Part.. 33

Jaime here once again..Okay guys, sorry I’m bit late with the update but I wanted to make sure it was just right. For you and for Ro. I don’t need her chewing me out for something, the child is crazy. Still working on This Is Forever. I hope you enjoy and hopefully real soon we’ll be giving you more. Hopefully Ro will be back to her old writing self.


The crushing feeling in his chest became worse as he made his way toward PVH. Kevin couldn’t believe what the news people said. He couldn’t because then that would mean..

“You’re the reason… You’re the reason she’s dead, you pathetic excuse of a human being!”

Gripping the steering wheel Kevin started to shake his head. “How could I let this happen?” He asked the empty van. “How could this have happened!?”

This was not what he had in mind. This was not the way this was supposed to end. He was supposed to have Angela to himself, alive and healthy and that damn kid of hers would.. Well he didn’t give a good gawd damn about the kid. “Shit!” He hissed slapping his hand against the steering wheel. Not even a full minute later the phone he threw in the passenger seat began to ring. He almost didn’t answer, but because he was curious as to who had his number he reluctantly picked it up.

“Hello!” He answered gruffly when it rung a fifth time.

“Did you hear about the doctor lady you were after?”

“Yea, who is this?”

“It’s Scottie. Man what the hell is your problem?”

“Look, I got a lot on my mind right now. What do you want?”

Scottie his man on the inside took a deep breath. “Nothing I was just calling to see if you heard the news.. Anyway, you seem preoccupied I’m going to let you go, I still have work to do.”

“Wait!” Kevin yelped. “You at the hospital? Right now?”

“Yea. I’m on until la—“

“Okay, okay, I didn’t ask you for all of that. I need a favor.”

“Another one? Man, come on with this. The woman is gone. Whatever reason you were after her for is pointless now. Let it go!”

“Who’s calling the shots here?” He barked. “Me! And what I say goes. Understand?”

Scottie had only known the guy a few a months and in that short amount of time he knew this guy was not the one to be messed with. If only his old friend had knew that before getting crossed up with the guy and meeting his untimely death. Shaking his head at the memory and the visual, he sighed. “Yea,” he mumbled. “Yea, I understand.. What you need me to do?”

“Get me in the hospital.”

“What? Man, this place is crawling with reporters and police officers. There is no way you can get in and not be questioned.”

“Duh, you idiot. That’s why I need your help. Get me in the hospital through the same way you helped me the last time.”

“No. No man I can’t do it.”

“You really wanna go against me right now?” Kevin asked curiously. “Because if you do I guarantee you Rocco is the very last person you need to be worried about,” he hinted.

Scottie who’d been in one of the closets ran his hand over his bald head and started to pace the small space. “Come on man. Don’t do this. We had a deal! I do your favor and you pay me enough money to get out of debt with him. That was the deal.”

Kevin popped his neck and smirked. “Exactly! But it seems you are trying to get out of doing your job.”

“What! Yo man I did everything you asked me to do! I got you the needed information on this place, I kept you up to date on that skanks daily activities. When that damn kid was born and they were getting ready to bring her and the woman home I called you and told you. I even went as far as getting you that damn badge so it would look like you belonged here! You’re the one that’s not keeping up your end of the damn deal.”

“I paid you didn’t I?”

“Only half of what you promised. You wanna get in?” He asked. “Then you either get me the rest of my money or do it your damn self,” he hissed before scoffing. “Old dude who took the damn kid did it on his own, shouldn’t be that damn hard for you to do the same.”

Kevin snarled and smashed on brakes. “Well when I came for the damn kid there wasn’t anybody around to catch every damn movement,” he hissed and just as quickly as the words escaped his lips he immediately wished he could have taken them back. Should think before you speak, his inner self teased. “Shut the hell up.”

“What did you just say?” Scottie asked, stopping his nervous pace and ignoring his words for him to shut up. “Did you just say what I think you just said?”

“Look, just do as I say and get me in the hospital. Find out what room she’s in. I want all the information and I don’t want any mistakes!” Kevin hurriedly spat before hanging up in the man’s face and throwing the phone back in the passenger seat. “Shit, shit, shit,” he hissed slapping his hand against the steering wheel.

Oh you’ve really stepped in it this time, his inner self continued to tease.

Kevin rolled his eyes toward the ceiling of the van. “Will you please shut the hell up? Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is going to happen. Got it!” He fussed and unknowingly drawing the attention of a passenger from the car that’d just pulled up next to him. It was when he saw movement that he realized. Cutting his eyes to his right, he saw it was a little boy and then proceeded to buck at him and hit the corner like a mad man before the kid had a chance to snitch.


Long after Kevin hung up in his face, Scottie continued to sit in the closet staring at his phone.

“Well when I came for the damn kid there wasn’t anybody around to catch every damn movement,”

Scottie had never been one to really pay much attention to things. Even as a kid he let things go over his head without a care in the world.. But in that instant. In that moment when he said those words something in him clicked. Something in him ordered him to think.

