Sighing heavily Jake rested his head against the back of his chair and closed his eyes. “I got nothing,” he said, reaching up and massaging his temples. Perry and Tad had been ordered by the Mayor to check all of the alibis of the male doctors and go over the videos yet again. Usually another one of the PVPD officers would help Perry, but Jesse requested Tad to be in there. He trusted his men, but he trusted Tad more. Plus he knew with Tad in there he would be in the know about everything whereas if it was just his men he wouldn’t know a damn thing. Jake was asked to sit in because this was his hospital and he would be able to help with a few things.

They’ve been at this since a little after three pm. It was now going on midnight and they still hadn’t come up with anything. All the PVH doctors and visiting doctors checked out. All the board members who were known for wearing lab coats to blend in and ask patients if the service was up to par also checked out.

“Okay, what’s next? Where do we go from here?” Jake asked, still in awe by everything that happened.

Perry shook his head and tapped his pen against the desk. “I’m at a lost,” he answered truthfully. “This what we have isn’t enough. This mess isn’t giving us any clues on who this bastard is.”

Tad who knew better than to just give up or complain, just sat there in silence. In his mind he was trying to piece every little thing together. There was something there. He knew it. It was just trying to figure it out, point it out where everybody had a problem with.

“Tad, man you have an idea of what to do next?” Jake asked never picking his head up.

Tad just remained silent.

Jake asked him again and when he didn’t get a reply he picked his head up and stared at his big brother. “Tad! Man did you hear me?”

“Will you shut up for a minute!” Tad snapped, jumping up from his seat and pacing the conference room. Perry and Jake shared a look and then looked back up at him. Tad was pacing like a caged lion. “Perry get this down,” Tad said quickly as he continued to pace. Once he was sure Perry had pen and paper at the ready he began to rattle off a few things. “Of course we know this is a man… But other little details we need to keep in mind… He either is or use to be a doctor. Like Jake said only doctors know how to remove those little bracelets without bringing any attention to them. He’s definitely no amateur at this because he knew how to blend in. And there were no prints left behind. If this was a amateur there would have at least been a partial. He knew all the camera angles. He knows this hospital all too well because he came in and went without any problems. Didn’t make one slip up.”

“Tad tell us something we don’t already have figured out,” Jake spoke, coming to his feet and stretching. He’d been sitting in that one spot for way too long!

After a while, Tad turned to both men and asked “Why Angie and Jesse’s baby?” Tad sat back down at the laptop and accessed the videos he’d seen more times than he could count and knew like the back of his hand. “Why go for a baby that on the other end of the room, further away from the door and not one of the ones closer? That part we have not figured out.” As the video of the man getting the baby played, Tad watched closely and tapped his chin. They were so busy worried about it being an random act, but what they should have been paying attention to is what if this was no random act. “This person knew exactly when to strike. Which brings me to my earlier thought, they have been watched,” he mumbled.

“What?” Jake and Perry asked. “See you’re grasping for straws now,” Jake sighed.

Tad chuckled and shook his head. “No, think about it. Since they’ve been home, how many times has Jesse let this baby out of his sight? How many nights since she’s been in this world has she slept in the nursery and not at her parents side? Even when they were at that other hospital. Not once!” Tad turned the chair around. “When they slept, when they ate, when they had company she was right there,” he pointed out. “But as soon as Jesse decides to leave. As soon as Angie is alone and the baby is in the nursery this happens. You can’t tell me something isn’t off about that. You can’t stand there and tell me this wasn’t planned. Thought out properly.”

Perry who stood some time ago, sat back down and looked over the video’s again and again. “Frankie and the others took the baby back to the nursery at 2:10pm. At precisely 2:19pm, Chief and the kids walked out of the hospital,” Perry began reporting. “Not even thirty minutes later, Baby Hubbard goes missing.”

Tad nodded. “And again why would he grab a baby that’s on the far end of the wall and not one that’s closer to the door?” He asked again. Not giving them a chance to answer let alone really process it all, he spoke again. “He’s not an amateur, but if that was me… No matter how long I’ve been doing this, if I was going to kidnap a random baby, I would go with a baby that was closer to the door. Quick in and an even quicker out,” Tad finished for him.

“So if everything you’re saying is true… Which I don’t believe is, who do you think would want to do something like this to them? Why?” Jake asked. “The only person I know that would want Angie and Jesse to suffer is Hayward, but I don’t think even he would stoop low enough to snatch a barely four day old baby! And David is the most heartless bastard here, yet I don’t believe he would this. So again who and why?”

Tad stared at the screen where the frame showed Ellie one last time. “That’s what we need to find out. Jake no matter how you see it or think you see it there is no way in hell this could have been a random act. No, this was personal. This is payback for something.”

“Jake, I need you to round up Frankie, Brot, Cassandra, Natalia and Randi. I need to ask them a couple of questions.”

Jake gawked, but he did as he was told. He still didn’t believe what they were saying. And he had his reasons. Why on earth would somebody want to take a kid? A baby!? Why on earth would somebody want hurt the Hubbard’s when they were the only people in PV with an actual heart? The only people in PV who did good for others before they did good for themselves? No, Jake still believed this was a random act and by wasting time questioning the family, they were letting this person get away with a baby who wasn’t capable of protecting herself.


3 responses to “Part.22

  1. Jake is an ass I’m sorry but he is. if tad is telling him what happened and he is not believing it than aal I can say about jake is that his dumb as a box of rocks and is as about as bright as a one watt light bulb.

    jesse is must be feeling very gulity right now cuz angie told him that someone was in the room and she had a feeling someone was watching them and he did take her to seriously but I still say he shouldn’t cuz how would he have known that this was going to happen.

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