Angie let out a scream. “Get it out!” She yelled. “Please, get her out,” she sobbed.

The scream was heard through out their area. People who’d been in their sleeping car resting or whatever had come running out to see what was going on. Along with them two of the crew members came down. They’d just gotten a call from Pine Valley’s train station, who’d just gotten a call from a Dr. Franklin Hubbard and told them that they had an emergency. “Back up!” One of them shouted moving through the crowd and going to the source. The other slid the door open and whatever he was going to say died on his lips.

Jesse looked away from Angie. “You either going to stand there and let a fly go in your mouth or you’re going to do something. Like maybe, try to get us off this damn train!” Jesse fussed.

One of the young men started backing out the room and ran into a passenger. “I’m-I’m sorry,” he stuttered before moving past them and dashing down the hall to talk with the conductor.

“We need a doctor. Is there a doctor on board?!” The other one asked. He seemed calmed as all get out. Made Jesse think he’d been in this situation before.

Angie started arching off the edge of the seat. Her nails all but dug into the leather upholstery. “Jesse, she’s com– Arrgh!”

“Jesse, what’s happening?” Jake asked. The phone was sitting next to him.

Jesse turned back to see and his heart began to drum against his chest like crazy. Angie started screaming, crying and even let a few harsh words slip from her lips.

“Jesse?” Jake called. “Tell her when the next contraction hits to push.”

“If you aren’t doctors then back up!” The lone crew member barked.

“Shut up!” Angie cried out. She was sick of people talking. Sick of them moving around. “Just, shut-up!”

Jesse reached up and started rubbing Angie’s parted knees. “Breathe,” he ordered calmly. Her bark didn’t scare him as much as what was happening between her legs did. “Just breathe for me.” He rubbed her knees and her calves, doing anything to keep her as calm as possible. “Listen, focus on me… Only on me.”

As much as it pained her to even allow him to touch her, let alone listen to him tell her what to do, she listened. She didn’t put up much of a fight. Why? Because she was tired of fighting for one and two she couldn’t fight. She would only be wasting her needed energy by arguing with Jesse and Jake and whoever else was present and that was the very last she or Baby Ellie needed.

When the next contraction hit Angie bore down and pushed without all her might. This part was the hardest!

“Doing good! Stop!” Jesse called over Angie’s sobs and whimpers. “You’re doing good baby…” He reached for the towel he had set to the side to wrap his daughter up, but it wasn’t anywhere to be found. What the hell, he thought scanning the small area and coming up empty. Shit! He hissed inwardly and before he knew he was coming out of his shirt and turning it inside out.

Jake who was still on the phone spoke up. “Okay, need to start pushing again.”

“Yea,” Jesse replied. “Hear that. Start pushing.”

Angie started pushing. Like before she bore down and pushed with everything in her. Pushed like she never pushed before. “Jessssseeeee!” She cried, now pulling back. As if that move would help her escape from the pain. “Keep going,” Jesse ordered. She pushed. She pushed. And finally… “ah,” the cry was oh so small. Like a kitten. And after her little lungs filled with more air she let out a, “Waaaaaaahhhh!”

Angie, thoroughly exhausted, just melted into the seat like ice on a hot pavement.

Jesse stared down at the little squirmy, fussy baby who’d he wrapped up in his shirt and smiled like any proud father would. “Wow,” was all he could say. Wow was the only word his mind could form. “Wow.”

“Jesse,” Angie whimpered.

He tore his eyes from his newborn baby girl. “She’s beautiful. Just like you.”

Angie’s held out her arms. “Let… me hold her,” she panted. Jesse happily laid the baby in her arms. As soon as the baby was comfortably in her arms she ran her hand down the side of her small body. “Oh my god! She’s so tiny,” she squealed.

The passengers who’d been outside watching the whole thing, as well as the crew members clapped, whooped and hollered. Jake who was still on the phone clapped his hands. “Congratulations!” He called.

“You did it,” Jesse said. He thought he was breathless before but now her was beyond that. Seeing his wife holding their baby girl just warmed him all over. Just took every ounce of his breath away.

Angie raised her head. “W– We did it,” she whispered.

“You guys!” Jake called after sometime. “Frankie just called and said the train is going to make a stop just for you. The hospital nearby has already been contacted and an ambulance will be there waiting,” he reported. “We’ll be down soon.”


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  1. Do you really think like that as you wrote in your post? Because i`ve got different opinion about that. I don`t know if i can write here about it but if you want to ask me about someting just write to me. Nice blog 🙂

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