“Doctor’s orders you may go against, but mine you dare not. Lay back down.”

Angie’s whole body froze. She knew that feeling in her chest wasn’t heartburn. She knew it! Oh lord, she thought never turning around. “Je…”

“Lay down, Angela.”

Taking a deep breath it took all of Angie to not turn around and ask him just who the hell did he think he was talking too. She didn’t take orders from no damn body, but just then she felt him gently pushing her back onto the bed and lifting her feet.

“Comfortable?” He asked, placing the glass of water he’d just sat on the end table in her hand.

Reluctantly, Angie nodded. “Yes, thank you.” She felt her side of the bed dip a bit and knew Jesse had taken a seat.


Jesse was calm. He was quiet. Too damn calm and quiet for her liking! Wishing she could see him, the expression on his face Angie sighed and started drinking her water. All the while that little voice in her head and call her crazy, but so was her little girl, telling her she was in trouble. Serious trouble. And not just the he’s not going to talk to you for a while kind of trouble, but the kind of trouble that made her want to curl up under the cover and not come out until ‘the storm’ passed.

Unlike her, go off at the drop of a dime, Jesse was more of the type to only go off when every dime in the USA dropped. When it came to her that is. Anybody else he didn’t mind going off, but with her he couldn’t. He wouldn’t.

As Angie went to feel for the end table to put her glass down Jesse took the it and put it down for her. “Need anything else?” He asked. His tone was emotionless. Shocked himself that he was able to keep on that way. He had every thought of going off but remembered going off like crazy would only resort to more fighting. Angie didn’t need that. He didn’t need it nor want it.

“Uh… N… No, I’m good. Thank you.”

“Good.” Jesse moved from the bed. “How are you and Peanut doing today?”

“We‘re both good… How are you doing today?”

Jesse tapped his chin and shrugged his shoulders. “I’m doing okay. A little pissed off, but that’s all… So what’s new? Something you gotta tell me?” He asked.

“Not that I know of.” Oh she knew! She just felt maybe playing dumb would lessen what was coming to her. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

Jesse turned to look at her, was she serious right. Was she really serious? No there wasn’t anything he had to tell her except he was highly pissed at her and hurt that she lied to him.

Angie closed her eyes. And the volcano suddenly erupted. “I’m waiting for my answer, Angela Marie-Baxter Hubbard.”

Angie cringed at her given name. He’d never called her by her full name, that was how she knew he was beyond ticked at her. Dropping her head she began to twiddle her thumbs.

“Angela,” he bellowed.

“I’m sorry!” She blurted.

“Is that all?” He asked. He stepped to the bed. “What are you sorry about?”

“Jesse, don’t make me–”

“What? Tell the truth?” He asked. “I thought the lies were over. Remember that promise we made after this last incident, with the blindness. No more lies. No more secrets. From either of us,” he reminded, sitting back down. “Angela, you lied to me… And I want to know why. I need to know why you lied to me about something so serious. Why in the hell did you feel I didn’t need to know that there was a possibility I could lose not only my child, but the love of my life. The woman that makes me whole!”

“I was trying to protect you,” Angie cried raising her head though she couldn’t look at him. “Jesse, I lied to protect you.”

“Protect me? Protect me from who or what?”

Her head fell forward again and Jesse reached out to raise it. He’d been so caught up by that little moment he nearly said ‘you know I hate that. Look at me baby’ but he caught himself. “Baby, protect me from what?”

Of course this would be the time Angie would quickly get up and pace the room and throw her hands in the air to emphasize certain things. But getting up was a chore and pacing the room was something she could definitely not do at the moment. “You,” she whispered. “I was protecting you from you.”

Jesse’s brow furrowed, his right nostril raised a bit. Protect him from him. What in the– “Angela, protect me from me. What… What are you talking about?”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about Jesse. Had I told you, you would have worried yourself sick, blamed yourself into thinking what happened to me was your fault!” She rambled.


