“What do I need to do?” He asked himself but aloud. The books he read didn’t even began to prepare him for possibilities like such!

“Uh… Go see…” She closed her eyes and licked her drying lips. She started rocking again. Jesse stood right there with her, though he was no where near calm he held his own. “Breathe… Just breathe. That’s all I need you to do.”

Angie bore down. “I am breathing,” she gritted as she gripped the railings with newfound strength.

When the pain ceased or rather rolled on, Jesse looked at his watch. “Nearly a minute.”

“What is their next scheduled stop?” She asked in between breaths. Jesse sighed and looked around, for what he wasn’t sure. It wasn’t like there was going to be some kind of sign telling him when and where they would stop next. “I- I don’t know,” he answered honestly. “Go find out,” she begged. Jesse was torn between doing as she said and staying with her. The last time he left and come back she was having contractions. Who knows, he left again and come back the baby could be half-way out. “No. I’m not leaving you.”

“Jesse, you have to find out–”

“You let me handle this. You just keep breathing. Okay baby… It’s time you let me take the reigns right now. Okay?”

Angie nodded. “Okay, okay.” There wasn’t really much else she could do or say in this situation. Besides she may have told Jesse to leave her, but in reality she didn’t want him too… And he didn’t leave. What he did do was remove his cell from his pocket and quickly dial somebody who would be able to help him from afar. “Frank, I need you man.”

Frankie who’d been asleep groaned. “Hello. Whose this?”

“Franklin Hubbard, wake your happy ass up.”

“Pops?” Frankie asked, sitting up. “What’s going on? You guys haven’t pulled in yet have you?” He grabbed his watch off the floor and tried to get a good reading. He was sure they weren’t suppose to get in until later into the night.

Jesse mumbled something. “No, we haven’t pulled in yet. Frank, your mother is… She’s having contractions.”

“Crap!” Frankie popped up and just barely missed hitting his head on the bunk above him. He’d been taking a nap in the hospital’s on call room. “Pops, are you sure? If could just be Braxton Hicks.”

Jesse pulled the phone from his ear and stared at it. Did his son think he was stupid? No he may not have had a medical degree or paid that much attention in school, but he was nowhere near stupid. “This boy is–”

“Give me the phone,” Angie reluctantly let go of the railing and held out her hand. Instead of handing it to her he put it on speaker phone and set it on the top bunk. He told her this. “Hello,” she said.


“Frankie… Sweetheart… My baby boy… You don’t get me off this damn train and into a hospital where I can get some drugs, I swear I will ring your neck. Don’t play with me!” She snarled. At first her tone had been light and to Frankie a bit scary and then it ended hard as steel and cold as ice.

Frankie jumped out of the bed and ran out of the room. “uh… Where are you? Where is the train?”

“The contractions are about 15 minutes apart. There’s not enough time for me to leave her and then comeback before the next one.”

“Okay, listen I’ll call the train station and see what I can find out. I promise I will call right back.” Without another word Frankie hung up and set out to do what needed to be done. He wasn’t going to lie and say he wasn’t nervous or scared. His mother was about to give birth on a train. An un-sterile place and then there was no telling if there was anything wrong with her or the baby. “Arrgh!”


Angie tried to stay as calm as possible, but it was hard to do when it seemed like the fifteen minute intervals were becoming more like ten minutes. “How you doing baby?” She heard Jesse ask from behind her. “Not good,” she answered honestly. No sense in lying. “Jesse, I don’t think we’re going to make it.” She arched her back. “It seems like they’re closer.”

Jesse sat on the bunk in front of his wife and rubbed her stomach and then moved his hand around to her back. They were indeed coming closer. Fifteen minutes had turned into ten minutes and then easily turned into six minutes. And that was all within the last thirty minutes. Closing his eyes, he rested his forehead against Angie’s belly. “Angie,” his tone was low, but the underlining message was loud and clear.

“I know,” she whimpered. She threw her head back and started biting her bottom lip. “I know,” she breathed. She imagined bringing her baby into the world in many different scenarios, but this was never one of them. This hadn’t once crossed her mind!

Jesse placed a kiss upon the place that housed his baby girl for the past eight months and whispered something. “Don’t worry Peanut… Daddy got you and your momma… Always,” he promised.

After two more contractions had come and gone. Both Angie and Jesse had finally come to terms with what was about happen, Angie suggested he call somebody for help. Jesse didn’t get all macho and say he could handle it without help, he politely grabbed his cell and dialed the next best person.

“My man! What’s going on?” Jake answered.

Jesse sighed and looked up at Angie. Her head was down and though she couldn’t see, her eyes were on him. “I need you to help me deliver my baby girl.”

“Wait! Where are you guys?” Jakes jumped up from his couch.

“What’s going baby?” Amanda asked.

“Hold on babe,” Jake said. “Jesse, where are you guys?”

“We’re still on the train.”

Jake cursed and moved to grab his shoes from by the door. “How close are you to the station?”

“Not sure. But I know fore sure the chances of us getting there within the next thirty minutes will not be happening.” Jesse had a feeling even if they were thirty minutes away from the station there was no way Angie would make it. He could feel it in his bones!

“Okay. Damn.” Jake now paced the living room and tried to think. He could do this with his eyes closed, but when the patient was nowhere near him and there was no way to tell of her progress. Her health, the baby’s health he was at a lost. “I know there isn’t anything we can do about it… But I just have to be sure you know this is risky. Very risky. Considering Angie’s age, her blood condition, the environment. Everything that happened while she was away.” Jake could go on and on about why this was such a big risk.

Jesse sighed. “I know the risk, but just like you said there isn’t anything we do to stop this. So I-I…” He looked back up at Angie and saw tears streaming down her face. “I gotta do what I gotta do.”

Jake signaled for Amanda to get a hold of Frankie. “Alright… Here’s what you’re going to need.” … … …

Angie felt and heard Jesse moving around her in between contractions. Heard him talking to Jake. And all she could do was stand there and pray. She was no idiot. She knew of the risk and the chances she and Jesse had to take. So she prayed to the man upstairs that she and especially her baby girl would make it through this. Asked God to give Jesse the strength and whatever else he needed to help him get through this.

“You trust me?” Jesse stopped and asked in between a contraction. Angie nodded. “I tru… I trust you,” she assured him. He lightly pecked her lips and moved to finish getting everything ready.

“You have everything?” Jake asked after sometime.

“Just about…”

Jesse was heading back toward Angie when Jake said, “Jesse, Amanda just got off the phone with Frankie and–”

“Jesse!” Angie cried out. The pain had all but knocked her to the floor.

Jesse rushed to lie Angie down and preceded to get her out of her bottom. The minute they were off and he looked back at her his eyes went wide. Oh damn, he thought. “Uh… Ja-Jake, whatever Frankie had to say is going to have to wait.”

“Jesse? What’s wrong?”

“Jake I think I see the head.” All he could do was stare. He was really about to do this… His kid was really on her way out and into his arms. I’m about too–

Angie let out a scream. “Get it out! Please, get it out,” she sobbed.


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