Perry cleared his throat and chimed in. “And if this man is the same one… Chief we might be too late.”

Because Perry hadn’t been in the room when the warning was first issued was the only reason Jesse hadn’t jumped across the kitchen counter and clocked him one good time. “First and last warning, Perry,” he snarled.

Perry looked around in confusion. He was about to ask what he meant, what had he missed, when Marcus who looked as if he was just recovering from something gave him a look. And another officer shook her head and placed her finger over her lips. “I didn’t mean it for it to sound that way it’s just… This man… he’s…”

“Shut up,” the same female officer said but masked it with a cough.

“He’s crazy!” Kelly blurted out. “I don’t want to believe that your daughter is… is de… You know, but if this man… If this man has your daughter, Jesse I’m afraid she…” She looked away.

“Can we go somewhere and talk about this?” Mr. Owens suggested still holding his wife by her waist. “Without all the cops staring in my wife’s face.”

Jesse looked around before gesturing for them to follow him to the back. Sometime after Natalia moved out Angie turned that room into a little office. For them both. There was a computer, her journals and all the other necessary things either of them may have needed at the time.

Once they were behind closed doors Jesse moved the lone chair from behind the desk and gestured for Kelly to have a seat. “How did you find out? What made you guys come to me? And now?”

“First of all let me apologize for my wife. She feels really bad for not saying anything about this sooner but she was afraid and she also didn’t know how to come at you,” Pete started. “We found out yesterday. We were watching TV and there was a world news report and they mentioned you guys and how the search for Baby Hubbard had not been successful. It was then Kelly broke down and told me that the guy that attacked had been asking about Dr. Hubbard.”

“Asking? Asking what?”

Kelly looked up. “He wanted to know of her whereabouts. Wanted to know where Cassandra had taken her once she was released from the hospitals care… But! I didn’t tell him and I didn’t give him Angie’s file.”

“When you refused to give up the information what did he do?” Jesse curiously asked, leaning against the desk with his arms crossed.

“He slapped me around a bit and then he threw me to the floor and he tried to… tried to r…”

Jesse held up his hand to stop her. He got the hint. “You don’t have to say anymore.”

Mr. Owens began to rub his wife’s shoulders. “Before he could… do that, she kicked him and ran out the office. When I came home from work she was in the bathroom crying and when I finally coaxed her out of there I saw the bruises on her neck. And the bruises on her face she tried to cover-up. She wasn’t going to say anything.”

“Bu– But why?”

“Jesse, this man is… Kevin Starks is… He’s a different kind of crazy. I mean he’s sick and he’s twisted and… I was afraid.”

Kevin Starks, Jesse thought pulling back. “Wait, there must be some kind of mistake. The guy we’re looking for is Samuel Morrison. I have no idea who Kevin Starks is.”

“Samuel Morrison?” She asked.

“Yea. The man we’re looking for is Samuel Morrison.”

Confused as all get out Kelly shook her head. “No… I mean are you sure? Because the man that attack me and asked for Angie, his name is Kevin Starks.”

“So wait, there’s another man looking for Mrs. Hubbard?” Perry asked.

Jesse turned and walked behind the desk where he began to pace. This didn’t make a lick of sense. Well if you went along with Perry’s idea of there being another person wanting his wife, maybe. But Jesse… He just… He didn’t feel it. First of all why would anybody be after Angie? Why would anybody want to see her hurt? Angie never done anything to anybody. Well maybe catch her attitudes here and there but never anything to make anybody want to do this.

“Ma’am, didn’t you tell the police you couldn’t make out this person?” Perry interjected.

Kelly looked from Jesse to him and nodded. “Yes, but…”

“So all of a sudden you can remember?”

“Look my wife was afraid and sometimes during such trauma one can forget a face. Especially when trying to block out something bad happening or nearly happening to them,” Pete pointed out. He wasn’t totally sure where Perry was going with his statement, but he wasn’t going to let him finish it. He wasn’t going to let him go there with his wife.

