When the night passed on and the morning greeted them Jesse noticed his wife was awfully quiet. Granted she wasn’t always talkative in the early morning, but this was beyond what she usually did. After changing Ellie’s diaper and laying her in the cot he eased onto the bed with his wife. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she mumbled. “No, I’m lying… It’s something.” She groaned. “Last night you said I was just dreaming. Jesse I was not dreaming! Somebody was in this room and they were… were staring at me. The feeling of their eyes on me made me very uncomfortable,” she explained. “And that was no nurse or doctor. And I’m not going crazy. I know I’m not!”

“You’re not crazy. Baby I know that. I do,” he assured as he took her hands and sighed. He glanced around the room. He didn’t believe his wife was crazy, but he also didn’t believe it when she said somebody was in the room. He didn’t hear anybody come in or go out and nothing was out of place. So… “Would it make you rest easier if I put a guard by the door? Keep an eye out just in case I have to step out or when we’re sleeping?”

Angie shrugged her shoulders. “I guess… Jesse… I don’t know.”

Jesse cupped Angie’s face and leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Everything will be alright. I promise you!” Their foreheads touched. “Trust me.”

Wrapping her hands around his wrist, she sighed and decided to let it go. Maybe, just maybe it was all in her head. “I trust you.” But I’m not letting my defenses down. Not until I’m safely in my home, she thought as she felt his lips touch hers.

“Hello… Are we interrupting?” Somebody asked after gently knocking on the door.

Jesse looked over his shoulder and grinned. “Well it’s about time you made it in.”

“Jesse is that…” Angie turned her head in the direction of where the voice came from. “Cassandra?”

“The one and only,” Cass replied putting her things down and rushing over and into her mother’s arms. “And don’t forget about us,” Frankie, Brot and Natalia called at the same time.

“How are you doing? Are you feeling okay?” Cassandra asked.

Angie pulled back and laughed. “Honey bun. I’m doing good and I’m feeling fine… Great now that my other babies are here.” She rubbed her shoulders. “Frankie aren’t you on the clock? And Brot I know you have stuff to do down at the station. Natalia, how you get away?”

The kids crowded around her and the baby. Frankie and Brot didn’t have shifts until that evening and Natalia was heading back home the next day. They told her this.

“Oh okay. I don’t want you all losing your jobs because of me. We have a newborn to take care of and you know how expensive they are. Plus you four… Well, me and Jesse just won’t be able to handle it,” she teased.

Jesse chuckled. “We’ll be able to handle it… But your shoe and purse collection will have to suffer.”

Angie frowned. “Well now…” She smiled lovingly at her kids. “I’m so happy you all stopped by, but it’s about time for you to go. You know how momma feels about her shoes and purses.”

“Whoa!” They said in unison. “Mom, you’re really going to do us like that?” Frankie asked as he looked at his old man and they shared a laugh. It was no mystery that Angie treated her shoes and her purses as if they were her babies as well. She had an addiction and plenty of times Jesse tried to curb it, Angie couldn’t shake the habit even if she wanted too.

She gave them a nonchalant shrug. “Momma loves her shoes. What can I say?”

“How rude!” Cass huffed “Oh hush chile,” Angie teased, waving her off. “Why don’t you go meet your little sister. She’s over there calling for you.”

Cass didn’t hesitate. She washed her hands and went to meet Ellie Ariel Hubbard. “Look at you!” She cooed, carefully picking her up. Ellie squawked. “You’re just the cutest little thing. Yes you are.”

Once again Ellie was being ooh’ed and ah’ed over for part of the day. At least up until she and Angie had fallen asleep.

“We’re going down to Krystal’s to grab something to eat. Neither of us has eaten since last night and well, we’re starving,” Frankie said quietly. “Come with us.”

Jesse looked away from sleeping wife. “No, I think I’ll stay. I don’t want your mother to be alone when she wakes up.”

“She just went to sleep. The chances of her waking up in the next five minutes is very slim. And besides you need to eat and get some fresh air. Look, we’ll go eat and came straight back here. No playing around.” Frankie looked at his sleeping baby sister. “And we can take her to the nursery until we comeback.”

Jesse turned back to Angie and sighed. He didn’t want to leave her and Ellie, but his son was right. He needed to get something in stomach or else he would be no more good to his family. “Alright,” he sighed coming to his feet. After kissing his baby girl and making sure she was comfortably tucked in he let the kids take her to the nursery. He then went to his wife’s side and leaned over to whisper in her ear. She woke up, but only to the point where he could tell her he would return as soon as possible and that the baby was safely in the nursery.

