After the train made an emergency stop to not only let Angie, Jesse and Ellie off but to clean up everything as well, they were rushed to the nearby hospital. Passengers weren’t the least bit happy about having to wait, but if AnJ were asked if they cared they would politely tell them no. It wasn’t like they planned for this to happen. As a matter of fact they had both prayed before they got on that it wouldn’t. Peanut coming when she did was beyond either ones control.

Long after being taken the hospital and being separated from his two favorite girls, Jesse popped up from his seat and started pacing the waiting room. Again! The people stopped him from going in with either one of them saying they needed to complete their exam and he needed to fill out some papers.

“I’ll be right here baby. I’m not going anywhere,” Jesse vowed as he took hold of Angie’s trembling hand and kissed it. Angie turned her head in his direction and smiled. “Don’t worry about me… you just worry about our baby girl.” The doctors had given her something to help mellow her out. Her words were a little slurred and her eyes were growing heavier by the second. Jesse smiled at his brave wife and kissed her still dampened forehead. “Not worry about you… Not happening.”

Angie smiled and gave his hand as much of a squeeze as she could before succumbing to the medicines effects. Jesse stayed with her until he was asked to leave.

That was nearly three hours ago, maybe more and he was ready to see his wife and child. It’d been too long since he last held them both and he didn’t like that one bit.

As he paced like a crazed man he started thinking about everything that happened today. He actually delivered his baby girl. HE! Jesse Hubbard from broke down center city, who didn’t have a license in medicine, never done it before, delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl. To say he was happy would have been the understatement of the year. Jesse was ecstatic! He was ready to run to the tip of some godforsaken mountain and break out in a dance of praise to the man that made it all possible. Just as the thought was becoming more and more appealing to him he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Mr. Hubbard?”

He whirled around. “uh… Sorry. Yes?” He asked, now noticing he wasn’t in the waiting room alone. How long had they been there, he wondered.

“Your wife is asking for you.” The nurse reported. “Follow me.”

Didn’t have to tell him twice! Jesse all but ran down the hall. “Is everything okay? Did she– did she check out alright? What about the baby? Is she okay?”

The male nurse chuckled. As long as he’d been working in that department he would never grow tire of the parents reactions. Whatever they may have been. “Mrs. Hubbard had some minor tearing, but other than that and her growing appetite she’s doing really. And Baby Hubbard checked out with a nine out ten. Her reflexes response wasn’t as strong. We will keep an eye on that. Considering everything that has transpired, it‘s amazing they made it out like this.”

Jesse barely caught that last comment and he would openly admit it. Moments later they came up on a room and the man gestured for him to enter. He sent up a prayer before he pushed the door open and saw the love of his life holding the love of their life in her arms. “Angie,” he whispered.

Angie raised her head and turned it toward the door. “Jesse,” she said softly. “Come meet your daughter.”

He was so nervous he swore Angie heard his heart pounding against his chest. Heard his knees buckle even. When he finally made it to her side and eased onto the edge of the bed, he let go of the breath he hadn’t realized until that moment he’d been holding. “She’s… she’s prefect.”

Peanut’s little hand was wrapped around Angie’s pinky. Her eyes were wide open and her heart shaped lips were forming a perfect “o” as she stared up at them both in awe.

“Who does she look like?” Angie asked.

“Like us.” Simple as that.

“Come on, Jesse. Tell me.” Angie giggled as she offered her to her father. “Hold her.”

Jesse happily took her. She made a little noise, but once she snuggled into his board chest she settled down. She wrapped her small hand around his pinky and gave a little kick. He took it all in. The way her little face scrunched up and then relaxed. The way she moved her little head and opened and closed her mouth like a little fish. He was in love! He was more in love with her now that she was here, than he was before and he didn’t think that was even possible. He thought the love for her had gone above and beyond. Not even!

“Jesse,” Angie whispered.

He tore his eyes from his baby girl and set them on the woman that made this all possible. “She’s beautiful… God where do I even began!” He laughed. “She has my eyes and those eyelashes you love so much. She has your little nose She has your hair.” He looked up at Angie and stared into her eyes. “Your dimples. My lips.”

Tears were now streaming down her face. “She sounds perfect.” God! She wished she could see her.

“She is… Angela, she’s perfect. Just like you.” He took one hand from under the baby, still supporting her with his other one, and reached up to caress his wife’s cheek. “You did it and baby I am so proud of you.”

Angie wrapped her hand around his wrist. “We did it,” she corrected. “Baby, I couldn’t have done this without you. Any of this! You are my rock. You made it possible for me to have her. Our miracle…” The rest of the words died on her lips as the emotions took over. She still couldn’t believe it! She was a mother again and to a child that was made by she and Jesse. She couldn’t believe that the baby she could only conjure up in her mind was really here.

Baby in arms, Jesse leaned over and put his forehead against hers. “Angie, you and Ellie… You’re my beginning, my middle, my finish. Say it with me.”

Angie whimpered. “She’s our beginning, our middle, our finish… Our everything.” They both said in unison. Jesse took Angie’s hand and placed it on the top of Peanut’s head. “She’s our miracle.”


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