Frankie, Jake and Bonnie who’d been taken to the hospital that was originally eleven hours away by car and three if flying, walked down the hall of the maternity ward on a mission. They’d been flown there by one of PVH’s helicopters. After sometime Bonnie came up to the nurses station. “Hello I’m looking for Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard. They were brought in a few hours ago.”

“And you are?”

“I’m Dr. Bonnie Sinclair. I called not too long ago to ask about her. I’m her OBGYN in Pine Valley.” Bonnie took her badge from her bag and slid it to her.
The nurse looked at it and nodded. “Right, I did talk with you. But I’m sorry who are you guys?” She looked around the doctor and to the men that stood behind her.

“I’m Dr. Franklin Hubbard, those are my parents.”

“And I’m Dr. Jake Martin. I’m a very close friend to the Hubbard’s.”

“Oh okay.” She looked at both of their badges as well. “Please follow me,” she said waving for them to join her as she started down the hall. “Just a heads up, Mrs. Hubbard is nursing.”

“Oh!” Frankie and Jake yelped in unison, pulling back. “You know what, better yet. I think I’ll wait out here until she’s… Yea,” Frankie quickly said when both women turned to look at him. Jake shook his head. “I’ll wait out here too.”

Bonnie look at both men. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure everything is okay.” And with that she followed the nurse to Angie’s room.

Jake and Frankie looked at each other. “Why didn’t you go in?” Frankie asked. Jake gave him an incredulous look. Was Frankie really asking him that? “Really? Man, she’s like my sister. What I look like going in there while she’s…” He looked down at his chest and then look toward the room Bonnie just entered. “No!”

Frankie started laughing. “Whatever.”



“How you doing Mrs. Hubbard? She’s not hurting you is she?” The older woman, who was the lactation specialist asked as she stood by the bedside, ready to assist Angie.

Angie smiled as she felt Ellie’s vise grip on her pinky. “No pain. And I’m doing good. Actually great all because of this little one.” Angie said softly as she. “Isn’t that right peanut?” She cooed.

Jesse sat on the edge of the bed with his hands going up and down Angie’s leg. He raised his head a bit to see if his daughter was really nursing and sure enough she was. She seemed as if she was trying to take it all. “She has a big appetite.”

“Like her father,” she hinted. Jesse was definitely a greedy man but you would never know it by looking at him. He was in such great shape. “But really you know she’s been deprived of food since she entered the world. My poor darling must have thought we were starving her.” Angie let her chin caress her baby’s head full of hair. It was so soft! Well of course it was, but still it was just one of those things about her that just amazed her.

Moments later Angie heard the door open and raised her head. The next thing she heard was, “I still can’t believe I missed my baby’s birth.”

Angie frowned. “Whose… Jesse, who is that?” She asked turning her head in his direction. Usually she was good at voices, but they weren’t at PVH so… She couldn’t be sure.

Jesse had been shell shocked. He hadn’t expected to see her. Frankie, yea. But Bonnie… No way! “Well lookie here. It’s Dr. Bonnie Sinclair.”

“Oh my god!” Angie exclaimed. “What are you doing here? How did… How did you know I was here?”

Bonnie put her purse and jacket down, washed her hands and went over to see mommy and baby. “Well I’m here for you gals. And I was informed just as I was signing out for the day. Jake rushed into the hospital, stopped me and went on about how you went into labor… On a train!” She exclaimed. “Somebody want to explain that part to me?”

Angie laughed. “Well I had nothing to do with that part. You’ll need to talk to Miss. Missy here.” She dropped her head forward as if she was looking into her baby girls eyes. “It was all her doing.”

Bonnie eased onto the edge of the bed. “So you’re telling me you didn’t feel anything? Nothing at all?”


“Angela?” Jesse questioned. He’d been wanting to ask that question for quite sometime but he just didn’t know how or when to approach her with it. And it besides a part of him hoped that her keeping something away from him was just silly thought.

