Has the cause of death been determined?”

“Why hasn’t the family issued a press release?”

These questions and more were thrown at Perry and Mayor Blanco as they stood before the relentless crowd of reporters and other civilians who were just as concerned. Mayor Blanco who’d been filled in upon her arrival to see if what the news people said was true, glanced over at Perry and gave him a knowing look.

“Mayor Blanco it was the only way!” Perry told her as he watched her pace the empty break room.

“Oh I beg the differ Lieutenant Perry!” She fussed, turning back to him. “Where is he? I need to speak with him right now,” she fussed more.

Perry looked away and sighed. “He’s uh… At the moment we have no idea of his whereabouts,” he lied with a straight face. He knew exactly where Jesse was. Knew where Angie was, but had been warned by Jesse himself to keep it to himself. “But I can tell you this, he is ready for whatever consequences he has to face doing this, he just asks that you let him see this out. For the sake of his family.”

“And what’s going to happen to said family when he’s locked up?” She asked crossing his arms. “You can not tell me he thought all of this through! Does this man know I can have him put away for a lifetime for doing this? Does he know that Angie can have him put away? Hell, as head strong as that woman is I’m surprised she even let him go through with this mess.”

“She doesn’t quite know about what’s happening,” Perry whispered.


“He hasn’t seen her or spoken with her since they brought her in. And has asked the family to keep quiet about this until it’s over.”

“This is asinine! Completely asinine!”

“Mayor Blanco! Mayor Blanco!” Somebody called taking Iris from her musing and bringing her head and eyes to the left.

Clearing her throat, taking a step forward and like a true politician putting the most convincing face on. She hadn’t had a chance to catch up with Jesse, but she sure as hell hoped he knew what he was doing by going to the press with this and she hoped like hell he knew she couldn’t let this go on as if it was nothing. He would most definitely have to pay for this. “As I am sure many of you would like to know the answer to the questions being asked and so many more, we are unable to give you any at the present time. Furthermore, the family and the dear friends of the Hubbard’s have asked to be left alone to process the events that has transpired within their home, their circle during these past few days.”

“Is it true that the Chief has anger issues? Could that have been the cause of Mrs. Hubbard’s death?” Another reporter, one who was famous for turning words around, asked with a smirk on his face

Iris turned to the young man in front of her. She didn’t consider Jesse her favorite person, but she never would have had the gall to ask something of the sorts. As much as she disliked him, she didn’t believe he was even capable of doing anything to intentionally harm his wife. “Just what are you accusing my officer of?” She asked, jumping to his defense.

“Well, it has been stated that Chief Hubbard has some anger issues as well as having been committed sometime ago, it’s also been stated that he’s unstable. Could all of the events surrounding the kidnapping of his daughter caused him to snap and react… in a way to hurt his wife?”

“That’s enough!” Perry hissed, stepping to his bosses/friends defense as well. “If you all have a heart, you will allow this family and their friends to be alone at this time,” he said angrily, yet as nicely as he could before placing his hand at the small of Iris’s back and escorting her back to the double doors of the hospital. Without any warning, a small crowd of reporters started toward them and eventually started to push their way into the building by hanging on their tails. The officers that had been standing guard at the doors jumped into action and started shoving people back and the Mayor into the building.

Samuel Morrison or Kevin Starks, had been standing along the wall of uniformed men as an innocent bystander. He long ago shed the disguise of a doctor and simply fit the part of a casual looking man. Anyway, just as he was about to place a call to Scottie to let him know he was there, he noticed a lot of commotion happening at the front doors and in a matter of seconds all hell broke loose. As luck would have it the uniformed men had deserted their post and in turn unknowingly allowed him and a few others access into the hospital. Smiling to himself at the small victory, Kevin ducked into an empty room and pulled out his phone.

Scottie stood in the staircase toward the back of the hospital and sighed. Every since he left Jesse Hubbard, he’d been worried. Worried about his life and the decision he would make concerning it. If he told Kevin Starks where to go and he found out it was a set up and he got away, he would no doubt come for him and kill him with no remorse. If he told him right now that Jesse was looking for him and lie and say that Ace was responsible for it and Jesse found out, the old man would beat him to a pulp and then let his guys have at him for hurting his family. “Either way I’m screwed,” he mumbled, punching the air and plopping down on the steps with his head low.

Seconds later when the phone attached to his waist vibrated and nearly made him jump out of his skin, he snatched it and angrily answered. “What!?”

“Don’t what me! Where the hell is she?” Kevin barked.

Die now or die later, his inner self reminded him as he looked away and sighed. Either way, any choice he made he was as good as dead.

“Where is she Scottie?” Kevin asked again this time it came out in a growl.

“……Where are you?” Scottie asked.

“In one of the waiting rooms downstairs,” Kevin replied.

“Aight… Come up to the 3rd floor and I’ll meet you by the elevators,” he simply said before ending the call and waiting a few seconds before he made one of his own.


St. Michael’s

Unclipping his phone from his waist Officer Marcus went about placing a very important call and knew it was one that’d being waited on for a very long time. “Officer Marcus here,” he said turning away from the woman in front of him. “Are you alone?”

Frankie looked toward the expecting eyes and gave them a slight smile “I’m uh… I’m with my family… But uh… I can… uh… Hold on a second,” he rambled, before sighing. Though it was a call he and the rest had been waiting on he wasn’t sure if he wanted everybody to know anything just yet. “Excuse me. I need to take this,” he quickly mumbled before stepping out of the room. “What’s up?” Frankie asked.

“We found Ellie.”

The three words glued the eldest Hubbard child to the floor. “Seriously?!”

“Yes. She was brought to St. Michael’s Hospital about an hour ago.”

Frankie slid down the wall with his right hand covering his face. The news had brought a relief to him he’d never known, it made him breathe easy for the first time in 10days and then… Almost instantly everything started piling back on him. What if this wasn’t the call the family was truly looking for? What if Ellie had been found and wasn’t alive? How would he deal with this? How would he tell his mom and dad? How in the hell would they make it through this? Would they even make it through this?

“Frankie?” Marcus called when the line seemingly went dead. “Frankie you still there?”

Though he’d been holding the phone to his ear, he had forgotten that Marcus was still waiting. He was too deep in thought! “Uh… Yea. Yea, I’m here,” he said, clearing his throat. “Is she… Is she okay? Please tell me she’s okay, please,” he begged.


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