Kevin Starks ducked and dodged until he made it to the emergency staircase. Earlier that morning he’d gotten a call from his right hand man letting him knowing he obtained some information he wanted.

“Don’t play around with me Scottie!” He growled as he maneuvered the streets of Pine Valley.

“They flying her in later on today.”

“Fly? She can’t fly! She’s too far along, besides she’s taking a train back.”

Scottie sighed. “She had the baby yesterday on her way back home. From what I’ve heard she had the baby on the train and Dr. Bonnie and Dr. Martin went to check on her. They squared everything away for her and the baby to be air lifted here.”

“What time?”

“I heard Dr. Martin say a little before noon.”

Kevin crossed the street to the hotel he’d been staying in, which wasn’t far from PVH or The Hubbard’s loft. As soon as he found out Angie was hoping the train to return home he packed his things and caught the next flight out. “Keep your ears open for any changes and as soon as they get there, you call me.”

“Boss, I really wish you would tell me your obsession is with this woman. She’s married. Happily married as a matter of fact. Just had a kid! What is it with her?”

“What I tell you about asking questions?”

Scottie groaned. “Listen, don’t get me wrong the woman is beautiful and all, but she’s old. You need to get you a young honey and settle down with her. This thing with the old lady that ain’t right.”

Kevin cursed. “Just do you as you’re told before you end up like your old buddy Pops… I hate getting my hands dirty, but I wouldn’t mind it if it meant getting you to shut the hell up.” And with that Kevin slammed his phone closed and busied himself with packing his things.

His love for Angela Hubbard was not some sick obsession! His love for Angie was true and pure. Always been that way since their close call in her office many years ago. She and Jacob had just had a fight and she walked into the hospital totally distraught. Being the good friend he was, he went to check on her.

“Angie, you okay?”

“I’m fine!” She snapped throwing herself into her chair and picking up a pen.

Kevin said nothing more. He just entered her office and sat down. “If that’s your definition of fine, I’d hate to see what great looks like,” he teased. He reached over and put his hand on top of hers. She raised her head. “Come on, this is Kevin you’re talking too.”

Angie stared at him and before long she opened up to him about how Jacob had some gig not far from the city and had not only forgot to call her, but forgot that she made plans for their special night. Said when he came in well into the morning he reeked of cheap perfume and was drunk and hadn’t even apologized when she brought everything to his attention.

“Kevin, I’m tired,” she said with a sigh as she dropped her head. “He’s been doing this for weeks and… and in the beginning it really hadn’t bothered me, but now…” She covered her eyes. “It does and I don’t think I can take this anymore. It’s not the fact that he’s doing what he loves to do. I knew before I married him the jobs he did and all of that. The fact is he’s starting neglect things. Not taking care of things at home. Possibly having an affair!” Moments later she looked up. “What am I going to do?”

Kevin stood and went around the desk. “Come here,” he mumbled opening his arms. Angie just stared up at him for a minute or two before reluctantly standing and going into his arms. “You’re going to dry those eyes and do what needs to be done,” he soothed, rubbing her back. “You tell him what you just told me. And if he can’t see what this is doing to you, then you need to leave him.”

Angie buried her head into the nap of his neck and Kevin was sure he felt her kiss him there. Not wanting her to feel as if she was alone in this, he pulled back and cupped her face.

“What are you doing?” Angie asked low.

Kevin’s gaze slipped down to her luscious lips before leaning over and capturing them into a heated kiss…

As Kevin thought back to that day, he exited PVH and headed for his van. He loved Angie every since. His feelings for her to change, was bound to never happen. He thought about how he missed the chance to have the woman of his dreams in his arms and his life that day. “I’m not going to miss my chance again,” he vowed, starting up the van and glancing back to the hospital. All the while his left eye twitched. “Not again Angie.”


One response to “Part.17(Last)

  1. ok what is up with the damn eye twitching thing kevin got going on and angie i hope he don’t think they have some deep soul connection like she and jesse do. ok i really don’t like this kevin person get rid of him and fast. before jesse catches a case and angie loses him for good cuz he will be in jail for murder.

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