“Where you going?” Angie asked groggily.

“Get us something to eat.”

Angie nodded. “I want some… some–”

Jesse put a finger to her lips. “I know exactly what my baby wants. Now, get some rest.” He kissed her and soon walked out to meet their kids downstairs. “Alright you guys, let’s go. I promised Angie I wouldn’t be gone long.”

Little did Jesse and the crew know, it wouldn’t take that much time go through with the plan. Kevin who stood at the nurses desk subtly watched as the little family walked out and the doors slid close in their wake. “Idiot,” he mumbled, putting the chart he held down and walking away. Once again he was dressed as if he belonged. Nice, expensive looking suit, impeccable loafers, starched white lab coat, a pair of specs and a red stethoscope around his neck. He knew if dressed this way nobody would suspect him. They would believe he was a visiting doctor and accept him. Just like at that hospital in San Francisco.

Before Kevin Starks or as his badge read Samuel Morrison went to the nursery he passed by Angie’s room and nodded at the guard that stood watch. He wasn’t quite ready to get her just yet anyway. He first needed some leverage and of course Ellie was the perfect bait. It was all apart of his perfect plan to get the women he so desperately deserved and kill the man he so desperately hated. Not just what the dumb Papal failed to do. No, he was going to really kill Jesse and bury him in a shallow grave outside of town. After which he would take his woman and they would leave the country. Yea, Angie would be mad and grieving, but in the end she will thank him for what he did. He knew it. Angie was always the forgiving type.

Anyway, if he wanted Angie just like that, taking the guard out would definitely not be a problem for him. “Afternoon,” he greeted as he passed by.

Kevin made it down the hall ,to the nursery and soon slipped in. The nurse that was inside looked up with a smile. “Oh good! They answered my call.”

“Excuse me?” He asked, he was very professional with it.

The nurse looked at him a little confused. “I called somebody in to relieve me for a few minutes. I thought it was going to take them forever to send someone. It’s not unusual these days.”

Kevin hid his excitement and gave her simple nod. Damn this was too easy! Like stealing candy from a baby. “Right, sorry. My mind was on these little beautiful babies.” He made a point to let a baby boy wrap his hand around his index finger. “Strong grip little man… Is there anything I need to know before you leave?”

“Nope. All babies are present and counted for.” She went to one cot and started fiddling with the blanket. “She doesn’t like being covered up at all.”

“Which baby is that?” He asked. He was standing near the door so he couldn’t really see.

“Baby Hubbard,” she answered with a smile. “She’s a feisty little thing. Just like her mother,” she said with a giggled.

Kevin nodded. “Oh I just bet.” He put his hands behind his back and started moving around, just eying each baby.

“Okay, I’m going to leave now. I will be back as soon as I can.” And with that she signed out and exited the room. Kevin watched from the window as she walked down the hall and then turned a corner. He couldn’t help but laugh. He couldn’t recall his other deeds being this easy.

“Alright Ellie… Let’s go before that stupid lady returns,” he cooed walking over to her and gently sliding his hand under her writhing body. When she looked as if she was about to cry he pulled her to his chest and rocked her. “It’s okay, we’re about to leave this ugly place.” He was speaking to her as he removed the band from around her ankle and then the one from around her wrist. He was no idiot. The bands had tracking devices.

Kevin walked to the door and peeked out. There were people in the hall but they weren’t paying a lick of attention to him. He made sure Ellie was quiet then began his journey down the hall in the same form as before. Like he belonged. When he came up to the emergency staircase he glanced around, he had hit a corner so he was out of view from the others. But he still made sure nobody was around, nobody followed him.

He ducked inside.

Once again he looked around to make sure nobody was in with him and started heading down.

Ellie had begun to whimper by the time they made it to the second floor, but that didn’t stop him. It only made him go faster! The minute he got to the first floor he heard a door above him open and heard laughter. He quickly covered Ellie’s mouth and slid along the wall to keep from being seen… Moments later, just as quickly and smoothly as he entered the hospital, he exited.

PVH was now missing a baby and to this second nobody even knew.

A/N: And so it begans!


One response to “Part.18

  1. ok you had to go there right you are going to make me hurt you.

    I hope someone finds out soon that she is missing and I knew angie is going to freak out about her baby and do I see a lwasuit in store for pvh I mean how are you going to let your op noch doctor and the cop baby be taking from the hospital

    I hope that nurse gets fired and her licenses taken away.

    and there has been a death warrent put out for kevin starks signed by the cop him self jesse hubbard.

    starks just worte a check for his ass that jesse is going to cash.

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