Jesse walked into the dining car and glanced around. For the time of day the place was pretty quiet. “Guess everybody’s sleeping,” he mumbled taking a seat and waiting for somebody to come to him. As he sat there he was starting to think leaving Angie alone probably wasn’t the best idea. Something about the way she was acting in there just now didn’t sit right with him.

“Hello, what can I get for you this afternoon?”

Jesse looked away from the window and smiled up at perky waitress. She must have been used to these types of trips. “Got any ice cream back there?” He asked with a chuckle.

“Of course. What’s your pleasure?” She giggled.

“Vanilla and can I get maybe four or five chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. Each.”

The woman didn’t even have to write it down. “Your wife having those cravings again?”

“You know it… And for me just a BLT and coke.”

“Okay you sit back, relax and I’ll get right on that.” She tapped the table and then turned to walk away. She then turned back around. “Would you like that coke now, while you wait?”

“Sure.” And with that she let him be. He turned back to the window and reflected on what happened the past three days. He and Angie had been in the lounge car, the dining car and each time they enjoyed themselves. Even through her sickness she’d managed to push it all aside and have a good time. Up until today that is. Just as he was about to return his attention to the passing scenery outside the window, his cell phone started ringing. Thinking maybe it was Angie calling him back to the car he quickly answered without even looking at the Caller ID. “Baby?”

“Oh well how sweet of you, but I’m currently seeing somebody. Thanks!” Tad teased.

Jesse rolled his eyes. “What you want?”

“What’s with the attitude Chief? I was just calling to check on my two favorite people,” Tad said with a chuckle. “Speaking of where is Angie and Peanut?”

Jesse scoffed and silently thanked the woman for his soda before answering. “Angie is in the sleeping car. She hasn’t been feeling to good so she stayed behind while I came to get her something to snack on,” he explained.

“What’s wrong with her?” Tad asked. Concerned plastered on his face. Laced in his voice.

“She’s been feeling rundown since we boarded and it’s only since gotten a little worse. She was complaining of minor back pains.” Jesse massaged his temples. “This long trip is really taking a toll her. I’m wishing I would have chosen to stay in San Francisco a little longer.”

“Didn’t you say she was ready to come home?”

“Yea, but still I should have made her wait a little longer.” He shook his head and sighed.

Tad nodded, even though his buddy couldn’t see him. “Maybe it’s just the length of the trip. And besides she’s been through a lot this past month I’m sure being stuck in one place per say isn’t what she had in mind. Watch as soon as she gets home and take a day to adjust she’ll be at PVH doing her thing.”

“Yea, I guess so… So listen how’s everything coming along at the loft.”

“Everything’s pretty much done. All left is to hang the blocks on the wall. That crib you ordered should be in by this afternoon,” Tad reported.

“Did you spell my daughter’s name right?”


Angie braced the railings of the top bunk and leaned over. “Okay… Okay…” she panted, rocking back and forth. “Come on baby girl… Not right now… Please not right now,” she begged.

When she felt that trickle earlier she had just barely made her way to the bathroom when she was struck with an unbearable pain.

Angie felt for the audio button on her wrist watch. “The time is now 1:30 pm,” the watches robotic voice announced. Angie threw her head back, that last contraction lasted a full minute and had taken place just fifteen minutes after the first one. There was a chance this labor would just slow down and there was a chance it wouldn’t, either way she knew she needed to get the hell of the train.

“Peanut,” she whimpered. “We talked about this.”



Jesse and Tad stayed on the phone longer than expected. When he realized how long he’d been away from Angie he quickly grabbed the stuff off the table, jumped up and went to check on her.

“Heehee, hoho, heehee, hoho,” she panted, still gripping the rail. “Jesse,” she whimpered. “Please hurry back.”

Not giving a damn who he ran into Jesse dashed down the long, but small in width hall like he was running from a fire. The minute he’d stepped out the dining area his stomach had begun to churn. He immediately regretted leaving her and at the moment didn’t know if the feeling in his stomach had anything to do with her.

Jesse came up to he and Angie’s sleeping car and as soon as he slid the door open he saw her rocking. “Baby…” He threw everything to the side and quickly made it to her side. “What’s wrong?”

Angie threw her head back. “My first contraction hit just a little after one,” she panted. “Then another fifteen minutes… later.”

“No, no, no, Angie no. It’s not time yet!”

“Don’t you think I know that!” She snapped. “Jesse, I know it’s not time, but there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it now. Can I?!” She fussed tightening her hold. “Oh god!” She doubled over. “I’m sorry.”

“Another one?”

Angie whimpered and nodded her head vigorously. Jesse rubbed her back and breathed in and out with her, make sure she remembered what she had to do. “You’re doing good baby,” he cooed. He wasn’t sure if what was really happening good or not, but he felt it was something she needed or wanted to hear. When she rested against him he looked at his watch. “40seconds… Tell me what happened.”

Angie rested her head against his shoulder. “I felt something happening down… there… when I was in the bathroom. When I came out to lay down, I had to use it again so I got up and I felt a trickle down my thigh and then I was hit with this pain.”

“Damnit Angela! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” He wasn’t yelling at her. He wasn’t mad at her. He was more so mad at himself for leaving her. And scared to death because this was not suppose to be happening.

“I’m telling you now,” she cried.

Jesse was silent for a minute. Then… “Has your water broken yet?”

Angie shook her head. “There was just that small trickle and…” Angie suddenly stopped… Call it crazy, but she could have sworn she just felt something below pop. Uh-oh, she thought seconds later. “Jesse, I think we…

Jesse went to open his mouth and ask what was wrong, why had she stopped when he felt something literally soak through his tennis shoes. “What the!?” Jesse jumped. He was now standing in a puddle of… “Angela, did.. Please tell me that isn’t what I think it is,” he all but begged still holding her in his arms.

“I won’t,” she panted.

Awe damn, this was definitely not good. Not good!


2 responses to “Part.14

  1. I knew it I knew it she was in labor all that time thinking it was just minor back pains. jesse is in for it now he better call frankie and tell him to talk him through this birth. cuz princess hubbard is on her way.

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