((You all think Jesse’s going to use Angie as bait… Mhmmm, we shall see. Read on.))

“Oh god! Please shut-up!” Kevin fussed slamming the door behind him. After listening to Ellie cry for what seemed like hours Kevin had had enough. No matter what he did or said the child just kept crying. She wasn’t hungry nor was she wet or dirty, he was sure of that fact. Yet she continued to wreck his damn nerves with her loud and annoying cries. And in all honesty the more the child cried the more he thought about just getting rid of her once and for all. He never met a baby that just wouldn’t shut the hell up.

“It could be a lot quieter around here,” he fussed, turning on the radio in hopes of drowning her out. But the louder he cranked that sucker up the louder she cried out. “You’re killing me,” he groaned, grabbing the top of his head and leaning against the kitchen counter. “This would be so much easier if I could just… just… Ugh!” He swept his hand across the counter. A large pot, two plates and a glass shattered to the floor!

“Wah—“ Ellie stopped mid-cry.

Kevin looked toward the hall that led to the room she was in and waited for more. When nothing came he sighed with relief. “Thank you.” Now all left was to get the voices in his head to shut up for a while and then he would be able to focus on the task at hand. Getting Angie and getting the hell out of PV.

“First I… I need my pills,” he mumbled, stumbling into the old living room and to the black duffle bag that sat on the old flowery couch. It hadn’t hit him until he pulled the empty bottle from the bottom that he hadn’t stopped by the pharmacy as he had originally planned. The day he went to PVH to check things out and get in his mind how he was going to go about getting Ellie he was also suppose to stop and grab a couple of bottles. He had already been on his last bottle then. But then temptation got the best of him. When he saw Jesse and his little pissy-nanny family leaving he couldn’t stop himself. And now he was paying for it.

Without his pills he wouldn’t be able to think.

Without his pills he wouldn’t be able to function.

Without his pills… Ellie could fall victim to his scrambled mind. If he couldn’t get those voices out of his head, the images of his mother and father… There was a chance The Hubbard’s would find their baby girl, but not alive.


Ace checked his surroundings before ducking to the side of someone’s house and then jumping over their fence. He landed in Kevin’s backyard. Days ago when he came to visit and get the rest of the money he was promised, Kevin acted as if he lost his ever loving mind. He had this weird twitchy thing going on too. Ace had never seen anything like it and because he wasn’t sure what caused it he decided to back off, give him sometime to cool down and then try again.

The very next day his son was rushed to the hospital. His heart was slowly giving way and though the hospital agreed to take him in and make him comfortable, they couldn’t do much of anything else without some kind of insurance. They needed some kind proof showing that the family could indeed pay off the debt. Before St. Josephs doubled the bill Ace had half of the owed amount. Kevin had given him that bit before he boarded his plane to California. The other half was supposed to be given to him when he returned. And since he acted like he didn’t want to hand it over Ace knew the moment the doctor walked out the room he had to get it another way.

So here he was hoping Kevin would leave the house so he could sneak in. He didn’t know if the money was in there or not, but it certainly didn’t hurt to look. As soon as Ace eased up to one of the windows that wasn’t boarded and looked in Kevin walked in! He quickly ducked! “Oh shit,” he whispered, suddenly realizing just how stupid this was. The dude was a PI (Or so he was led to believe) he was licensed to shoot and kill on sight!

Thirty whole minutes passed when Kevin finally walked out the front door, hopped in his old white van and pulled off. With a quickness Ace ran to the open window he spotted earlier. “Get in. Get out,” he whispered, pushing the window further up and getting a good grip on the sill.

Minutes later, half his body in and half his body out, a wheezing sound sliced through the otherwise silent and dark room.

Ace froze! Oh damn, he thought.

The wheezing came again followed by a whimper.

Ace went to climb back out and get the hell out of dodge when his hand slipped and he went tumbling into the room. At this point he had it made up in his mind he was about to die. For all he knew there could have been a sleeping dog in that room and he may have just disturbed it. Squeezing his eyes real tight and telling God to watch over his family, he waited for the attack.