“And don’t sit there and tell me you wouldn’t! Because Jesse I know you. I know you too damn well!” A frown appeared on her glowing face. “Okay, I lied and that was wrong I knew that going in but Jesse if I sat here and said I regretted it, I would be lying…You’ve been so on edge and treating me like some fragile piece of glass every since I suggested that I come here to hang out with Cassie and it only got worse that night you saw me on the floor. Even after I told you I sat on the floor on my own. Or that night I woke up and you found me laying on the couch, you thought something had happened even though I beat it into you nothing did.” Shaking her head. “Since those last two occasions you’ve been watching me. And don’t say you haven’t. Jesse I can feel when you stare at me.”

“Oh and let’s not forgot the night before I left… You practically…” She stopped and blushed. “You know… to get me to say ‘yes I’ll stay‘. And I believe a few more seconds of that and I would have agreed… Anyway, that’s not the point! The point is you would have been blaming yourself for not trying harder.” Angie felt for his hands. “Jesse, had I told you all that happened on that plane and all the doctor said to me, you would have panicked. And you would have panicked so much you would have had a heart attack. And baby I… I couldn’t let that happen! I couldn’t allow myself to do that to you. ”

“So you think keeping this away from me until the day you went into labor and died on the table was the way to go!?”

“Nobody’s dying!”

“Angela, you’re a doctor. You know how serious this shi… stuff is!”

“Jesse, all I have to do–”

Jesse shook his head. “I know all you have to do, but the question is are you willing to do it? Are you willing to sit here for two weeks straight doing nothing? Are you willing to sit here and let Cassandra and Zia wait on you hand and foot knowing damn well you hate it?”

“I’m willing to do whatever I have to do to keep my family safe and alive.”

Silence blanketed them, both of them wondering what the other was going to say. Then… Jesse cleared his throat. “Really?”

Angie picked her head up and nodded. “Yes.”

“Okay then. Are you willing to sit here for two weeks straight with a monkey on your back?”

“What are you talking about?” Angie asked sitting up. She made a move to get out the bed when Jesse crawled into the bed on the other side and hovered over her from behind. “Jesse, what are you–

Jesse lowered down to her ear. “For the next two weeks I’m going to be that monkey on your back. Whether you go to the bathroom or to that chair in the corner I’m going to be there. Wherever you go, I go.” He repeated the same words she beat into his head just years ago when he returned. At first he thought she was nuts, but now he knew where she was coming from.

“You can’t stay with me. Jesse, you stay and you… You’ll lose the one thing that means so much to you.”

Jesse sat next to her and took her hands into his. “Me losing that damn job doesn’t even began to amount to what I may lose if I leave.”

“I’m going to follow the doctors orders. I promise!”

“No you won’t,” he scoffed. He watched as Angie gawked. “Because you’re Angela Marie Baxter-Hubbard, you are the same woman who went against her fathers wishes, snuck out the house to be with me. You are the same woman who braved it out and went to save that kids life knowing you were putting yourself at risk. You are the same woman who, no matter how many times he knocked you down, went into work and faced David… So you can sit there and tell me you are going to follow those orders, but I know better.”

“You don’t like being ordered around. You hate it! Whether it’s for your own good or not you hate being told what to do,” Jesse finished.

“So you think you hovering over me is going to keep me from doing what I want?” Angie asked snatching her hands away and crossing her arms. “I mean you just said yourself I hate being told what to do. Whose to say I’m going to listen to you?”

Jesse chuckled. It was full of arrogance. “You will.”

“How can you be so sure?”

Leaning over Jesse kissed Angie’s ear. “Because just like you hate people telling you what to, you also hate when I bug you about something. And you know I love to bug you when you need to do right when it comes to your health. And now that you’re pregnant I will bug you like I’ve never bugged you before. Do you really want that?”

Angie’s mouth snapped shut. Arrgh! She hated when he did that to her.

“Now, will I have to bug you and stress you out even more for the next two weeks or will I be able to sit in this bed by your side, comfort you like I’m suppose too and take care of you? Just be here for you all the way around?”


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