Into the third day of the longest ride ever, Angie’s normal tired feeling had turned into a miserable feeling. She not only felt run down, but from what Jesse explained to her she looked it as well. He told her she was still beautiful but she looked as if she hadn’t been getting enough rest. She was constantly changing positions because she couldn’t get comfortable for nothing in the world. She was not only experiencing pelvic pain, but some back pains as well. She had her moments of where it was unbearable, but majority of the time it was manageable. “I think I’m coming down with something.” Angie groaned as she sat straddled on Jesse’s lap and let him massage her lower back.

“I think this long trip is knocking you down. I don’t think you’re getting sick.” Jesse kissed the nape of her neck and continued letting his fingers work their magic. They been on that train for three days already and it was normal for them to feel a little jagged. Angie was feeling down because she was at the stage of her pregnancy where every position was uncomfortable. Jesse wasn’t feeling down but he was tired but that was because he was up with Angie helping her get comfortable or getting her snacks. He wasn’t complaining he actually liked it. He was just worried about his wife and their baby girl at this point.

“How much longer until we’re pulling into PV and I’m being greeted by son whose taking me home? Home, where I can take a nice long, hot bath and then afterwards crawl into my nice cool bed and just call it a day or night or week even.”

Jesse checked the date and time on his cell. “Probably twelve more hours.”

“Oh god.” She cringed at the thought of having to stay on the train for another twelve hours and possibly even longer. Jesse said probably! If she didn’t get off soon she was going to go nuts! Her daughter had seemed to already gone there. “Peanut,” she sighed rubbing her stomach, “If you don’t stop kicking mommy like that she’s going to come in there after you,” she threatened. Thinking that would get her little one to cool it with the extra strong kicks, Angie laid her head back on Jesse’s shoulder. Her little one just as stubborn as her mother and father tested her. She kicked her again this time harder! “Oh you!” Angie snarled.

Jesse threw his head back and let out a hearty laugh. “Angie, you are talking to the mini you, who let’s not forget doesn’t like taking orders… From anybody.”

“Oh hush,” she hissed laying her head back down and groaning out of pure frustration of being on the train and not at home. “Hey, how about I go to the dinning car and get you some ice cream and those cookies you like so much. You think that would put a smile on your face? Maybe put some pep in your step.” Angie hunched her shoulders like a kid. “Do I have to get up?” She was actually quite comfortable in the position she was in and that was a first. Jesse patted her behind a couple of times. “Come on, baby.” He helped her to her feet and then came to his own. He was helping her lay down when she shook her head and whimpered. “Come on,” he said with a chuckle already knowing she had to use the bathroom.

After helping Angie in the bathroom he stepped out to put on his shoes and started thinking. Maybe his wife just needed to get out the car for a little while. “Angie!” He called jumping up and grabbing his belt.


“How about we go for a walk?” He asked. “Maybe what you need is to get out of here for a little while. We can go to the dining car and have lunch or whatever you’re in the mood for.”

“I don’t know Jesse,” she replied back.

Jesse went closer to the door. “I think it would be good for you… … … Angie.” He called knocking on the door. She hadn’t answered him and he was beginning to worry.

Angie was silent for a moment and when she heard what sounded like the door knob turning she cleared her throat. “Uh yea! Just uh… Why don’t you just go and get the stuff, I’ll be fine.”

“Angela, what’s going on? Why you sound like that?” Her voice sounded different. Almost like she was in a panic. “I’m coming in there.”

“No!” Angie shouted. “I mean… No, I’m fine… Jesse please… Please just go.”

“Angela, what’s wrong?”

You keep bothering me, she thought taking a deep breath. “Don’t make me say it… Please,” she begged.

Jesse stared at the door for awhile before catching the hint. “Oh!” He took a step back and looked around. He took a step forward. “Do you uh… You… uh…”

“I can handle it baby, just go.” After some much convincing on Angie’s part, she’d finally gotten him to leave her alone. She waited until she heard the sleeping car door slide close before she opened the bathroom door. “Jesse?” She called softly. She listened out for any breathing or the sound of any sudden moves, when none was heard she felt her way out and to where she and Jesse been sitting.

Now anybody else would have said something about what she experienced in the bathroom and not lied about having to do something else, but Angie didn’t feel she was ready for that. And also a part of her felt she may have put too much thought into what happened. That wouldn’t have been to far fetched, mean for goodness sake she’d been on that dag-blasted train for three days, she was bound to go nuts. Her mind and body was bound to play some tricks on her. “Alright Peanut, don’t start nothing,” she warned but later giggled. “You know I can hear you now… ‘Mommy nuts’.” Her voice switched over to that of a two or three year old.

Angie had been lying on the bunk for maybe ten minutes, if even that long when she felt the urge to use the bathroom. Earlier she had the same urge but nothing happened. She had a feeling this would be the same but… “If I didn’t know any better I would think—” She was cut off when she finally came to her feet and felt something trickle down her sweat pants covered thighs. That yucky feeling was not in her head. “Crap,” she whimpered.

Crap! Rut-Rho, what’s happening?


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