“Jesse, I don’t know about this,” Angie whispered as the swooshing of the elevator doors opening greeted her, letting her know that they had arrived at the designated floor. When Jesse and Brot presented her with the idea she only hesitated a few minutes or until Brot instilled her that them staying at his place posed no problems. But now that they were actually at the complex and heading to his loft, the thought of this being a good idea was now a distant memory.

Jesse stopped walking and cupped her face. “Baby, listen to me… This is only temporary. This isn’t something we’re doing forever, trust me.”

“Do I have a choice?” She asked, dropping her head and licking her lips.

“You do,” Jesse told her. “Angie if you would prefer we stay at Frankie’s I understand. Really baby I do!”


“But… I want to be as close to our place as possible just in case something comes up. And I want you to be close to me. I’m not saying our kids can’t take care of you, but baby I would really prefer you to be here. It would really help me out knowing that you are right downstairs, safe from everything. Safe from the sick bastard that did this, away from the press. Away from the harm I couldn’t protect our girl from,” he sighed. Angie raised her head and slowly slid her hands up his arms to his neck and then up to cup his cheeks. “Okay,” she mumbled. “I’ll stay here. Besides I don’t want to be too far away from you. I need you.”

“And you know I need you.” Jesse pulled Angie into a strong embrace, planted a kiss to the side of her head and then later buried his face in her neck. “We’re going to get through this. If it’s the last thing I do, Angela… I promise you we’re going to get through this.” Gripping the back of Jesse’s shirt, Angie cried into his shoulder. “I believe in you. I really do,” she sobbed.


Elsewhere, Samuel Morrison or also formerly known as Kevin Starks, laid Ellie in a rickety crib and covered her with a worn blanket. “Don’t worry baby, this old this is only temporary. Soon as I get your mother and we leave this place you’re going to get to sleep in your new crib. Your own room,” he said excitedly, running his hand over the baby’s stomach and smiling down at her. “I already have it set up. You’re going to live like the princess you are,” he vowed.

“Yo Kevin!”

Kevin snarled and glanced over his shoulder. He told that big head bastard he needed to stop yelling! “Get some sleep. Daddy got some business to tend too.” He kissed her forehead, fixed the cover again and soon walked out. The minute the door closed Ellie who was oblivious to what was going on, oblivious to the danger she was in whimpered and soon went to sleep.

“What?!” Kevin barked coming into the front of the old house. “And what did I tell you about yelling?”

“Sorry, man. Anyway did you see the news?”

“No I didn’t have a chance. Why?”

The man pulled a folded newspaper from his coat pocket and sat down at the old, dusty dinner table. “That old lady you said you were trying to catch in a scam… They said somebody went into the hospital and kidnapped her baby! Can’t believe that mess! Man, that’s crazy.”

“Let me see this,” Kevin ordered, snatching the paper from him. Just for show. He was well aware of the headlines.

Scoffing, but not taking his attitude to heart, he continued talking. Kevin’s little bark was a lot worse than his bite. “Anyway, seems like the client that hired you to investigate her wasn’t the only person she screwed over,” he said, chuckling.

Kevin threw the paper on the table and walked away. “Guess not.”

“Yep… Anyway, can I get the rest of my money?” He asked, holding out his right hand. “You still owe me the other half.”

“I don’t owe you shit!” He hissed.

The man scoffed and stood up. “Look Kevin. I snuck into her place to plant those damn listening devices and I even got you that seat next to her on that overbooked flight. Remember! So you owe me. And I expect every damn dime of my money!”

“Look kid, I gave you your mon—“

“I can’t settle my son’s hospital bill without that money. You know that!” He fussed. “You promised me you would give me the rest when you returned from California. You’re here and I need my money.”

Kevin grabbed him by his collar and slammed into the wall. “Who the hell do you think you’re talking too? Never raise your voice when talking to me. Got it?” He snapped, breathing harder and harder. “Got it!?” He snapped again when he didn’t answer him.

The man was getting ready to say something snarky when he saw Kevin’s left eye twitch once, twice and then it became a constant thing. “Yea… I got it,” he replied.

He kept him against the wall a little longer before dropping him and stepping back. “Alright then…” Eye still twitching and the annoying voices in his head starting up again, Kevin turned away and gripped the edges of the counter top. “Shut-up,” he muttered. “Please just shut up!” He yelled, raking his fingers against his scalp roughly.

“I didn’t say anything,” the man said, watching him closely. This dude’s toolbox is missing a few screws, he thought, putting some distance in between them.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” he snapped whirling around and stalking toward the front door. “Get out.” He stood there looking like a deer caught in headlights. “Ace, did you hear me? Get the hell out!”

Jumping, Ace snatched the paper off the table and practically ran out the door. Just as he was about to step off the porch, he remembered something and turned around. “What about th—“

“Leave.” And with that Kevin slammed and locked the door. “Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!” He groaned, grabbing his head and sinking to the floor. He knew while he was at PVH he should have swiped some drugs from the pharmacy, but he’d been too excited by the presented opportunity to even put further thought into that.


2 responses to “Part.25

  1. Ok I see the elevator doesn’t go all the way to top floor for Kevin he is six can short of a six pack and five sandwiches short of apinic basket in other words dude is crazy and delusional if he thinks that Angie is going to leave Jesse for him than again she just might have to in order to save her baby if Jesse decides to use her as bait but I could be wrong.

  2. This guy is crazy delusional! I waited for the rest of the stories for what felts like weeks and it was worth it Ro:)

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