After a few moments, Angie, Jesse and Perry were left alone. Perry began to take slow steps toward Angie’s bed side. “I’ll try to make this as quick as possible,” Perry assured. “Mrs. Hubbard, at any time before you left for LA did you feel as if you were being watched? Did you feel as if your life was in any danger?”

Taking a calming deep breath Angie shook her head. “No.”

“What about when you were in LA?”

“No… I mean I don’t recall feeling that way. I was going through so much at the time the only thing I felt was worry for my baby girl,” Angie explained. Jesse then went on to explain to Perry about the incident and LA and the doctors diagnoses. While he did that Angie’s mind went back to her stay in LA. Her mind could not conjure up one moment where she felt she was being watched or in trouble.

Perry jotted everything down before he looked back up. “Do you know of anybody who would want to make you and your family suffer like this?”

Angie’s face showed an array of emotions as she tried to think of anybody wanting to do this to her. To them. To her baby. Nobody came to mind. “Honestly, no.”

“Not even David Hayward? It’s no mystery you guys haven’t gotten along since he’s been here. Are you sure he wouldn’t wa—“

“As much as he and I hate each other I don’t believe for one minute he would do anything like this. He’s cold and he’s evil, but I don’t think he would do this to a child. A baby.” Angie couldn’t believe she actually defended that bastard, but as odd and out of place she felt doing it she knew all she said was true. She knew under all that ugliness was a man who had a little bit of a warm heart towards children.

Hearing his wife defend Hayward made Jesse’s jaw drop and his brows raise to a new height. Never would have he imagined those words would have come from her lips. I think the world is gonna end, he thought still eyeing her.

Perry cleared his throat and turned to Jesse to ask him very similar questions. Jesse answered them to the best of his ability. “There was this one time… Angie, Cass and myself were at the hospital for one of those follow-up things. I was making her another appointment when I turned to see Angie talking to this man. I let Cass handle the appointment stuff and I went to see who he was… You know the minute I stepped up to him and he looked at me I felt something wasn’t right. It was like a warning went off in my head.”

“Jesse, he wa—”

“Angela, I trust my gut. And my gut was telling me something wasn’t right about this man.”

“Can you tell me his name? Give me a description.”

“Samuel Morrison… African American, about six feet maybe an inch taller, cropped haircut…” Jesse looked away and recalled the moment he saw the man. As a cop he was trained to point out little details nobody else would notice. Only as he thought more and more about it there was nothing about him that was distinctive.

“Mrs. Hubbard, did you know this man? If so, how?”

Angie sighed. “He sat next to me the whole flight to LA. We talked and we laughed. Nothing jumped out at me that he was dangerous… Then when the plane incident happened he was there with me. Up until the moment they put me in an ambulance and rushed me to the hospital.”

“Did he visit you while you were there?”

“No,” Angie simply answered.

“Didn’t you find that a bit odd? A man who you befriended and a man who helped you didn’t follow you; stick around a little longer to make sure you and the baby were alright?” Perry asked curiously.

Shaking her head, Angie took a deep breath. “No… I mean… I guess… But, like I said nothing jumped out at me saying he was a danger to me or my child. I would have known.”

Perry nodded, but still marked this man down as a suspect. He could have been as innocent as everybody else but until he talked with him he wasn’t counting him out. “Before I leave I have one more question… Chief, you had an officer outside the door. Why was that?”

Jesse had to literally grab hold of the bed railings when Perry brought up the guard he had placed outside of Angie’s door after last night’s freak out. “Angie said she… Shit!” Jesse hissed, letting go of the railing and punching the air. “Gawd damnit!” He had been on this wave of wild emotions that it never hit him that maybe this had also had something to do with last night intruder. The intruder Jesse thought was only in Angie’s mind.

“What? What is it?” Perry asked.

Angie turned her head in another direction. That had crossed her mind for a split second and then afterward all she remembered was something going into her arm and her world going dark. “Last night when I woke up… I felt a presence,” she said softly.

“Like somebody was in here?”

“Yes… It was very unsettling and before I could turn to wake Jesse, Ellie started screaming her head off.”

Perry jotted this down as well before he looked up at a grief stricken Jesse. He hated to keep on like this but he needed answers. “Chief, when you finally woke up did you see anybody in the room? Any signs of anybody being here?”

Jesse put his hands behind his head. “No. Everything was the way we left it before we went to sleep. And I told Angela it was probably just a nurse passing through to check on her… Or maybe she had a bad dream… I honestly didn’t know.”

“Okay, that’s all for now. Once again I am sorry for this and we are doing everything we can to find her.”

“Do everything you can’t to find her as well. I mean it Perry, if you have to break laws to get her home damnit do it and put it all on me… Just bring her home. Safe and sound.”

Perry stared at Jesse for a minute before nodding and soon walking out. Jesse didn’t even have to tell him to do whatever he had to do to bring the baby home; he was going to do it regardless.

Back inside the room, Angie was begging Jesse to come back to her. She begged for what seemed like forever until he finally relented and went to her side. “Jesse, don-“

“I could have stopped this, Angela… Had I just not been so damn stupid last night this wouldn’t have happened!”


