Brot barely stopped the truck when Jesse threw open his door and jumped out. “What the hell!” Natalia barked waiting for Brot to stop so she could jump out and find out what the hell was going on. Cass who was on her ass was the one to take notice of the many cops buzzing around. “This can’t be good,” she muttered, halting her steps and looking around some more. Frankie who was coming up behind her just barely knocked her over in his haste to go after his father. He too became unnerved by the site before his eyes, but instead of freaking out and scaring his little sister even more he decided to be the strong one and lightly hold her shoulders. “I’m sure it’s nothing… Come on.”

Jesse made it to the floor his wife was on and went up to Jake and Tad who were most likely giving their statement. Not caring if they were finished or not he trekked over to get some answers of his own. “Where’s Angela?”

“She’s in her room,” Jake answered grimly. “A few seconds before we called code pink she woke up asking for Ellie. I tried getting her to calm down, but nothing worked,” he explained gesturing to Angie’s room and then later dropping his head. “She knows som–”

“You didn’t tell her did you?” He asked fearfully. The whole way over he was trying to form in his mind how he would break this news to Angie. Nothing came to him then and nothing was coming to him now. The only thing he could think of was wrapping his hands around someone’s throat and choking the hell out of them.

Jake shook his head and began to explain to Jesse what happened right before they called him and PVPD down.

“What do you mean you don’t know his name?!” Tad fussed at the nurse who’d finally returned to nursery.

“I-I- I didn’t get a go– good look at his–”

Jake groaned and roughly ran his hands through his hair. “How in the hell did you manage to walk out of here without getting his damn signature? That is the protocol! They taught that the minute you entered this hospital. When you are signing out the person that is relieving you sign in! How did yo–”

“Dr. Martin… Mrs. Hubbard is awake and she isn’t to happy at the moment.” Angie’s assistant reported poking her head in the door. Jake turned to her and felt his heart drop. “Did you tell her?” The woman quickly shook her head and explained to him that Angie woke up with a start. She was panicking and rambling on about having some horrible dream and how she wanted and needed to hold her baby girl. She needed her Jesse! Jake and Tad all but cursed the big man upstairs for allowing this to go down to a woman who didn’t deserve this one bit.

Jake gave orders and ran out to go see about his dear friend. Tad stuck behind to call the station and get a couple of guys come down and then right after he called Jesse and soon after went on a search of his own.

When Jake walked into Angie’s room he could see that this wasn’t going to be easy. Angie turned her head in his direction and stiffened. “Jes–”

“It’s me. Jake,” he answered, sliding the door close and easing up to her bedside. Angie nodded vigorously before asking, “Where’s Ellie? I want my Ellie and I want her now.” The tone she used was calm, but anybody who really knew Angie knew better. Knew when she spoke in cool, calm tones when hell was happening it was never good. Jake stood there as his legs shook he couldn’t remember the last time he’d been afraid of this woman he looked to as his sister. “Angie, El–”

Angie cut him off by raising a statue like hand. “Bring her to me, Jake. Don’t make me ask you again.”

Jesse dropped his head after hearing what happened. Angie was going to kill him… He could feel it in his bones the moment he walked into her room without Ellie she was going to kill him. “Jake I… Shit!” He hissed throwing his fist into the wall. He didn’t know who did this but the person was every name in the book except a child of God. “Tad, did you all manage to find anything?” Jesse asked through gritted teeth. “Anything at all?”

Hearing the pain in his buddy’s voice had Tad feeling guilty and he wasn’t even at fault. “No… But they’re still searching. The hospital is on lock-down. No one in and no one out until they comb this place with a fine tooth comb,” he assured. “We’re… We’re going to find her Jesse.”

Jesse’s head finally rose and when he hit both Martin brothers with a menacing glare they took a step back. “We damn well betta find her!” He fussed. “Because if not…” He trailed off. The ending of his comment hanging in the air piercing everyone in earshot like a knife to the heart.

Before he stalked off to his wife’s room to deliver the bad news, he gave everybody around him a warning look. He couldn’t believe they let this happen! How in the hell could somebody easily come in and get a baby? Why in the hell did they come and get his baby? He especially wanted to know who so he could kill him and bury him in a shallow grave with no regrets.

Meanwhile, Cass was trying to comfort her mother was near hysterics because they wouldn’t let her see Ellie. They kept telling her she would have to wait or at the moment she was being checked out. The heartbreaking cries had gotten to Cass and she soon found herself marching out into the hall and asking for her little sister. It was then she saw Jesse coming towards her. She ran up to him. “Jesse, where is Ellie?” She asked. She began to take in the bulldog look on his face and his trembling body. Her heart fell. “Jes–Jesse what is it? What’s wrong?”

“Why don’t you go sit with Frankie and them,” he suggested looking over his shoulder at his son whom he just broke the news to. Frankie all but climbed the walls. Cass followed his eyes and then looked back at him. “Jesse, what’s going on?” She asked again. “Cassandra, please,” he begged taking her shoulder and staring deep into her brown eyes. “Go sit with Frankie.”

Cass really hated being told what to do but judging from the look in his eyes and the way he spoke to her she had to do what he asked of her. Nodding slowly she started over to her grumbling brother. “Frankie… Please tell me what’s going on. Why aren’t they letting mom see Ellie? Why at there so many cops?”

After Cass walked away Jesse took a deep breath and entered his wife’s room. He saw she was getting out of the bed and putting on her robe. “Angela,” he said softly grabbing her attention. Angie’s head raised up quickly. “Jesse?” She questioned. Just to be sure. When he made a noise letting her know it was him she started making her way towards him. “Wher– Where is my baby girl?” She asked.

“Jesse, I’ve been asking and asking for her, asking for them to bring her to me. Why haven’t they brought her to me?” Her voice cracked with each word she spoke.

Angie was no idiot and she hoped the people around knew this. During her nap she dreamed of her baby girl crying/scream. And herself trying to get to her, find her, feel around for her. The harder she tried, the more she called her and told her mommy was coming her cries seemed to be farther and father away. When the crying in her dreams just stopped she popped up! And in that moment she heard somebody calling a code pink… She knew. The truth was right there in front of her yet she just couldn’t make herself believe it. She couldn’t accept it.

Jesse gently took Angie’s hands into his. “Angela… Ellie is……….”

“Why would somebody do this?” Cass asked as Frankie held her in his arms. He’d just told her what Jesse told him. Cass pulled back. “Who would steal a baby!?” She asked. “And ma…She’s going to be so dev—”

“Oh god no!”

The agonizing cry stilled everybody near. Tears began to fall, heads dropped and prayers began to go up for the Hubbard Family. Prayers that the little one would be found soon safe and sound.

In the room, Jesse held his wife in his arms as she sunk to the floor. If he could have kept this from her or take this hurt from her better believe he would have. “Angela, I’m so sorry,” he choked out rocking her gently and whispering in her ear.

“No, Jesse. No,” she moaned into his chest not wanting to believe that her baby girl was gone. Not wanting to believe that the only signs of her existence was the minor pain she felt between her legs.

Tears fell from both of their eyes. Tremors passed through both of their bodies. The knife in their hearts seemed to have lodged a bit deeper and began to slowly turn.

A/N: Damn!


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  1. Umh ok that didn’t go so well I see a nurse getting fired and he licenses revoked if angie and jesse has anything to say about it but I do believe jake will do the right thing as acting cos I hope baby ellie is found soon and jesse kills kevin for taking his baby girl. I hope jesse gets to kevin before he gets to angie cuz he don’t I feel sorry for kevin once jesse does get a hold of him for taking his girls.

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