sent up a quick prayer and bottled up the polish. “That must be Cass,” she said softly. “I’ll be back. You alright?”

“Yes I’m alright. And would you bring me another glass of water, please.”

“Got it!” Zia kissed Angie’s cheek and left the room.

“Nice place you got here,” Jesse said as he closed and locked the door behind him. “It’s clean too. Unlike your brother’s.”

Cass chuckled. “Well unlike Filbert, clutter and I do not mix.”

By this time Zia walked in and the minute she laid eyes on her best friend’s step-father her heart went pitter patter. “Hello…” That damn picture Cass showed of him did him no justice. Just like her father.

“Hello,” Jesse said with a smile. “You must be Zia.”


Cass rolled her eyes. “Forgive her, she’s a little star struck. Momma was telling stories about you again,” Cass cleared up as she went over and pinched her friend. Bringing her from her daze. “Get a grip,” she whispered.

“Ow!” Zia yelped smacking Cass’s hand. They shared a look and she hissed. “I was just… I’m sorry Mr. Hubbard. It’s just after hearing all the stories about you and then finally seeing you… It’s… It’s still a shock to me.”

“It’s alright. I get that a lot. And please call me Jesse.”

“Cass honey!” Angie called.

Cass looked toward the back. “Uh… Coming!” She called back. “What happened after I left? Did she eat?”

“She didn’t wake up until about two hours ago. And before you ask she was only on her feet long enough to get to the restroom and back. She ate as well.”

“Okay.” Cass looked back to Jesse. “Would you for me to go back there first or would you like to go ahead?”

“Yea or if you like Cass and I could leave. Give you two some space and time to talk?”

Cass looked at her friend and nodded, that idea sounded so much better than them sticking around. “Yea what she said.”

Jesse thought about it for a minute. If Cass went in she would probably give it away. Every since Angie went blind her instincts had been sharp as tacks, she could sense when something was going on with the people closest to her. “Uh… I’ll handle it.”

“Okay. Well let me get Mrs. Hubbard’s water and we’ll be out of your hair.”

“No I’ll get it. You just go get your stuff.”


“What happened to me being waited on hand and foot?” Angie mumbled, gripping the sheets and pulling herself all the way up. She know Cass and Zia heard her call them the last two times. Shaking her head and catching her next wind, she went to put her feet on the floor when she heard the her bedroom door open. “You know for a minute there I thought I was going to have to go against doctor’s order and do it on my own.”

“Doctor’s orders you may go against, but mine you dare not. Lay back down.”

Angie’s whole body froze. She knew that feeling in her chest wasn’t heartburn. She knew it! Oh lord, she thought never turning around. “Je…”

“Lay down, Angela.”

Rut-rho! Papa Jesse is here and he ain’t too happy… I would like to take this time to say… Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. I really appreciate it!


3 responses to “Part.8

  1. oooooooooooooooooooooooooh angie’s gonna get it now big daddy’s there and what he says goes. angie girl you better lay down before big daddy take you across his knee and spank you. and once again you had to end it when it was just getting good.

  2. Rut Rho!! Is right Angie you better stay in that bed, I don’t think you want to cross Jesse Hubbard. Enjoying the story Ro 🙂

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