Part. 30

“Oh no! Oh God no!”

Ace began panic when seconds later she hadn’t taken another breath. He kept repeating oh no and oh god as he glanced around for something but what he wasn’t sure. His hands began to shake as he went back to her side and nervously touched her. “Come on baby,” he begged, rubbing her little chest as if it would help. “Wake up little one,” he pleaded and when she didn’t he swore. “This is not good. Not good!” He panicked and then started slapping his hand against his forehead trying to beat some sense into himself.

Finally, Ace grabbed the small blanket, folded it up and placed it on the floor. Right after he reached over and scooped the baby up. “I hope this works,” he sighed, going to the floor on his knees and laying her on the blanket. Ace had taken a CPR class some time ago, but he hardly paid attention to what the damn instructor was saying. How he got certified was beyond him.

“Alright, you can do this. You need to do this.”


Elsewhere, Kevin eased on his glasses and after fixing his tie walked into the hospital like he belonged. As he strolled down the hall he thought back to the baby he left alone. It was a bad idea, but it was also a good idea. Bringing her along would have slowed him down. And the plan was to, “Get in and get out,” he muttered.

Anyway, instead of driving all the way to PVH and risking it because the area was hot, he chose to go to St. Michael’s. It was closer and they weren’t all that tight on security. You could just walk in and pretty much get away with anything. Not that he was complaining about it or anything, he was just saying that wasn’t the way to run a place such as a hospital.

Within minutes he walked into the pharmacy and just as he guessed they didn’t pay him a lick of attention. One woman was telling another about her last date and how the guy was a jerk. Another group of people were ranting about the Chief of Staff who was obviously the ass of all asses. “Idiots,” he muttered.

“Who are you?” A lady who looked 50 or a couple of years older asked when he rounded the corner.

Where the hell she come from? Coming to a halt, but never missing a beat. “Dr. Morrison, I’m a visiting doctor.” He extended his hand.

The lady looked him up and down before nodding. “Okay… Where’s your visitor’s badge, Dr. Morrison?” She asked, crossing her chubby arms.

Kevin glared at her. The last time he came to this place he was in and out like the wind. But now he had this old bat all over him. B*tch, he thought, looking down to his lab coat and pretending to point and then suddenly notice it was missing. “Wha—What… I just had it!” He gasped, pretending to be shocked and even going as far as to check his pockets. “It must have… must have fallen off me. I don’t know what happened. But I swear I had one. When I came in I went and picked it up.”

Not convinced she sucked her teeth. “Well I’m sure you wouldn’t mind going back to get another one.”

“Wow, you guys are really cracking down on the security around here,” he teased, trying to lighten up the mood. “Just kidding. But uh… Seriously, I just need to grab some medication for a patient that’s being released and then I’ll be out of here.”

When he tried to sidestep her, she moved with him. “Sorry, but I can’t allow you to remove anything from these shelves if you don’t have a badge. As a matter of fact you’re not allowed to be in here without one. So it’s probably best if you just leave and go get another one. You’re patient can wait a little while longer.”

“This is my wonderful husband Jesse. This is my wonderful husband Jesse. This is my wonderful husband Jesse.”

Closing his eyes to ward off the voice Kevin’s whole body slightly twitched. “Ma’am… Nobody has to know. It’ll be our little secret.”

The woman frowned. “I’m not big on secrets, sir,” she replied and soon after softened when she saw him twitch a third time. “Are you okay?” She asked, reaching out and touching him.

Kevin flipped his eyes back up and sneered. The lady jumped back. “Don’t touch me,” he growled. “Now, move out of my way,” he ordered.

“I can’t do that,” the woman snapped.

“Don’t make me repeat myself,” Kevin grumbled, flicking the switch on the blade he held in his left hand. A large, silver, sharp blade came into view. The lady looked down and then back up with fear. “You wanna move voluntarily or involuntarily?”



“What we got?” Jake called, running from behind the desk and going after the gurney. He hadn’t noticed who the person was until he got closer. “Angie,” he gasped. “What the hell happened?”

One of the EMT’s told him everything he knew before adding what happened on their way there. “About ten minutes out she gained consciousness. She instantly grabbed her head and begged for us to make it stop. We asked her how bad the pain was; she said it was borderline 10. Right after she mumbled someone’s name and lost consciousness.”

“Ellie?” Jake asked as they transported her from the gurney to the bed and got to work.

“Yes sir.”

“Get an IV started and someone call down to Dr. Hayes,” he ordered, going to check her eyes. “The pain she felt could be from when she hit her head,” Jake said as he continued to check her out. The minute he went to examine her head she started squirming and moaning.

“El—Ellie… My Ellie,” she moaned.

“Angie, this is Jake. Okay? You were brought in because you fainted. Okay? Now I’m going to ask you a couple of questions,” he told her. “What was the last thing you remember?” 

All Angie could do was squirm, moan and cry. Squirm and moan because of the pain that was striking her every second and cry because of her baby girl. “Ellie… Please, Ellie,” she panted and seconds later she became still. “Ellie, don’t.” And then she was quiet.

“Angela?” Jake called. “Come on, Angie. Don’t this,” he begged.

Because he wasn’t allowed in the room, Jesse had to watch everything from the hall. “I can’t lose her.”

“Think positive, Hubbard,” Jacob told him as he to watched. “You have to think positive.”

Jesse heard him but didn’t hear him. He was too focused on his wife. “This was too much for her… Too much!” Jesse boomed. “I swear once I find that bastard I’m gonna kill him,” Jesse swore. “Kill him with my bare hands.”


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