“This Kevin man, how do you know him?” Jesse asked, trying to massage away the constant thumping in his head. He was still pacing. Still trying figure this thing out.

Kelly sighed and began to explain to Jesse as well as Perry that Kevin Starks had been in a resident at New York General, the same hospital she and Angie worked in nearly five years or so ago. Kevin had been pretty popular with the ladies because no matter what he knew how to make them smile and Angie hadn’t been any different.

“So Angela knows this man,” Jesse mumbled. “Can you explain the natures of he and Angie’s relationship?” His gut was beginning to act up and for the life of him he couldn’t figure out why because they were talking about two different men. Or so he thought and so they were led to believe. “This really doesn’t make sense,” he muttered, cupping the back of his neck. Any other time Jesse would have this puzzle solved, but because this was his own and he wasn’t in his zone he was in emotional pain over this he couldn’t.

“Well they… Jesse, I really don’t think it’s my place to go into details about their relationship.”

“You don’t think it’s your place?” Jesse asked, dropping his hands. “You come in here and tell me you know who has my child and you say you can’t tell me about he and Angi—“

“It’s not my place because I don’t know everything. I only know what Angie chose to tell me,” Kelly interrupted. “And that is they were once good friends and then the next minute she had to file a restraining order against him.”

“Restraining order?”

“Yes and that was before he was placed in a psychiatric hospital,” Pete Owens added.

“A nutward?!” Jesse bellowed. “Oh this is… This great. Just what the fu… Just what I needed,” he fussed sarcastically.

Kelly flinched, but nodded. “Google Kevin Starks of NY General and his story will come up.”

Jesse left the room and seconds later he returned with Brot on his tail. “We’re going downstairs to talk to Angela. While I’m gone Brot, I want to know everything there is to know about Dr. Kevin Starks. And I mean every damn thing! When and where he was born, where he went to school, the trouble he was in… Damnit don’t leave anything out. Go it?”

“I’m on it sir.”

“Perry,” Jesse whispered, gesturing for him to follow. “Look, I’m not saying they’re leading us on, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. I can’t and I certainly can’t do that to Angela. I want information on them. Whatever there is to know about Dr. Kelly and Dr. Pete Owens I want it. And once you get a guy to handle that for you come downstairs. For the time being, until this is all over, I don’t want them out of sight. Alright?”

Perry nodded. “Got it Chief.”

“Thank you.” Once Perry was down the hall Jesse reentered the home office. “You two come with me. Angela’s downstairs.”

“Jesse… I’m really sorry about this, from the bottom of my heart, And if there is anything and I do mean absolutely anything we can do… Consider it done.”

Jesse looked at the woman and nodded. “Thank you, I really appreciate it and I speak on behalf of my wife as well. And I’m sorry about what happened to you. I promise you once we get this man he will pay. Not only for what he’s done to my family, but what he did to you as well.”


“Cass where is your mother?” Jesse asked as soon as he walked through the door of Brot’s apartment.

Cass looked up from the stove and nodded towards the back. “Jesse, she’s… she’s getting worse.”

Jesse went up to her and kissed her forehead. “We’re going to make this all go away. I promise you,” he whispered. “Listen, I want you to get ahold of Frankie and tell him to come over.” After exchanging a few more words with Cass he excused himself to the back where he opened the bedroom door and saw Angie sitting in the middle of the bed with her knees pulled into her chest. He stood there and just watched her, wishing like hell he could go through this for her, wishing she didn’t have to deal with this.

“Leave me alone… please,” Angie begged. She heard the door open and heard a sigh. She didn’t know who it was, but she didn’t want them in there.

“I need to ask you a couple of questions,” Jesse finally spoke, closing the door behind him.

Shaking her head, Angie turned her head away from him. “Please Jesse… If you don’t have anything to say about El… El… E… God I can’t even say her name,” she whimpered, laying her head on her knees.

Jesse went to his wife’s side and pulled her onto his lap where she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her head into his chest.


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