The next day around noon, Angie and Ellie gotten the approval to go home to PV. But only because they were being admitted into PVH and was now under their watch. Bonnie assured the doctors that Angie and baby would not be released from PVH until she saw they were both okay and ready to go home-home… After getting all her information, filling out all the necessary papers, Bonnie, Jesse, Angie and baby were lifted to PV. Frankie and Jake has left earlier that morning. The ride hadn’t been all that easy because of the noise and Ellie wouldn’t sleep, but it was worth it.

Now they were settled into their new room and having a late lunch. Or rather Jesse and Ellie were having a late lunch. Angie was to busy nursing to eat anything. “Baby, open your mouth. You need to eat something.” Jesse said forking a piece of his meat. Angie shook her head. “No honey, I’m good. Besides I think she’s just about finished.”

“Hold on one second.” Jesse moved his food to the side and washed his hands in the nearby sink. Afterward he rushed over to Angie and gently took the baby from her arms. “Make sure she burps Jesse. We don’t need her throwing up,” Angie said as she fixed her gown.

“I know Angela.”

“Just making sure.”

Through out the day many of their friends came by to welcome the new Hubbard into their circle. Welcome Angie back home and spoil them both with bears, flowers, balloons, whatever they could think of it was in the room. This went on for hours. Went on until Jesse told everybody his girls had to get some rest and that they didn’t have to go home but they had to get the hell out of there.

“I’m sure feeling the love man,” Tad joked as he walked over to a drowsy Angie and kissed her forehead. “She’s beautiful baby, just like her mother.”

“Thank you.” Angie blushed.

Tad gave his best man a quick hug and soon he, Krystal and Opal followed by Frankie, Natalia, Brot, Jake, Amanda and Randi left with promises to see them again the next day. After closing the door Jesse went to his wife and helped her get situated for the night. “Need anything?”

“Maybe you to hold me.”

“That can be arranged.” Jesse smirked as he moved the baby closer to the head of the bed instead of by the recliner he’d planned on sleeping in, took off his shoes and crawled in the bed behind Angela. “How are you feeling?”

“I’ve never felt better. I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. A wonderful, loving, healthy husband… What more could I ask for?”

Jesse eased his arms around her and kissed the back of her neck. “The world.”

“I have the world… My world is right here in this room.” She brought his hand to her lips and softly kissed his knuckle. “How are you feeling?” She asked him.

Jesse thought about it. “Like I can run a marathon.” Angie laughed with him. “Seriously baby I haven’t felt anything like this since we said our vows. What I’m feeling is damn hard to describe.”

“Hey! I thought we agreed to cut the bad language out once she came into the world.”

He flinched. “Sorry baby. I promise I’ll try to keep that up.” Sometime later silence blanketed the room and when Jesse peeked over he saw why. Angie had followed Ellie’s lead and gone to sleep. It was then he took the time to close his eyes and thank the big man upstairs for making all of this possible. Thanked him for giving he and Angie this miracle… … …

Well into the night, somebody quietly slid the door open and took quick and quiet steps to the bassinet. The person was very careful as to not wake Angie and Jesse. The baby was a different story, she was already awake. She was just looking around in awe, flailing her little arms. “Hey there,” he said leaning over and caressing her dimpled cheeks. “Aren’t you just the cutest thing.”

Ellie’s arms continued to flail but not as wildly as before. Her little face scrunched up. “Don’t worry sweetheart… As soon as you’re approved I’m taking you and mommy home. Where you truly belong.” He kissed her forehead. “And don’t worry about your daddy. Your Uncle Kevin will take care of everything. I promise.” Kevin Starks stood over the baby until he finally let his eyes slide over to Angie. Just as he was about to slip to her side, the voices in his head started up again, his left eye started twitching and his left shoulder started jerking. “Ge– get outta my head,” he whispered shaking his head.

Angie already half awake, began to feel out of sorts. There was another presence in the room and along with that her mommy instincts had kicked into overdrive. “El– Ellie.” She opened her eyes.

“Ahh,” Ellie whimpered. “Wahhhhhhh!” She had taken a breath and was now letting her voice be heard. She was letting them know she was feeling uncomfortable!

Just as quickly as Kevin entered the first time he exited.

“Jesse… Jesse! Wake up!” She called shaking him.

Jesse sat straight up with a start and looked around. “Wha–What?”

“Somebody’s in here,” she hissed.

He looked around the room around. Nobody was there and there’d been no signs of anybody coming in. The door was still closed, Ellie though crying, was still in the room. “Angie nobody’s here.” He crawled out the bed and rushed over to pick up his daughter. “What’s wrong baby girl? Huh? What’s the matter with my baby girl?” He cooed gently rocking her. “Baby you were probably dreaming.”

Angie was now sitting up, that was no dream. “Jesse somebody was in here and I felt them… I know I did!”

“It could have been your nurse poking her head in to see about you and Ellie,” Jesse reasoned.

“No,” she mumbled. Her nurses didn’t give an eerie feeling and she knew damn well she wasn’t losing her mind! Or was she? “Give me my baby,” she whispered.


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