Sighing heavily, Angie shrugged her shoulders. “At one point the pain had become a bit too much. But it only came and went during an hours time. After it stopped I… I stopped worrying. Thought maybe it was just some pretty bad Braxton Hicks… Or even gas,” she answered shyly.

Jesse shook his head. “When was this?” He had an inkling feeling he knew when but he needed and wanted to hear it from her. “ Huh?” She asked raising a brow. Jesse smirked and decided to use one of her many lines. “Huh, means you can hear,” he replied. Angie sighed and visibly tensed. “Right after I told you, you could go to sleep… But! You were sleeping so peacefully I didn’t want to bother you until I knew for sure it was something that needed to be brought to your attention,” she cleared up.

Bonnie rolled her eyes and sighed. “Doctors do indeed make the worst patients.”

“Worst is an understatement as far as Angela goes,” Jesse smirked.

“Uh… Angela is sitting right here and she can hear everything you’re saying about her,” Angie acknowledged.

Jesse and Bonnie started laughing and at the same time said, “And?”

“Oh! How rude!” She huffed. “Say daddy, Ms. Bonnie, that was not very nice of you,” Angie spoke, her voice mocking that a of a kid. “Not nice at all.”


Angie was just fixing her gown when somebody knocked on the door and then entered. “Are you decent?” One person asked. “Yea, we don’t want to see anything!” The other called out. This time it hadn’t took Angie long to recognize them. “Yes! Come in,” she said as she laughed.

Frankie and Jake dropped their hands from over their eyes and smiled “Hey there sweet cheeks!” Jake greeted walking over and giving her a big hug. “How are you?”

“Seeing as I’m her son I should be the one getting some love first,” Frankie complained shoving Jake to the side and leaning over to wrap his arms around his mother. “Hmmm! Hey ma. How are you doing?”

Angie giggled as she leaned into Frankie. “I’m in a little pain and still a little shocked, but other than that I’m over the moon,” she gushed.

Jake chuckled. “Well a little shock should be an understatement. When Jesse called and said you were getting ready to have the baby I must have lost it. I was thinking, no sir this could not be happening. Not now! Lo and behold it was and it did. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that.” He then turned and looked at the new father as he held his daughter and cooed over her. “So Jesse, you ready to go on back to school, get a degree and come work at PVH with us. Deliver more babies.”

Frankie kissed his mother’s forehead before he stood and went over to his pops and his little sister.

Jesse laughed so hard and so loud, Ellie whimpered and started flailing her little arms and legs. “Sorry baby girl. Daddy so sorry,” he whispered softly into her ear. It took him rocking her and humming to her to get her settled. Once she did he looked up and saw Angie smiling lovingly. “Don’t you just love a man who has a way with babies,” Angie sighed touching her heart. Bonnie nodded in agreement. “It is something sexy.”

“Oh you two!” Jake hissed. “So Jesse, what you think?”

He snorted this time and carefully handed Ellie over to her brother. “I’m going into retirement buddy.”

“But you’re just getting started.”

“And I’m just ending.” Jesse chuckled and later flinched at the thought of having to do that again. It was definitely an amazing experience, but it was also something that would mess with ones mind. Especially if you never done it or seen anything like it before… He hoped whoever got pregnant next in their circle they would get to the hospital in time, because Jesse Darnell Hubbard wasn’t birthing no more babies. “Seriously man, that was a once in a lifetime thing.” He looked back at his beautiful baby girl who was a combination of mother and father and felt his chest puff out a bit. He wouldn’t do it again, but he was was proud of what had happened. The wonderful outcome.

Ellie started making noises and then sucking her gums. “I know you aren’t hungry again,” Jesse teased gently squeezing her little foot.

Angie shook her head. “Greedy,” she joked.

A/N: First, I want to say thank you to all of those who are commenting. I really appreciate it, more than you know! <3…  Also I want to apologize for keeping you all waiting. Reasons all boils down to laziness and distractions. Ugh! LOL! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy. And stay around, dun-dun, I smell alot of drama coming their way.


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