Part. 34

Elsewhere in PVH, Jesse stood in Angie’s office and stared out of the window. Dark clouds were beginning to settle over the town and from a distance there was a flash of lightening. The news people said sometime ago that there was supposed to be a 80% chance of rain… The news people also said that his wife had passed away.

Hearing such a thing pained him. Cut him to the core to the point where he could hardly breathe, hardly stand on his own two feet. How the hell he made it up to her office without crumbling to the floor was a mystery to him and probably even to the big man upstairs who knew his heart. “What if,” he mumbled, shoving his hands deep into his pockets. What if Angie had really died? What would become of the family? What would become of him? His life revolved around his angel. He was literally nothing but skin and bones without her in his life. She was his heart, his soul, she was the one person that understood his ways and accepted them. Embraced them even. Not only did she complete him, she inspired him. Inspired him to be a better boy and then eventually a better man. He worked his ass off day and night, weeks, months, years to keep her proud even while he was away. And though his recent stints left her everything but proud it hadn’t been his intentions.

“I hope this isn’t one of those times,” he sighed, dropping his head and letting his mind reflect on the most recent event. Had he really did right by Angie this time?

“So what’s up? What’s the favor?” Jake asked, wondering why Jesse was looking off. Like something bad was on his mind.

Jesse checked the halls once more before starting again. “I need you to start up a rumor about Angie.”

“What? What kind?”

Swallowing past the lump that lodged in his throat when he first thought of this plan, Jesse closed his eyes. “I need you to say that she passed away.”

Completely dumbfounded, Jake could only stare at the man before him. His favor was not only a not so much funny one, but it wasn’t a very nice one either. Telling people lies as big as this was just wrong! “But,” he finally uttered. “She didn’t. As a matter of fact she’s lying in that room right now asking for you.”


“No! The only way those words are going to pass my lips is if it was true. And it’s not. And I’m not going to make it true either. So those sick little thoughts you have running through you head can just cease,” Jake fussed.

“Jake, I need to get this guy out of hiding. And the only way is if you tell people that she died. It was brought on by the stress of the baby being missing for some many days.”

“What!? No, I can’t do that. That’s crazy!”

“Jake, it’s the only way.”

“No! Hell no!”

“Jake, for Angela. You have to do this for Angela!”

Jake shook his head. “No and that is my final answer,” he fussed, throwing his hands up and turning to walk away only to run right into Tad.

“Jake, do it,” Tad ordered.

The ringing of his cell phone brought him out of his flashback. Sighing heavily, he answered. “Yea,” he said gruffly.

“She needs you. Angie is literally begging for you to come to her,” Tad said in a soft voice as he continued to look through the window at Angie as Frankie held her and tried to comfort her.

“Tad, you already know I can’t see her.”

“But Jesse,” Tad sighed.

Jesse shook his head and without saying another word hung up in Tad’s voice. “Sorry Tad… Sorry Angela, but it has to be this way,” he mumbled and not long after turned and walked out of the office. He knew one look into Angie’s sparkle-less eyes would indeed do him in and through him off his game. He also knew that if he passed one look at her he would tell everything he was about to do and in turn that would lead Angie into talking him out of it… And that was the very last thing he needed or wanted to do.

Mind in another dimension Jesse never saw the fidgety young man coming his way. Not until they collided. “Sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t watching where I w… Chief Hubbard,” the young man stuttered. “Uh… Sorry.”

“No, it’s okay son. I wasn’t watching either,” Jesse muttered after getting his bearings. “Excuse me,” he muttered once again pushing pass the young man and heading down the hall.


Scottie turned to look in the direction the Chief walked off too and sighed. The little bit of warm heart he had decided to rear it’s ugly head at that very moment. “Chief Hubbard!” He called going after the man, who looked like death warmed over. When he turned to face him, Scottie gulped. “I need to tell you something.”

“If this has anything to do with a crime you’ve committed in the past or need help some kind of way, you will need to talk to another officer. I’m not in the place to help you at all,” Jesse said as professionally as he could considering his own shattered heart was beginning to stab at his soul.

Any other time this kind of brush off would have made Scottie turn and go about his business. But once again his damn heart decided to play as a advocate for this situation. “Please Chief, you need to hear me out.”

Jesse looked up and fixed the young man with a glare. “Look kid, if you don’t have anything to say about my daughter then you can take this mess with up with another officer.” In that moment, Jesse turned and started to walk out.

“I know who took your baby and I… I may have been responsible for it,” he shouted and instantly wishing that last part wouldn’t have passed his lips. Especially wished he was as dead as the man’s wife when he suddenly turned around and charged for him! “oh shit!” He yelped when his was slammed against the nearby wall. “Man, come on!”

“No you come on! What the hell you mean you may have been responsible for it?”

“Let up off me and I’ll tell you!” He fussed.

Jesse tightened his grip on the man’s collar. “Talk or else I’ll strangle you right here and now in front of everybody.”

“Do that and you can forget about your freedom,” Scottie snarled.

Smirking, Jesse looked over his shoulders. “Ladies and Gentleman… Hypothetically if this man was to drop dead right now, who was responsible? Did you all just so happen to see anything?” He asked.

The audience that loitered the halls mumbled before all saying at the same time. “We don’t know anything.”

With that being said loud and clear, Jesse looked back at the man he had pinned against the wall and gave him a mischievous smile. “Now, talk,” Jesse barked.

The last thing Scottie should have been afraid of was this man. He was nothing compared to Roc whom he owed money too and wasn’t as crazy as Kevin, but deep down something told him that this guy wasn’t one to be messed with. When he asked a question you do best to answer right then and there otherwise you might just see an ugly side of him. Probably one people rarely seen, but because they knew better than to press that button.

Letting out a shaky breath, Scottie spoke. “Kevin Stark a.k.a Dr. Samuel Morrison. A few months ago me and my friends ran into him at a bar and he asked us for help. We were all going through some shit so we said yea. I mean it was easy money.”

“I don’t give a damn about that right now! Tell me about my baby and this guy,” Jesse hissed. The rest of this story can be told another time.

“Yea right… Uh… A couple of days ago I told him that your old broad and the baby were in town.”

“Don’t call her that,” Jesse warned.

Nodding vigorously Scottie continued. “Anyway um… To be honest dude I can’t really tell you much after that and now.”

“Oh really?” Jesse asked. “And why is that? You said you may have been responsible for her going missing, yet you can’t tell me nothing else.”

“I wasn’t here that day. Look I can only tell you what I know and what I know is Kevin Starks is a private investigator who was looking for this woman because she scammed a lot of people out of their money and they were pressing charges. He was here to take her in and make sure those charges went through and justice was done for the people she played. He knew where she worked but he needed help to get in and watch her. He didn’t want anybody to know she was being watched or getting ready to be taken in, so I gave him all the information he needed to know about the hospital. Ways to get in without being seen, how to get pass the camera’s. I even got him a badge so just in case he came in contact with somebody they would think he was a visiting doctor.”

“And you believed him? You believed he was a Private Investigator?”

“Well I mean… He… It… Look I didn’t give a damn if it was the truth or not, I just wanted to get paid.”

“You’re about as dumb as a damn sack of hammers!” Anger fully taking over, Jesse let one of his hand’s drop from his collar and threw a punch into his stomach. “Bastard!” He fussed, throwing another punch. “Where is she? Where did he take her? Why are you just now saying something?”


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