Nothing, but more wheezing and whimpering came.

“Oh,” he breathed wanting to just lay down on the floor for awhile. But instead he thanked god for sparing him and started moving around the dark room in search of a lamp or light switch. As soon as his fingers connected with a switch and light filled the room he noticed everything around him was a little off. The room had pink and purple decorations, old and worn-out furniture… It looked like a room that was made for a baby. All that was missing was the baby and the… “Is that a crib?” He asked him when eyes scanned the place and saw a old, white-washed crib in a corner. It was also in that moment he realized the wheezing and whimpering he heard just minutes ago was coming from that direction.

Taking slow and cautious steps toward it he began to wonder. What if there was a baby in there? Where did the baby come from? Why was the baby in the house with a PI? Why in the hell did he leave the baby alone? Why, why and more why’s, but he had no answer. Didn’t even know where to begin.

Wheezing… Wheezing…

Ace finally made it over and gasped! There in the old, white-washed crib laid a mocha complexioned baby girl. She had the curliest lashes, a head full of curly dark brown hair and the fullest heart-shaped lips Ace had ever seen on a baby. She wore a dirty white onesie that had a variety of colorful butterflies flowing from the chest to the stomach area.

“Oh my god.” Was all he could say.

Stare at her with wonder was all he could do.

And as if she knew he was there, staring and wondering where the hell she came from, she opened her eyes. Big, brown beautiful eyes. Another whimper tore from her lips before she took in a deep-deep breath, so deep Ace could see the strain, and just stopped.

“Oh no! Oh no!”


Elsewhere… While Perry, Brot and Marcus stood in the kitchen area going over the information that was just pulled up. Jacob, Frankie, Cass, Kelly and Pete sat in the living room talking.

“Okay, so where haven’t the police searched?” Jacob asked.

Frankie looked back at the three officers before turning to his group. “They’ve searched everywhere in PV. Nothing’s come up,” he replied. “I’m starting to think this guy is no longer in town.”

“What about the outskirts?” Kelly asked. “Have they thought about checking there?”

Frankie shook his head and sighed. “Blanco called off the search before they could even get that far.”

“Why would she do that?”

“She said something about the guys needing to regroup.”

Cass who was just about as fed up with this as anybody else huffed. “It’s been six days! Six days and they still don’t have anything. A clue as to where she may be… I say forget the damn police and the mayor and let’s do this ourselves!”

“Cass, you heard them. This guy is dangerous, we can’t go off without some kind of back-up,” Kelly inquired.

“As much as I agree with you on this baby girl, Kelly’s right. We can’t go off half-cocked. We don’t know what we could be walking into.”

Cass stood. “Would you rather walk into this and five to ten come out unharmed or would you rather walk into a funeral? Would you rather follow behind mom and Jesse while they bury their daughter?” She asked. “I won’t do that. I will not bury my sister. My mother and Jesse are not going to bury that baby! They can’t!”

“Cass, we—

“Angela!” Jesse yelled.

The groups shared a quick look before running to back where earlier Jesse had escorted Angie after things became too much for her to handle. They hadn’t been back there more than twenty minutes. “Pops, what’s go—Mom!” Frankie yelped, rushing over. He was checking her pulse when his dad went to lift her. “Don’t move her… Somebody call an ambulance!” He ordered “She may have hit her head and if we move her we could cause further injury.”

“Mom,” Cass cried.

“What happened?” Perry asked, going over.

In a panic Jesse began to explain to them how after laying Angie down and comforting her he went into the bathroom to get her something. “She… She asked for a aspirin and cool towel, said she was… wasn’t feeling good. Her head was hurting. Before I could even come back I heard something. That’s when I walked out and… and… and saw her laying here.” Jesse wanted to touch her, but he knew he couldn’t because he could hurt her. “It’s okay baby. I’m here. I’m here,” he whispered.


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