“Oh god,” he mumbled, when the obvious finally hit him. Hit him like a freight train. “Oh god what did I do?” He stuttered, dropping his phone to the floor and covering his face. “What did I do?!”


“She’s a little dehydrated and a bit malnourished, but otherwise this sweetheart is just fine,” Dr. Williams said as she removed the stethoscope from the baby’s small chest and placed it neatly around her neck.

“They said she stopped breathing yet again at the scene. There has to be something.”

“I’m telling you. This baby is the epitome of health, which is a miracle, especially considering all she’s been through in her short days on this earth,” Williams concluded as she reached back over and started to run her pinky along her fat cheeks. “There was no sign of any trauma.”

The nurse who’d been with her and watching her examine the baby, stood shocked. “So… What was the point of taking her and holding her? I mean.. Not to sound like I’m not happy she’s great, I’m just curious. If this is in fact Baby Hubbard, why did this person take her? When I worked in New York and a baby was kidnapped they found his remains. And that was only after being missing 2 days.”

Dr. Williams shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. “This baby.. This sweet girl had somebody upstairs watching over her like a hawk.”

Ellie flipped her eyes open and looked straight into the eyes of the people hovering over her. After minutes of just taking them in, pretty much taking in their energy her lips twitched into this cute little smile and a soft coo tore from her throat. “Ahhh!” She squeaked and continued to smile. “Ahhh!”

Dr. Williams and the nurse both started to laugh and make noises with her. “She knows she’s in good hands. Isn’t that right little one?” Williams cooed running a gentle hand over her head full of hair.

“Excuse me? I’m looking for a Dr. Williams.”

The women turned and saw a cop standing in the doorway. He took up the whole damn thing pretty much. He wasn’t fat or anything, he was just tall and masculine. Put you in the mind of a Tyson Beckford, but a just a tad bit sexier.

“Sarah, can you go down to the lab and get the rest of her results,” Dr. Williams asked politely not taking her eyes off this hunk of a man. “Hello, what can I do for you?” She asked finally turning, picking the baby up and moving her to a nearby cot.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I came to ask a few question about the baby,” he said quietly.

“Excuse me? And just pray tell who are you?”

Once the baby was securely in the cot and the woman turned to face him, Marcus removed his badge and handed it over. “Officer Marcus Wilkinson of Pine Valley’s Police Department. I am one of the men on the case and my unit was informed of the discovery and I was asked to come in and check it out,” he explained.

“And just how do I know you’re not a fraud?” She asked blocking the baby and crossing her arms. “It wouldn’t be the first time somebody came through these hospital doors playing as somebody else. As a matter of fact one of our pharmacists, who just so happens to be a good friend of mine, was attacked by some random guy pretending to be a doctor here.”

“And for that I do apologize. But I can assure you ma’am I am as real as it gets,” he chuckles as he let her get a better look at his badge. “I’ve been working for PVPD for a little over 6 years now and I take my job very seriously.”

Dr. Williams took a step back and stared up at him. “What makes you think this is Baby Hubbard?”

“Well I was given a description from one of the men that were on site. And I also know her mother and father very well and I can point out their children in a crowd. The Hubbard’s have very strong genes.”

“Humph! You try anything funny and I swear I will lay you out right here on this nice, clean, white floor,” she warned before taking a cautious step to the side of the cot. Just as he said he took his job seriously, so did she. Not only was the neonatal specialist and the caretaker of these precious babies, she was also their mother, father, grandparent and sibling until they were no longer in her care.

Marcus glanced at her over his shoulder and chuckled. “Tough lady,” he hinted, giving her a wink and then turning his full undivided attention to the baby. The minute he laid eyes on her he knew! The dimples, the lips, the eyes, the hair, the skin… It was all Hubbard. All Angie and Jesse combined.

It wasn’t his first time seeing her, but it had been so long since he laid eyes on the little one that the same reaction he had to her on first sight was repeated. She was breathtakingly beautiful. Too beautiful for words. “Hey Ellie. You remember me?” He asked softly, reaching over into the cot and giving her his pointer finger. After a minute of just staring up at him she cracked a smile and took hold of it. “Awww, good, strong grip you got there little one. Sure in no time at all you will have your daddy wrapped around you whole hand,” he teased before clicking his tongue.

Dr. Melissa Williams watched and found herself taken. “You’re really good with her. You have kids of your own?” She asked curiously.

Shrugging his shoulders, Marcus nodded. “I have a little boy… Or more like had. His mother moved away and won’t allow me to see or talk to him,” he replied softly.

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

When he looked up he expected sympathy to greet him, but instead he saw sincerity. “Thank you, Uh.. Can you uh tell me about her overall health?” He asked. After just a minute of staring at her beautiful face he suddenly started feeling an intense pull towards her.


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