24 hours passed and there’d still been no sign of Ellie Hubbard and to make matters worse the news that there was nobody in the medical system that fit Jesse description of Samuel Morrison shook them. Earlier that morning Brot and Tad came in saying that they tracked down three doctors by the name of Samuel Morrison and that they were all being questioned by the police department in their jurisdiction. The first one was Caucasian. The other one was. Like a tad bit shorter than Angie and he was mixed with African American, Caucasian and Asian and the other one… Not only was he in confined to a chair, but he was also deaf and hadn’t practiced medicine in years. Now even though these men didn’t fit the description one bit they were still questioned. It wasn’t unusual for kidnappers to have some help.

“I can’t believe this,” Angie cried, covering her face with her hands.

Jesse who was sitting on the edge of her bed reached over and rubbed her side. As much as he wanted to punch holes in the walls or captured some fool by the collar and throw into that wall he knew he couldn’t. He knew he had to be strong for his wife who had to find out that she’d been played. Had to deal with the fact that she made it so easy for Samuel or whoever this man was to get her child. “I’m sorry Angela,” Jesse sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“I shouldn’t have been so stupid!” She hissed, slapping her forehead. “I shouldn’t have been so opened. Or so easy to talk too.”

“Angela, you’re not stupid. You had absolutely nothing to do with this,” he explained, sliding his hand down to hers.

“That doesn’t make this alright, Jesse. It doesn’t. And if something happens to our baby I have live with the fact that I more than likely put her in danger,” Angie told him, each word she spoke was laced with fresh unshed tears and guilt.

After having to break that news to her Jesse also had to break the news to her that she was being released. Jake and Bonnie explained to Jesse that it would be so much better for her to be at home than at the hospital where everything went down. Jesse felt being at the hospital or at home, nothing would be better. Not until they had their baby girl back in their arms. When he told Angie of this she told him that being at the hospital was better. She wasn’t ready to go to a loft that had been prepared for not only her arrival but Ellie’s arrival and she wasn’t even there. She didn’t want to cross that threshold unless she had Ellie in her arms, the very same way Jesse felt.

“Angela, their right. This isn’t the place you need to be,” Jesse tried to tell her. Angie pulled the covers over her head and sighed “And home isn’t the best place for me either. Jesse, I can’t go home. I won’t go home. Simple as that!”

“Angela, baby you-“

“Chief?” Jesse turned around and sighed when he saw Brot. “Yes Monroe?” He asked and then put his attention on getting Angie’s things together. Brot walked fully into the room and pulled him to the side. “I just came from the loft and they have blocked it off to anybody who isn’t on the case.”


Brot swallowed the lump in his throat and explained to him that because this was personal they needed to sweep the home of evidence and afterwards they were going to bug the phones. “They say whoever this person is has to call. It was a personal attack so he’s after something.”

Jesse was the COP so he should have expected something like this to happen, but he hadn’t really thought that far. He was only thinking about the here and now. “That’s the very last thing she needs to be around right now,” Jesse sighed, massaging his temples. He felt a migraine coming. “Uh… Where’s… Where’s Franklin?” He asked. Jesse hated having to ask his son if it was okay for Angie to stay with him until all of this blew over, but they really didn’t have any other place to go. A hotel room was definitely out of the question and the cabin, well that to was out of the question.

“Talking to Jake.”

“I need to uh… Damnit! Cassandra’s staying with him.” He was talking more so to himself just out loud.

Brot cleared his throat. “You can stay at my place,” he blurted out. It was something he’d given some thought into. Especially when he heard what was going to be happening at The Hubbard’s loft. “Frankie only has that one guestroom and like you said Cassandra is staying with them… I have a guestroom and… Well you get what I’m saying.”

“We can’t do that. Brot, we can’t impose on you like that. I’m thankful for that, but I—”

“You’re not imposing. And besides I’ll hardly be home because I’m devoting all my time to this case. So, you guys can stay at my place until all of this blows over. The guestroom has new furniture and everything so it’s no biggie. Really!”

“Brot you—”

Brot raised his hand. “Chief, I live a floor under you guys,” he hinted, raising a brow. “If you stay at my place you will be able to stay in loop about the investigation. Easy access.”

Jesse hadn’t thought about it that way. The guys couldn’t do anything if he just so happened to stop by to grab some clothes for he and Angie. And they couldn’t speak but they also couldn’t help it if he just so happened to come in and glance at a few things. “Alright… But Brot, I need to be sure. Are you 100% sure Angie and I will not be imposing on you?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”


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  1. Thats right Jesse trust you gut feeling and your cop instint. But also stop beating your self up for not believing Angie thinking that someone was in the room. She had just given birth still having some pain they gave her pain meds I can see why Jesse thought the intruder was all in her head even thought it wasn’t. Poor Angie being the kind and sweet person she is befriend a man that would later cause her so much pain. I love Brot he is always thereto help and thats right Jesse you stay at Brot’s place and keep a close eye on this investigation

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